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Tuesday, April 18, 2000 / Farvardin 30, 1379, No. 962

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Second class
The legal status of Iranian women

By Mehrangiz Kar
April 18, 2000
The Iranian

In many ways, the Iranian revolution has brought to the fore the discrepancy between reality and mental perceptions. But in no other respect has the inconsistency been more apparent than in the private and social lives of women ...

As will be pointed out below, because of the revolution, women have gained greater influence and power to the extent that religious leaders have been persuaded to legitimize female participation in social and political processes. Yet because of the attitude that dominates the legislative circles and preserves the laws based on gender discrimination, women have continued to be treated as second class citizens. >>> GO TO FEATURE


Green Card violations
How you could lose your U.S. residency

By John Manley
April 18, 2000
The Iranian

The re-entry permit in the U.S. is often known simply as the White Passport. A common scenario for its use could include an Iranian Green Card holder who wants to go back to Iran for a period of time. This person typically obtains the re-entry permit and leaves the country for a year or two.

I have noticed these people often leave under the assumption that the re-entry permit will grant them entry back into the United States. In most cases it does. However, the permit does not prevent the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) from inquiring into whether the Green Card holder has abandoned his permanent residency.>>> GO TO FEATURE


Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Sixty-Two >>> GO TO FEATURE


Reply to Sepah: Wishful thinking

April 19, 2000, (Asr-e Azadegan) -- A leading reformist group has replied to the Revolutionary Guards' letter which threatened pro-reform leaders and writers >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Reporter Says CIA History Was Written by Coup's Planner

Charlie Rose Show, PBS
April 17, 2000

CHARLIE ROSE: It has taken almost a half century to uncover to the details of the CIA's role in the 1953 coup in Iran. That coup empowered the late Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlevi and overthrew the popular nationalist prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh... Joining me to talk about this, James Risen. He is the New York Times reporter who obtained a copy of the agency's secret history of the coup in Iran. >>> FULL TEXT

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Volek bereed kenaar!

A khoroos from Abadan got into a fight with a khoroos-e mahalee. All of a sudden khoroos-e mahalee jumped on the khoroos-e Abadani and beat him up so bad that he lost all his feathers

The other khoroos who were watching the fight, went to the khoross-e Abadani and asked him why he could not beat up the khoroos-e mahalee? khoroos-e Abadani replied, "Volek bereed oonvar. mo taazeh lokht shodom!"

Thanks to Ben Bagheri

More Letters

    * We HAVE changed

    Laleh Khalili writes: In the introduction to Shadafarin Ghadirian's photographs ["Present in the past"] you wrote: "We live in the 21st century. But in some ways, Iranian society has not progressed for centuries. Many of our habits and beliefs have not caught up with the times. This is the immediate impression from Shadafarin Ghadirian photographs... "

    But I DISAGREE! Her photographs show that we HAVE changed. Not that we have stayed still. Look at the canned soda, or the guitar or the boombox, but also look beyond that, to the insolent poses of these women. They may appear "traditional", but I think Ghadirian means for us to see that a category such as "traditional" has little meaning. And whose standard of "progress" or "traditional" are we using anway?

    Anyway, thanks for posting these. They are wonderful.

* Doesn't matter what women wear

Dr Fereidoun Abbasi writes: The way the hejab is demonstrated in Shadafarin Ghadirian's pictures ["Present in the past"] has nothing to do with the social development of Iranian women. After all, women's liberation in the West has had its own drastic downside for family life, upbringing of children, etc.

In other words, fashion and clothes have got nothing to do with women's social development nor with freedom of speech, individual liberty, ethics and unity of family life.

What is important is not what freedom we would like to exercise but what freedom some person may need in order to do things beneficial to the society.

* Mistreatment in U.S.

Mali Evans writes: Please let The Iranian readers know, that Iranian National Fencing team had arrived in Chicago last week for a tournament that is currently taking place in South Bend, Indiana. Unfortunately, upon arrival at the airport, the team was subjected to finger printing.

The representative of the government of Iran made the decision for the team to go back to Iran rather than being subjected to this kind of treatment. News here

On the one hand, Ms. Albright talks about friendship and laments over the role of U.S. in our history and on the other, the U.S. is still putting our people through this demeaning treatment.

It is a great loss for our young athletes not to be able to participate in international tournaments. It is the participation and being involved in this type of competitions that will help our athletes achieve their full potential.

With much sadness and anger...

Seminar: Democratization in Iran and US Policy Options

The University of South Florida and The Center for Civilizational Dialogue Present: "Democratization in Iran and US Policy Options" Embassy Suites3705 Spectrum Blvd., Tampa, Florida April 26 and 27, 2000 Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 9:30-9:50 AM >>> DETAILS HERE

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More news

Khatami criticised by conservative deputy

TEHRAN, April 18 (AFP) - Iran's factional struggle took a new turn Tuesday, as an outgoing conservative deputy accused reformist President Mohammad Khatami of helping the enemies of the regime by his "vague rhetoric." "The enemies of revolution are profiting from the president's vague rhetoric and they slander the fundamental values of the Islamic republic," Tehran MP Ali Movahedi-Savoji told parliament at the opening of Tuesday's session >>> FULL TEXT

Hard-liners protest against Khatami's reform policy

TEHRAN, April 18 (AFP) - Hundreds of hard-liners gathered on Tuesday at the University of Tehran to protest against the reforms initiated by Iran's President Mohammad Khatami. The protestors, whose numbers were estimated by reporters at the scene to be around 1,500, gathered at the entrance to the university in central Tehran to demand that "the advocates of American-style reforms be brought to justice." >>> FULL TEXT

Executions decline worldwide, except in Iran

April 17, (BBC) -- More than 1,800 people were executed in 31 countries around the world last year - more than half of them in China, according to Amnesty International. The human rights group says the total number fell compared with 1998, when it was just over 2,200, but the United States, Iran and Saudi Arabia all recorded big increases >>> FULL TEXT

Angry protestors block highway over election cancellation

TEHRAN, April 18 (AFP) - Protestors unhappy at the overturning of election results blocked traffic on a major highway in southern Iran's Fars province Tuesday, the official IRNA news agency reported. "Traffic has been completely blocked on the Shiraz-Bandar Abbas highway making travel to the southern regions of Fars province impossible," said Hadi Pajuhesh, deputy provincial governor in charge of security affairs, cited by IRNA >>> FULL TEXT

Iran claims confession of suspect

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - The main suspect in the attempted assassination of a leading Iranian reformist has confessed to his crime, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported Tuesday. ``I talked to the accused myself and he explicitly confessed to having committed the crime and said he would repeat his confession in court,'' the agency quoted deputy head of the judiciary, Hadi Marvi, as saying >>> FULL TEXT

Suspected attacker of reformist "escaped to Pakistan"

TEHRAN, April 18 (AFP) - A leading suspect in last month's shooting of an Iranian reformist politician fled to Pakistan three days later aboard an airliner which mysteriously diverted to Karachi from an internal flight, the government newspaper Iran reported Tuesday. The daily quoted an unidentified member of parliament as saying that "the person who got off at Karachi was called Qassemi and had an active role in the attack" on Said Hajarian >>> FULL TEXT

Saudi Arabia plans security cooperation accord with Iran

RIYADH, April 18 (AFP) - Saudi Arabia is to hold talks with Iran on a security cooperation accord between the two major powers of the Persian Gulf, the official SPA news agency reported Tuesday. The Saudi cabinet, in its weekly meeting chaired by King Fahd, put Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdel Aziz in charge of contacts with Tehran "on a plan for a security cooperation accord between Saudi Arabia and Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Reformist Iranian newspaper says Iran-US ties "inevitable"

TEHRAN, April 18 (AFP) - An Iranian reformist newspaper said Tuesday that diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States were inevitable, in an unprecedented front page commentary. The English-language Iran News, which is much read by foreign diplomats and other expatriates, said both sides needed to renew ties broken off in the wake of the 1979 Islamic revolution, for political, geographical and economic reasons >>> FULL TEXT

Iran denounces U.S. attempt to fingerprint fencers

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran Tuesday denounced the United States for seeking to fingerprint visiting Iranian fencers, a move which prompted the athletes to pull out of a tournament in the United States. But the United States said the fencers knew in advance they would have to give fingerprints and said a request for a waiver was received but too late >>> FULL TEXT

Sluggish economy spurs an Iranian brain drain

TEHRAN ­­ When Ali Kermani picks up his diploma later this year, the 22-year-old engineering student at Tehran University will begin what has become a rite of passage for Iran's young and educated: flight from their homeland. Along with thousands of other Iranian graduates, Kermani will line up outside foreign embassies in the hope of nabbing a work visa. "I have no choice but to leave," Kermani sa id in a crowd of head-nodding students at Tehran University. "There is no hope for us here." >>> FULL TEXT

Kiarostami to film orphans in Uganda

April 18, 2000, Rome - The internationally renowned Iranian filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami, has accepted an invitation by the United Nations agency, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to produce a documentary on the efforts of rural women in Uganda to save lives of orphans who have lost one or both parents to AIDS >>> FULL TEXT

Mark your calendar: World Sadi Day

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - The poet Sadi will be honored in ceremonies organized in Iran and other parts of the world on World Sadi Day (first of Ordibehesht - April 20) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Majid's Tales in Dutch

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - "Qesseh-haaye Majid" (Majid's Tales) will be translated into Dutch and taught in elementary schools in The Netherlands >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Fencing Team: "Our pride is worth more..."

Iran Sports Press - With video clip: The Iranian Junior Fencing Team arrived back in Tehran to a warm welcome by Iranian officials after refusing to demands by US Immigrations officials to be finger printed at Chicago Airport. The Iranian team arrived to a warm welcome by members of the Iranian Fencing Federation and Iranian Olympic Committee >>> FULL TEXT

Farahani: "I am happy with caching staff"

Iran Sports Press - In a press conference with the Iranian sports press on Tuesday, Safaee Farahani, the President of the Iranian Football Federation (IFF), dismissed speculations that Iran was planning on hiring a foreign coach for its troubled National Team >>> FULL TEXT

Flashback: Iran thrashes Saudi Arabia to reach Argentina

Iran Sports Press - This game against Saudi Arabia was Iran's first match in the first round of qualifications for World Cup Argentina 78. Iran had to meet Saudi Arabia in Riyadh's Malar Stadium to for this game >>> FULL TEXT


Press law

The Iranian Parliament today, April 18 2000, passed the controversial ammendment to the press law. Reformists have attacked the bill passed by the conservative dominated Parliament as restrictive and in violation of press freedom. Sadeq Saba looks at the new bill.

BBC Persian Service

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I see a new stage in the social life of Iranian women unfolding before our eyes, a stage closely linked with the totality of the political life of the country. At this stage where the political survival of the country is threatened by political superstitions and taboos concealed in such disguises as the "Western political onslaught," the social life of our women is the most accessible symbol that provokes the opponents of the principle of freedom to attack it as the epitome of the enemy of the revolution and Islam.

-- Mehrangiz Kar
"Second class"
The Iranian
April 18, 2000

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