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Thursday August 17, 2000 / Mordad 27, 1379, No. 1045

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One planet, one people
American scientists visit Iran

August 17, 2000
The Iranian

From Alan Hale's travel diary to Iran. Hale, co-discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp, led a group of American space experts to Iran last month to attend an international conference.

... As I expected, the Iranian people continue to be very warm and friendly towards us. We continue to be beset by those seeking autographs and conversation, and I've politely had to tell one gentleman that I'm not quite the expert on gravity waves... Overall, a confirmation and continuation of my perceptions last year of the Iranian people's being friendly, intelligent, and industrious. I expect nothing but more of the same as we continue through the rest of our week here >>> GO TO FEATURE


"Never did I think I would visit Iran"

By Doug Biesecker
August 17, 2000
The Iranian

About two years ago, Alan Hale, co-discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp, invited me to join a group that was planning to view the solar eclipse in Iran. I immediately jumped at the chance. I think because I knew about the desire to improve relations between the U.S. and Iran, but also because I wanted to find out what it was really like. After all, I had read the newspaper accounts about the newly-elected, reform-minded president and I knew about the exchange of wrestlers between the two countries >>> GO TO FEATURE

Politics :o)

By dAyi Hamid
August 17, 2000
The Iranian


1953 coup: Forty-seven years ago today

BBC Persian Service

Spokesman of Assembly of Combatant Clerics, says MPs have compromised their legal rights in respect to the Leader's decree calling on Majlis not to review Press Law>>> LISTEN HERE

The Chasm Closes: The U.S. and Iran Work Toward Peace

By Richard H. Solomon and
Jon B. Alterman
The Wall Street Journal Europe
August 11, 2000

The United States and Iran, two nations separated by a 20-year history of hostility, now eye each other warily across a political chasm >>> FULL TEXT

Are you serious?

An ad in the Exite!Classifieds: We are a happily married couple living in Iran... We would like to meet a female who likes men as much as women... I had some experiences with another girl and It was great so we are searching for a bisexual female partner >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Pedram Moallemian

More Letters

* Racist jokes

Hossein Tabrizi writes: I want to express appreciation for all your effort in creating this excellent Iranian site. There are links provided to most of the available Iranian media, and I appreciate your effort to enabling me to access them.

However, there are many sites full of discrimination and racist materials. It is true that the owner of the site has all rights to create a page and fill it with what he/she wants, but I think we have to decide if we are in the same level as they are.

The web page, "Jokestan" that you have provided a link to is one of these sites. I do not think that you yourself have checked it to read its stupid jokes. This page has nothing to read and enjoy except stupid jokes against Rashtis, Esfahanis, Azarbijanis and other people of our country.

I think it is the time to put an end to such discrimination and racism that was invented by Shahanshah by abandoning them, and providing reasons for such activities.

* Keep rocking the boat

Triumph writes: dAyi Hamid! Damet Garm! I enjoyed your article in The Iranian ["Leila ham bad neest"]. You are the only guy who has the balls to write in a "vagheeh" manner and get away with it.

Anyhow with your command of the Iranian community in Los Angeles, I am shocked to see how you can manage being away in Switzerland.

Keep on rocking the boat.

* Final say

David F Mayer, PhD writes: I applaud your fight for freedom in your native country ["No brainer"].

Best wishes for the establishment of a democratic government which is not run by an unelected 'supreme leader' who has final say over everything. Rather, the people of Iran should have the final say over everything, through the medium of lawful elections.

Art: First painting biennial of Islamic world in Tehran

Iran's Academy of Art, in collaboration with Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, holds the first painting biennial of the world of Islam to give impetus to relations among artists and introduce their latest works in a prolific competition. It is hoped that the exhibition provide an international arena in which to present Islamic ideals and spiritual values as reflected in the artistic experiences >>> DETAILS HERE




Reason, Freedom, and Democracy in Islam
Essential Writings of Abdolkarim Soroush
By Ahmad Sadri and Mahmoud Sadri (editors)


Terror-e Hajjarian beh ravaayat-e jenaah-haaye siyaasi
By Mohammad Ali Zakariaie

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

Curses fall from your lips, and the moon smiles.

Those curses come from rubies forged in fire.

Curse again, your words caress my heart

Like a breeze that stirs the petals of a flower.
-- Rumi
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More news

Friday prayer cleric accuses US of trying to topple regime

TEHRAN, Aug 18 (AFP) - The United States is trying to topple the Islamic regime in Iran just as it did with the communists in the former Soviet Union, a leading conservative cleric charged on Friday. Ayatollah Ahmad Janati accused Washington of supporting pro-reform elements in the media that he said had waged a disinformation campaign against the clerical regime >>> FULL TEXT

MKO says Iranian forces shell one of its Iraq camps

DUBAI, Aug 18 (AFP) - The Iraq-based armed Iranian opposition said that one of its camps in southern Iraq had come under mortar attack by Iranian forces in the early hours of Friday morning, causing no casualties in the camp, but with some mortars landing on nearby civilian areas. "Revolutionary Guards and the clerical regime's terrorists crossed international borders and attacked with 120mm mortars the National Liberation Army's Camp Habib," said a statement by the People's Mujahedeen received by AFP >>> FULL TEXT

Israel says Iran pressing militants to attack

JERUSALEM, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Israel's Deputy Defence Minister Ephraim Sneh accused Iran on Friday of encouraging Islamic militants to launch wide-scale attacks against Israel. Sneh's remarks followed a U.S. State Department warning on Wednesday that there was "an increased possibility for terrorist attacks" and advising Americans to avoid use of public buses and act with caution in crowded areas >>> FULL TEXT

US arrests man wanted in Argentina bombing

WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. agents have arrested a Pakistani man who Argentine sources say is wanted for questioning in the bombings of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and of a Jewish cultural center there in 1994. An Immigration and Naturalization Service spokeswoman, Nancy Cohen, confirmed on Friday the arrest in Los Angeles of Mohammad Abass Malik, on grounds that he was in the United States without proper documentation. Cohen had no additional information on the man >>> FULL TEXT

Amnesty urges U.S. to stop 'cruel' executions

LONDON (Reuters) - Amnesty International appealed to the United States on Friday to stop the execution of Alexander Williams, a mentally ill prisoner who was 17 at the time of his crime. Scheduled to go to the electric chair in Jackson, Georgia next Thursday, Williams, now 31, would be the fifth child offender to be executed in the United States this year, more than in any other year since 1954, Amnesty said in a statement >>> FULL TEXT

Iran decries heavy domestic oil product consumption

TEHRAN, Aug 17 (Reuters) - Iran's consumption of oil products exceeds international norms by an order of 10, forcing it to import six million litres of gasoline per day, the official IRNA news agency said on Thursday. IRNA quoted deputy oil minister Ali Aqababaei as saying average daily consumption of oil products was estimated at 46 million litres, enough to put the country on a par with India, which has more than 12 times the population >>> FULL TEXT

Women in TV police drama series

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- State TV is producing a series about "the active participation of women" in the police force >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Acting & smoking

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- Siamak Ashariyoun is a veteran actor who has performed in numerous films and TV series. His most difficult role was playing a drug smuggler who was a smoker "because I don't smoke." >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Dream interpretation

Tehran (Iran daily) -- The oldest and most popular texts about dream interpretation were written centuries ago by Ibn Sirin, Daniel the Prophet, and of course Sheikh Bahai. Their collected thoughts on the subject has been reprinted >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iranians lose to American ball players

Tehran (Ettelaat) -- The U.S. "Global" (college?) basketball team defeated the Iranian national team in international matches in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT

Brazilian coaches awaiting visas

BRASILIA, August 17: Ademar da Silva Braga and his assistant Manoel Henrique Pereira Coutinho are expected to arrive in Tehran in the next few weeks to join the Iranian National Team coaching staff >>> FULL TEXT

Slow (sports) news day

Tehran (Ettelaat) -- There has been much happening in sports today. But here's something interesting, sorta >>> FULL TEXT


This week

A selection of this week's major events >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Future hope, despite...

I think all of us felt this was an enjoyable and productive trip. We especially enjoyed meeting with the various students while at the conference in Esfahan, and getting their perspectives on the current state of affairs in Iran and the relationship between our respective countries. They really are the hope of the future (even though some of them told me that they like the Backstreet Boys . . . ).

-- Alan Hale, American scientist on trip to Iran
One planet, one people
The Iranian
August 17, 2000

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