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Tuesday, April 25, 2000 / Ordibehesht 6, 1379, No. 967

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Thank you
We wanted to see Iran for ourselves - and we are glad we did

By Janetta Davies
April 25, 2000
The Iranian

I am writing this article mostly to say thank you to all the many individual Iranians who made our recent visit to Iran so interesting.

Everywhere we went as we toured round your country we were met with a warm welcome. Before we had left for Iran some of our English friends warned us against traveling to such a "dangerous place". Sadly, many English people still have the view of Iran as a country of fanatics and hostage takers, but this is changing. We wanted to see for ourselves - and we are glad we did >>> GO TO FEATURE




Protests mount at closure of pro-reform press

TEHRAN, April 25 (AFP) - Anger at a crackdown on the pro-reformist press spilled on to the streets of Tehran for the first time Tuesday as students staged demonstrations in favour of freedom of expression.

Meanwhile the conservative-dominated courts kept up their offensive against the allies of President Mohammad Khatami, levelling serious charges against a cleric who attended a controversial seminar in Berlin.

Nearly 1,000 students of Khajeh Nassir Tussi University in north Tehran burst out of the college buildings shouting in praise of freedom, saying they had quit their classes to protest the "coup against the reformist press." >>> FULL TEXT


I am Ehsan

I am Ehsan Moghaddasi (Reha).
I am come from the West Azarbaijan.
I study electronic engineer at Tabriz University.
I want to connect and talk you to understand.
I have a social personality and I have many firends in iran.
I want to have a friendlyship with you perhaps i will go there.
I am sorry becouse I can not speak Engilish very well.


My e-mail address:

More Letters

    * Too much politics

    Reza M. writes: I just thought I point out to you that your content is increasingly focused on politics ["Anger & despair"]. I along with my wife and many others were much more interested in the cultural notes and debates that you had going on.

    We're interested more in Iranians living here, and also Iranians who went to Iran and came back, amongst many other rhings. There are plenty of news sites, but so few sites that offer cultural insight and discussions.

* The real deal

John D. Stich writes: Professor Hamid, I hail you! You're an insightful satirist ["Loving an Iranian girl"]. I'm an American guy who fell in with an Iranian Bahai girl. Loved her to high heaven. It was a sincere and loving set up, probably because she was twelve years older than me.

Have to say, though, that no girl I've ever known since (this was fifteen years ago) has floored and moved me like her. Her name was Ranaa...

Basically I have to say that Ranaa was the real deal. She could have lofty sentiments, but she was not the usual how-much-are-you-worth-Jack kind of woman. She was a goddamn one woman slaughter house with a killer wit and a talent with a paint brush. In other words, she was no demure dummy bubble puppy like these chicks your're talking about >>> FULL TEXT

Film: Open forum with Kiarostami, Stanford

The Persian Student Association (PSA) and the Stanford Film Society (SFS) welcomes renowned Iranian film director, Abbas Kiarostami, to Stanford University for an open discussion with the Stanford community about his work and Iranian cinema in general. Thursday, May 4, 2000 - 7PM-9PM, Annenburg Auditorium, Stanford University >>> DETAILS HERE

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

Today I'm going for a drunken stroll
To walk the town until I find
A sane man with a rational mind
Pour him a drink from the bowl of my skull
And turn him into a crazy brother fool. -- Rumi

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More news

Iran waives ban on daily, protests mount

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's hardline judiciary lifted a ban on a popular pro-reform daily, allowing it to appear on newsstands Tuesday, but 13 other publications remained closed. Sobh-e Emrouz newspaper, whose publisher Saeed Hajjarian was gravely wounded in an assassination bid last month, was ordered closed late Monday afternoon, journalists told Reuters >>> FULL TEXT

Hard-liners boost Khatami pressure

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's hard-liners have stepped up pressure on President Mohammad Khatami, annulling another election result in a legislative district won by a moderate Khatami ally. Alarmed by the sound beating they took from reformists in February's legislative elections, hard-liners are trying to roll back Khatami's reforms in a bid to protect their own rule >>> FULL TEXT

Arrest warrant issued for Eshkevari

TEHRAN, April 25 (Reuters) - Iran's hardline clerical court has issued an arrest warrant for an outspoken cleric who took part in a seminar in Berlin on the reform movement, the official IRNA news agency said on Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Trial of Hajarian attack suspects open

TEHRAN, April 25 (AFP) - The trial of 10 defendants accused of planning the assassination of leading Iranian reformist Said Hajarian last month opened here Tuesday amid extreme political tension in the country >>> FULL TEXT

Iran's reforms "will continue": Deputy foreign minister

OSLO, April 25 (AFP) - Reform in Iran will continue despite the suspension of 13 pro-reform publications, the country's deputy foreign minister for Europe and America, Morteza Sarmadi, said Tuesday during a visit to Oslo >>> FULL TEXT

Iran seeks to expand improved ties with Saudi to all Persian Gulf states

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, April 25 (AFP) - Iranian Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani, in Saudi Arabia on a groundbreaking visit, said Tuesday that Iran wants good ties with all Persian Gulf states, including the United Arab Emirates with which it has an islands dispute >>> FULL TEXT

Iran offers to build plants for Jordan water project: paper

AMMAN, April 25 (AFP) - Iran has offered Jordan technical assistance it says will lower the cost of the planned Disi project to pump water from southern Jordan to the capital, a newspaper reported on Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Three Iranian films get French distributors

Tehran (Ham-Mihan) - French companies get distribution rights for Samira Makhmalbaf's "Takhteh Siaah" (Blackboard), Mohammad Hassan Yekta-Panah's "Jomeh" (Friday) and Bahman Qobadi's "Zamaani baraay-e masti-ye asb -haa" (A time for drunken horses) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Poet: Praise for Abdolrezaie

Tehran (Mosharekat) - Ali Abdolrezaie is a young poet whose whork has been praised by critics. Here's a review of (PDF file) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Censors should use more common sense

Tehran (Mosharekat) - President Khatami and Guidance Minister Ataollah Mohajerani deserve praise for the wider of variety of books made available to the public during the past year. But there's one "small problem": The censors should be reasonable in their reviews >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran 3 - Australia 3

Iran Sports Press - The Iranian Under 17 national soccer team drew with Australian under 17 team 3-3 in a friendly match in Italy. On April 23 the promising Iranian team thrashed the US Under 17 team 8-1.

Al-Nasr wants long-term contract with Karimi

Iran Sports Press - According to sources at Al-Nasr Club, Amir Abedini, the director of Persepolis Club, is currently in Dubai along with Ali Karimi to negotiate long term contracts with Al-Nasr >>> FULL TEXT

Khakpour on trading block

Iran Sports Press - New York/New Jersey head coach Octavio Zambrano has decided to put Mohammad Khakpour on the trading block. After a 3-2 NY/NJ victory over D.C. United in extra-time, Coach Zambrano told Iran Sports Press that he has been "very disappointed with Khakpour's performance" and "he has not been playing to his potential." >>> FULL TEXT


Arrest warrant for Eshkevari

Today, April 25 2000, the Special Court for Clerics in Tehran served a subpoena on Hojatoleslam Hassan Mousavi Eshkevari accusing him of acting against state security and insulting Islam. Mr. Eshkevari was one of the participants on the three day Iran after the Election conference held in Berlin, Germany. Saeed Yekta finds out Mr. Eshkevari's reactions to the subpoena.>>> LISTEN HERE

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Freedom is my heart and my heart is a prisoner.

-- Students protest press ban
April 25, 2000

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