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Wednesday September 29, 1999 / Mehr 7, 1378, No. 817

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Hamadan's Brad Pitt
Iranians aboard have Brad Pitt; we have Haj Abbas

By Loren S.
September 29, 1999
The Iranian

I am a 21-year-old girl who lives In Hamadan and I am student. I check this page often and I thought from here in Iran I write you about a very loved character who has made life hell for young people. (By the way sorry if my English is not good. I have tried hard by going to class to learn it, but I am not clever enough.)

There is this character called Haj Abbas who is a Basiji in the good old town of Hamadan. He is every single young girl and boy's nightmare. I thought I write about this funny character so that Iranians aboard also know about this Hezbollah brother! ... GO TO FEATURE


The play

Par magazine in Virginia has reprinted the play which has caused such an uproar in Iran. The play, originally published in Mowj, a student publication, allegedly has demeaning references to Imam Mahdi ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Thanks to D. H.


    Ya Ali

Ali Daei scored a goal against Milan in a game which ended in a valubale tie for Herta Berlin, keeping it on top of Euro league division ... SEE ARTICLE... SEE GOAL

Thanks to Mehrdad Masoudi

More Letters

* Why support Republicans?

Mehdi writes: The Republican Party is an anti-immigrant political organization why do they expect us to help them to win an election [Iranian American Republican Council]? Have they forgotten the atrocities they commited against elderly immigrants?

Have they forgotten that under their leadership food stamps and welfare payments to the needy immigrants were discontinued? (meaning single mothers, childern, and the elderly). Have they forgotten the anti-immigrants hysteria they helped to create?

We as Iranians who live and raise our family in this country will not be fooled by their propaganda. Yes, Mr. Rob Sobhani is an Iranian decendant but so what? So is Googoosh, Khatami, the Shah, and Asghar Ghatel! ... FULL TEXT

* Trash should be published

Laleh Khalili writes: I fully agree with S. Smith that Cyrus Rafaat ["Real Iranian girls?"] seems like a rotten leftover of the Stone Age, and as a woman, I find his opinions so unbelievably stupid, backwards, disgusting and hypocritical that I cannot take it seriously at all. His article is nothing but the evidence of an empty-headed blowhard and as such, I don't bother to dignify his writings with a response.

However, I disagree with you on whether The Iranian should publish this article or not. Airing one's dirty laundry helps kill the parasitic bacteria resident therein! By bringing this article to light, The Iranian does the Iranian-American community a great service: it puts a mirror in front of it and magnifies the warts that need to be burnt off.

I declare - LOUDLY- that in fact, such trash needs to be published on occasion, if for no other reason to keep those of us who hope for more open minds and thoughtful ideas, forever vigilant. We cannot and should not assume that just because it is 1999, idiotic chauvinists (of whatever creed and background) are on the wane, even in the United States.

* Protest: Demonstration in DC

Sept 29 (Alliance for Humanr Rights in Iran) -- In solidarity with the Iranian Student Movement for democracy and in protest against the recent death sentences issued by the Revolutionary court, the Washington DC Organizing Committee will hold a demonstration in front of the Iranian Interests Section, located at 2209 Wisconsin Avenue, NW in Washington DC on Thursday September 30, 1999 from 12-2 PM.

Books of the Week

* Nastaran-haaye surati (1998)
By Reza Julaie

* Sharq-e banafsheh (1998)
By Shahriar Mandani-pour

* Del daadeh-gi (1998)
Novel in two volumes
By Shahriar Mandani-pour

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More news

German "very happy" after final hearing in Iran death sentence retrial

TEHRAN, Sept 29 (AFP) - Germany businessman Helmut Hofer said he was "very happy" Wednesday after an Iranian court ruled out any possiblity of upholding the death penalty handed down against him for alleged sexual relations with an Iranian Muslim woman. Judge Yusef Musavi added that Hofer may well be freed on time served ... FULL TEXT

Iran-Germany ties look brighter after court rules out Hofer death sentence

TEHRAN, Sept 29 (AFP) - An Iranian court lifted the spectre of the death penalty against a German businessman Wednesday in a ruling that could strengthen strained ties between Tehran and its largest European trade partner Berlin ... FULL TEXT

Khatami says rivals working against freedom

TEHRAN, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami lashed out on Wednesday against Islamic extremists, accusing them of seeking to limit freedom and keep society in the dark. Khatami also condemned what he called efforts by ``foreign-inspired enemies'' to strip Iranian universities of their religious identity ... FULL TEXT

Clinton reaches out to Iran in 1996 bomb attack

WASHINGTON, Sept 29 (Reuters) - President Bill Clinton last month sent a secret letter to Iranian President Mohammad Khatami seeking cooperation in investigating the 1996 bombing of a U.S. military housing complex in Saudi Arabia, sources familiar with the matter said. ``The president sent a letter, but I'm not going to get into the details of it,'' White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said ... FULL TEXT

Iran aims to produce four new missiles

TEHRAN, Sept 28 (Reuters) - Iran, seeking to develop its arms industry to self-sufficiency, on Tuesday inaugurated 25 defence projects, including four new missiles, state television said ... FULL TEXT

Tehran press criticizes government over Portuguese kidnapping

TEHRAN, Sept 29 (AFP) - Negotiations appeared to be under way Wednesday to secure the release of three Portuguese nationals held hostage by drug traffickers in southeastern Iran as Tehran newspapers expressed concern about the implications of their abduction ... FULL TEXT

Iran releases 276 Iraqi prisoners of war

TEHRAN, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Iran unilaterally released 276 Iraqi prisoners of war on Wednesday, nearly 11 years after the end of their 1980-88 war, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported ... FULL TEXT

Iran says foreigners not linked to giant oil field

DUBAI, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Iran said on Wednesday a newly discovered giant oil field in the southwest did not fall under any contract the Islamic republic has with foreign oil companies. ``No foreign oil company including TotalFina have had data related to the newly discovered Azadegan oil field. Nor have they carried out any discussions with NIOC about it,'' a National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) official said ... FULL TEXT

Carpet with hundreds of colors

Tehran (Iran daily) -- It has taken Behzad Sadiqi Moqadam-pur four years to weave a carpet with more than 1.7 million knots and 1,216 colors ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran daily) -- The musical "Hasanak Kojaie?" gets a detailed review from Hamshahri's arts correspondent ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlal loses, badly

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Esteqlal loses 2-0 to Fulad Ahvaz, even though Fulad was playing with ten men... What's wrong with these Esteqlali guys? ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Getting ready for Denmark

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Head coach of the national soccer team has not yet decided which players will face Denmark in a a couple of weeks. As for players in foreign leagues, only Mahdavi-Kia has gotten permission from his German team ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Iranians aboard have Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and us Iranian girls just have Haj Abbas.

-- Loren S.
"Hamadan's Brad Pitt"
The Iranian
September 29, 1999

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