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Media index

Afarinesh -- Newspaper in Iran

Aftab-e Yazd -- Iran daily in Persian

Akhbar-e Eghtesad -- Moderate business paper in Persian

Akhbar Ruz -- From the Mojahedin Khalq

Alef -- Literary/social magazine (Persian) in Iran

Al-Vefagh -- Arabic daily paper in Iran, published by IRNA

Apick, Mary -- Actor's web site

Aras -- Fadaiyan Khalq guerrilla organization radio

Armenian radio -- Listen to our live program without plug-ins

Armenian radio -- Listen to our live program without plug-ins

Asadollahi, Masoud -- Director/actor's web site

Asian Football Confederation -- Official web site

Asr-e Azadegan -- Successor to Neshat; moderate paper

Asr-e Jadid -- Newspaper in Iran

Avaye Iran -- Radio

Avaye Zan -- Women's issues

Ayandeh-Negar Radio -- In Sweden

Ayandeh-Negar Magazine -- In Sweden

Azad -- Moderate newspaper in Iran; in Persian

Azarbaijan TV -- Los Angeles, California

Az Iroon -- Online newsletter from Iran

Bad Jens -- Women's magazine in English in Iran

Bahar -- Persian daily in Iran

Baharestan -- Historical bi-monthly from Iran

Bamdad -- Magazine based in Iran

Baraye Azadi -- News about Iran in Persian

Barbari -- Online radio

BBC Persian Service -- Homepage

British-Iranian Business News -- Based in London

Cinema -- Online magazine from Iran. In Persian

Daftar-e Honar -- Bi-annual journal published abroad

Daneshjoo -- Students radio

Danestaniha -- Magazine published in Iran

Democratic Voice of Iran -- Radio station based abroad

Deutsche Welle -- Germany's international radio in Persian

Didgah -- Selected news from various sources in Persian

Donya-ye Varzesh -- Weekly sports magazine in Iran

Dowran Emrooz -- Daily newspaper from Iran

Electronic Journal of Middle East Studies

Sobh-e Emrouz -- Moderate newspaper in Iran; in Persian

Enqelaab Eslaami -- Abolhassan Bani Sadr's newspaper; from Paris

Entekhab -- Newspaper in Iran

Ettela'at -- Daily newspaper from Iran, domestic edition

Ettela'at (International edition) -- Daily for Iranians abroad

Ettela'at Siyaasi va Eqtesaadi -- Ettela'at political & economic magazine

Farabi Film Foundation -- Includes news about the film industry

FarsiNet Iran News -- Uupdated daily news

Fath -- Persian daily from Iran

Film International -- English quarterly from Iran

Focus on Iran -- Dedicated to the freedom and liberty of the Iranian people

French International Radio-- Persian broadcast

Futurist Radio -- Based in Sweden

Gengesh -- Voice of Iranian Turkmen, opposition newsletter

German Radio -- "Deutsche Welle," Germany's international radio in Persian

Ghasedak -- Radio program in Switzerland/Zurich for Iranian women

Gol Aqa -- Satirical cartoons from Iran (hard to access)

Golchin -- Published by Abdollah Samandarizadeh in Houston

Gozaresh -- English magazine from Iran

Gozaresh Film -- Film magazine in Iran

Gooya -- Extensive directory of Iranian online news sources

Googoosh -- Googoosh info, photos, letters...

Goonagoon -- Reformist weekly in Iran

Gulf 2000 -- Columbia U. project Persian Gulf issues

Hambastegi -- Persian daily from Iran

Hambastegi Radio -- Left and feminist views

Ham-Mihan -- Persian daily from Iran

Hamshahri -- Persian daily from Iran

Hayat-e No-- Persian daily from Iran

Independent Iran Observer -- Extensive current affairs information

Intercaspian Photo Bank -- Photos of Iran & ...

International Haftegi-- Workers Party of Iran weekly

International News & Broadcasting -- 24-hour online Persian radio

Iran -- Persian daily paper in Iran published by IRNA

Iran -- English daily paper in Iran, published by IRNA

Iran Azin -- Home decoration magazine from Iran

Iran Biz -- Iranian business portal

Iran Bulletin -- Communist quarterly in English from Rah-e Kargar

Iran-Daneshjoo -- News about the student movement & more

Iran-e Emrooz -- News & features in Persian; based in Germany

Iran Exports - Business magazine published in Iran

Iran Focus -- Published by Menas Associates Ltd, London

Iran-e Farda -- Oppsition magazine in Iran, in Persian

Iran-e Man-- TV production co. in Portland, Oregon

Iran Gohar -- Women's magazine

Iran International -- English language quarterly from Iran

Iran Javan -- Youth magazine in Iran in Persian (PDF format)

Iran Kicks -- With regular updates of Iranian soccer news

Iran Nature and Wildlife -- Iran Nature and Wildlife magazine from Iran

Iran News -- Iran daily in English

Iran News Watch -- Daily news, based in London

Iran Online -- Magazine, chat, business directory and... from Los Angeles

Iran Post -- Magazine in Canada

Iran Press Service -- Safa Haeri's online magazine from Paris

Iran Sima TV -- Online TV from the Los Angeles area

Iran Soccer -- Soccer news & more. Well-deisgned

Iran Sports -- Published in Persian in Iran

Iran Sports Net -- News, photos & video clips

Iran Sports Press -- Well-maintained and updated sports site

Iran Star -- Weekly magazine in Persian published in Canada

Iran Today -- English magazine based in California

Iran Tribune -- Forum for the exchange of ideas

Iran Varzeshi -- Sports daily in Iran

Iran Week -- Weekly news round up

Iran Weekly Press Digest -- From Iran

Iran Zamin -- Weekly magazine published by Mojahedin Khalq

The Iranian -- English-Persian magazine

Iranian Alternative Radio -- Underground music & more

Iranian American Community -- Newsletter

Iranian Community Newspaper -- Monthly published in Canada

Iranian Cultural Center of Orange County -- Newsletter

Iranian Futurist Radio -- In Sweden

Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences -- By Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Iranian Medical Journal -- Published in Los Angeles

Iranian National Television (IRTV) -- 24-hour service from Los Angeles

Iranian 24-hour radio -- (KRBC), Orange County, California

Iranian Soccer -- News and video

Iranian Students News Agency -- Based in Iran

Iranian World -- Articles, documents fromthe Eurasia Research Center

Iranmania -- Daily news from wire services and other sources

Iran Press -- News directory in Iran

Iranshahr -- Persian magazine in Los Angeles

Iranshahr -- Persian news clippings and more

IRTV (Iranian National Television) -- 24-hour service from Los Angeles

Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) -- In English & Persian

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting -- Iranian state radio and TV

Jahan -- Promotional page for print magazine in Los Angeles

Jameah Madani -- Daily published in Iran

Jam-e Jam -- Daily published by Iranian state TV

Javanan -- Los Angeles-based entertainment magazine

Jomhouri Eslami -- Iran daily paper in Persian

Jokestan -- Persian jokes in Persian and English

Kar -- People's Fedaian Organization, Majority faction (hard to access)

Kar -- Minority faction of People's Fedaian Organization (hard to access)

Kargar-e Socialist- Journal of Iranian Revolutionary Socialists in UK

Kar va Kargar -- Iran daily in Persian (hard to access)

Kayhan -- Iran daily in Persian

Kayhan -- Weekly published in UK

Khabar Jonoob-- Newspaper in Shiraz

Khaneh Iran -- The home of Iranians in Sweden

Khaaneh-ye Mellat -- Majlis (parliament) newspaper

Khordad -- Moderate newspaper in Iran; in Persian

Khorsheed -- Magazine based in Los Angeles

Kian -- Progressive Islamic magazine in Iran; in Persian

KIRN Radio -- Iranian AM station in Los Angeles

Manategh-e Azad -- Moderate newspaper in Iran; in Persian

Mojdeh -- Iranian Christians newsletter. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mosharekat -- Daily newspaper in Iran

Al-Moujez-an-Iran -- In English, published in London

Nabard-e Khalq -- From Fadaiyan Khalq Organization

Nateghi, Behnam -- Features in Persian for Radio Free Europe

National Iranian TV -- 24-hour broadcasting from LA to Iran

Neshat -- Banned daily newspaper in Iran, last issue September 4, 1999

Nimeye Digar -- Expatriate feminist journal

Nimrooz -- Online version of London newspaper

Noghteh -- Ad for printed magazine from Berkeley, California -- Astronomy magazine

Nourizadeh, Alireza -- News commentary

Omid -- Iraj Gorgin's magazine, including audio and video clips

Par -- Monthly magazine in Virginia

Pars Daily -- Current news in Persian, based in Virginia

Pars Radio -- Internet radio based abroad

Pars Times -- News directory

Pars TV -- Advertising for TV program produced in southern California

Payame Doost -- Persian-Bahai radio station in Washington DC

Payame Kish -- Kish island radio

Payvand daily news -- From wire services and...

PC Magazine -- Middle & Near East online edition

Peik -- Computer industry newsletter from Iran, in English

Pejvak -- Swedish public radio's Persian service

Pezhvak -- Newspapers in northern California

Pendar -- Onlione literary magazine in Iran

The Persian Book Review -- Official web site for The Persian Book Review, Inc. and Cactus, Inc.

Perspolis -- Popular soccer club's magazine

Persian Heritage -- Online magazine published in the U.S.

Persian journals and popular press at University of Chicago Library

Persian Radio -- Offers mostly Persian music based in New York?

Radio Aras -- From Fadaiyan Khalq Organization

Radio Azadi -- U.S. radio station in Prague

Radio Barabari -- Leftist opposition radio

Radio Frace International-- Persian broadcast

Radio Free Europe's Persian Service -- U.S. radio station in Prague

Radio Googoosh -- In honor of Googoosh's return

Radio Hambastegi -- Leftist opposition radio

Radio Israel -- Daily Persian service

Radio Japan -- Persian service

Radio Javan -- Youth station in Iran

Radio Mojahed -- From the Mojahedin Khalq

Radio Payam -- Station in Iran with live broadcast on the Net

Radio Rangarang -- In Sweden

Radio Sayeh -- Listen to poetry

Radio Seday-e Iran -- 24-hour radio based in Los Angeles

Radio Seday-e Jadid -- By Hamid Mir-Motahhari, in Los Angeles

Radio Shahrvand -- Broadcasting persian programs from Gotheburg, Sweden

Radio Tapesh - In Stockholm

Radio Velayat -- Washington DC, Wednesdays, 10am to 2pm EST

Rahavard -- Persian literary quarterly from Los Angeles

Rah-e Azadi -- Democratic People's Party of Iran

Rah-e Tudeh -- Followers of the old Tudeh communist party

Rozaneh -- Women's magazine

Rowzane -- Political magazine in Persian published abroad

Safheh Aval -- Selections from Iran's press

Sang -- Literary magazine published in Germany

Shahrvand -- Weekly magazine from Canada

Sobh-e Emrouz -- Moderate newspaper in Iran; in Persian

Sobh-e Jom'eh baa shomaa -- Comedy program from Tehran Radio

Soroush -- Publishing division of Iran's state radio TV

Sportestan -- Iranian sports newsletter

Tabi'at va Hayaat-e Vahsh Iran -- Nature and Wildlife magazine from Iran

Tadbir -- Monthly published by Iran's Industrial Management Institute

Tamasha -- Art, music, classifieds &...

Tavoos -- Arts magazine based in Iran

Tehran -- Los Angeles-based magazine

Tehran radio & TV -- Official site

Tehran Times -- English-language daily, Iran

Tribun -- Iranian quarterly based in Sweden

Toufan -- Leftist newsletter based in Germany

Vohuman -- A web journal of Zoroastrian heritage

Voice of America
* Web site
* Morning radio
* Evening radio
* TV

Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran -- Live broadcast = News broadcast






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