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Tuesday August 29, 2000 / Shahrivar 8, 1379, No. 1053


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Baptized in tears
Googoosh concert or collective rozeh khooni?

By Setareh Sabety-Javid
August 29, 2000
The Iranian

I went to see Googoosh in New York the other night. The concert was more like a collective roezeh khooni -- a tearful cleansing bash, sort of like an EST meeting with 12,000 people crying all at once. Except there we all cried for one thing: Iran.

The music was not good. It never was. She didn't sing many of the old favorites and her new ones were neither very political nor that catchy. She looked good and sang well enough. But what was special for us was our hunger for any little gesture that would take us on a wave to the past >>> GO TO FEATURE


Not kosher
But many Iranian Jews still love Googoosh

By Faryad
August 29, 2000
The Iranian

When we went to the Jewish temple one Saturday, people were talking about the Googoosh concert. They were angry; they were against the kosher Persian stores advertising the Googoosh concert on their windows.

"It is a shame to go and see a singer who betrayed her friends," someone said. Betray? Friends? I asked my dad what the hell was going on. And this was the answer I got after we came home. The problem was a little puppy with white hair >>> GO TO FEATURE


Unrest Continues in Khoramabad

BBC Persian Service

The governor-general of Lorestan province was attacked today by a group of demonstrators in Khoramabad. He was attending the funeral of a policeman killed during the recent calshes there. The reformists have called for the punishment of those responsible for the unrest, but no serious measure has been taken in similar cases before. Mohammad Matin examines the issue >>> LISTEN HERE

Pressure mounts in Iran after violent crackdown

August 29, 2000, TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) -- Iran's pro-reform student movement accused the security forces on Tuesday of abetting five days of Islamic vigilante violence that rocked the western city of Khorramabad, leaving one policeman dead.

Scores were injured -- about 35 people were hospitalized -- after hardline gangs armed with knives and clubs broke up a student conference late on Thursday. They later attacked buses ferrying the participants back to their campuses across Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Iran moves to spend oil windfall on job creation.

By Mehrdad Balali

TEHRAN, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Iran is rushing to invest billions of dollars in surplus oil revenue to revive the stagnant economy and address chronic unemployment, officials said on Monday.

But economists say structural reform, not a big cash infusion, is the key to sustainable economic recovery >>> FULL TEXT

INS Is Sued Over Delays in Processing Applications

Los Angeles Times
August 29, 2000

SANTA ANA--A class action lawsuit filed in federal court accuses the Immigration and Naturalization Service of placing thousands of immigrants at risk of deportation by failing to promptly process their applications to remain in the United States. The lawsuit was filed Friday on behalf of the children and spouses of immigrants who have obtained permanent legal resident status under a 1986 amnesty law >>> FULL TEXT

    Thanks to Ramin Tabib

    Boxing ring

    Hamshahri: Official denies calling for pushing aside Hezbollahis from the scene >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

    Cherik-haaye Fadaai-ye Khalq: People of Khorramabad rise against repression >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Googoosh in London

Not kidding >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Rafsanjani, no (fair) chance

Behzad Djazaeri writes: I think you are mistaken in your assumptions about Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani ["Man in the shadows"]. I doubt, if by the time of the next presidential elections in a years time, Rafsanjani can win a fair and free election against Khatami, given the present images of the candidates in the public mind...

Now, if he were to stand against somebody like Abdollah Nouri or Mohsen Kadivar, that might be a different matter, and he might even lose. But no such chance exists against the candidates of the conservative right like Ali Akbar Velayati or Ahmad Janati or Rafsanjani >>> FULL TEXT

* Khatami will win again

Bardia Saeedi writes: I read the first part of the article with great interest. It's an interesting theory and definitely plausible ["Man in the shadows"]. However, in the second half of the article, Mr. Sajjadi claims that Mr. Rafsanjani has some hopes of becoming the next president of Iran.

Everyone who has visited Iran in the last three years is shocked with the popular support for Mr. Khatami. His efforts to relax the strict rules of women's dress cover and other daily behaviors has brought tremendous support for him.

The economic situation although very harsh, does not seem to affect people's judgment when comparing Mr. Khatami with the alternatives. If Iran continues to have free and untainted elections, my guess is that, Mr. Khatami will definitely win another term in the office.

* Can you dig it?

Cyrus Samii writes: In regards to ancient Persia being represented in film ["Persia?"], we can't overlook the overt reference in Walter Hill's cult classic "The Warriors": New York, the turbulent late 1970s-- disunity and factional conflict erupts between rival gangs out of the confusion and rage provoked by the shooting of the ecumenically-minded underworld overlord Cyrus... "Can you dig it?"

Comedy: Shappi and Peyvand Khorsandi in London

Back by popular demand! The comedy team of will perform on 4 and 11 September at London's Camden People's Theatre >>> DETAILS HERE




Frontier Fictions
By Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet


On the assassination attempt against Saeed Hajjairan
By Mohammad Ali Zakariaie

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

However long your patience, I will shred it.

If you sleep, I'll steal the dreams from your eyes.

Stand like a mountain, I'll melt you in fire;

Be the sea, and I'll drink your water dry.
-- Rumi
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More news

Governor attacked during funeral for officer killed in unrest

TEHRAN, Aug 29 (AFP) - The governor of northwestern Lorestan province was attacked by protesters Tuesday during the funeral for a policeman killed during recent clashes in the province, Iran's official news agency said. Nurollah Abedi was beaten by a group of demonstrators who surrounded him before police intervened to take him to safety. There was no word on his condition, and no arrests were made, it said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran students accuse pro-Khamenei forces of attacking them in riots

TEHRAN, Aug 29 (AFP) - Iran's leading pro-reform student group on Tuesday accused troops under the control of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of attacking them during the past few days of bloody riots in the town of Khoramabad. The violence swirling around a meeting of the student Office to Consolidate Unity (OCU) from Thursday to Sunday left one person dead and dozens injured in the worst unrest in Iran in more than a year >>> FULL TEXT

Conoco hopeful of improving ties with Libya, Iran

HOUSTON, Aug 29 (Reuters) - A senior Conoco Inc. (NYSE:COCa - news) executive said on Tuesday he was hopeful that a gradual improvement in U.S. relations with Libya and Iran would lead eventually to a lifting of unilateral U.S. sanctions that prohibit U.S. investment in both countries' oil industries. Rob McKee, Conoco's executive vice president for exploration and production, said there were already signs that relations with Libya had started to thaw since that country handed over two suspects for trial in the 1988 bombing of a U.S. airliner >>> FULL TEXT

Drought dries out major river

TEHRAN, August 29 (AFP) - Iran's Zayande river, which cuts through the historical central city of Isfahan, has virtually dried up because of the unprecedented drought wracking the nation, press reports said Tuesday. The Zayande, best known from touristic photographs of it pouring through the arches in Isfahan's famous Si-o-Sepol bridge, is completely dry except for a few scattered pools of stagnant water, the reports said >>> FULL TEXT

Norway, Iran Leaders To Meet; First Time Since Revolution

OSLO (AP)--Norway's prime minister agreed Monday to meet Iran 's president in New York next week, the first meeting between the countries' top leaders since Iran 's 1979 revolution. Norway downgraded its diplomatic relations with Iran in 1995 to protest a death order against British writer Salman Rushdie. The previous year, Iran called home its Oslo ambassador to protest what it called Norway's hostile attitude >>> FULL TEXT

Iran navy launches first domestically produced submarine

TEHRAN, Aug 29 (AFP) - Iran on Tuesday launched its first domestically manufactured submarine at a ceremony in the Persian Gulf port city of Bandar Abbas, the official IRNA news agency reported. It said Defence Minister Admiral Ali Shamkhani was among officials on hand for the launch of the Al-Sabehat 15 submarine, which he said was ideally adapted for reconnaissance work and the laying of mines >>> FULL TEXT

Iran says 3-year energy discoveries worth $125 bln.

TEHRAN, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Iran said on Monday it had discovered oil and gas reserves worth $125 billion in the past three years. Iran found 5.34 billion barrels of crude and liquid gas, 28.7 trillion cubic feet (820 billion cubic metres) of mainly sweet natural gas during the same period, said Mahmoud Mohaddes, director of exploration at the National Iranian Oil Company >>> FULL TEXT

Iran tenders South Pars gas field phases 9-12

TEHRAN, Aug 29 (Reuters) - Iran tendered on Tuesday four new phases of its giant offshore South Pars gas field project. National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) issued a statement inviting national and international contractors to take part in the development of phases nine to 12 of South Pars, Iran's largest gas field holding seven percent of global reserves >>> FULL TEXT

Oil up as Venezuela, Iran say supply OK

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil prices jumped again on Tuesday, adding almost another dollar a barrel to a runaway market as fears mounted of winter supply shortages in the West. Dealers took fright at the latest comments from OPEC, whose president, Ali Rodriguez of Venezuela, blamed high taxation among consumer nations and refinery bottlenecks for soaring prices >>> FULL TEXT

Makhmalbaf's "Silence" okayed

Tehran, (Iran daily) -- Mohsen Makhmalbaf's "Sokout" ("Silence"), winner of an award from the Venice film festival, has finally gotten permission to be screened in Iran >>> FULL PEERSIAN TEXT

Cultural activities in past three years

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Detailed stats on cultural activities since President Khatami's election, including growth of theater seats, published books, new libraries and >>> FULL PEERSIAN TEXT

Computers in high schools

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Libraries at 500 high schools have been equipped with computers >>> FULL PEERSIAN TEXT

Iran: No. 1 in Asian soccer

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Iran is now the top soccer team in Asia, according to the latest official ranking. South Korea and Saudi Arabia are second and third >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Bayer Leverkusen counts on Mousavi

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- German coach pins hopes on Ali Mousavi to improce FC Bayer Leverkusen's position. "Our players know the value of a championship," he said >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Youth Karate: No. 1 in Asia

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Iran's youth Karate team has won the Asian championship with four gold, two silver and a bronze >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Iran's New Submarine

Iran has launched its first domestically-built submarine in the Persian Gulf. It has been designed to plant mines and carry out reconnaissance missions. Maria Sarsalari talks to Jane's Defence Weekly analyst Paul Beaver about this new submarine: >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Some puppy

When one of the Jewish hosts told her not to bring the dog, Googoosh refused. Turning down Jews for a puppy? That was the end of it. From then on she was forbidden to sing at Jewish homes.

-- Faryad
"Not kosher"
The Iranian
August 29, 2000

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