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January 4-7, 2000 / Dey 14-17, 1378


* Iranian of the century:
- Really really mad
- Meaningless
- Not 2000 yet


* Iranian of the century:
- Reza Shah robbed

- Never progress if...
- Respect for other's opinions
- Human rights violators

- Mossadegh? Why?
- Communist
- Earlier beauties
- No relation

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January 7, 2000

* Really really mad

I just read that Iranians have chosen Khomeini for the second Iranian of the century. I cannot believe it... I am really really upset right now. I am mad at those Iranians who are living abroad and having the best fun and do everything they want to do and then they claim that they love Khomeini. Why do they live abroad if they love Khomeini? They have to go back to Iran and live in that country that he has made for Persia ...

People of Iran deserve what they get. They do not deserve a leader who does everything for his country. They do not deserve a leader who is proud of being an Iranian. They deserve poverty, high prices, boring lives, many mollas, no joy, tears, and graves. They deserve to sit there and whatch the development in the Arab countries. They deserve to move to other countries and be called primitive, fundamentalist and terrorist >>> FULL TEXT


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* Meaningless

Regardng your survey of the iranian of the century, you note that the survey was mailed to 16,600 people, of which 363 replied. Please note that your response rate is so low (about 2 percent) that your results are quite likely statistically meaningless and hence of little interest.

Since your surveying technique as I understand it does not make a random sample anyway, you are better off simply making an editorial decision as to the "person of the ...." in your future issues, and then invite people to send in their reactions and their own choices. Major publications like Time magazine have obviously already tuned in to this idea.

Peyman Milanfar

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* Not 2000 yet

Saeid Mahmoudi writes in response to the Iranian of the century >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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January 6, 2000

* Reza Shah robbed

The Iranian of the century is for sure Reza Shah Kabir. Without him there would have not been country named Iran as we know it.

I highly suggest most Iranians on this site take time and read Iranian history. Prior to the arrival of Reza Shah on the political scene, Iran was a country of eight to 10 million people with a negative population growth due to all sort of diseases, malaise, hunger, etc. Each region had feudal warlords who were running the show for themselves and their foreign masters.

It was Reza Shah who united Iran, restored peace, laid a foundation for modern Iran. Despite his lack of education he emphasized the importance of education, freedom for women, building of infrastructure and so on.

It is sad to see Iranians choosing Mossadegh as the Iranian of the century. While no one can deny Mossadegh's contribution to the country and his effort to nationalize oil, fact of the matter is that he was a second-rate, thick-headed politician who's actions alienated all his supporters in the end, and created an environment of social instability which would have sooner or later thrown the country to the arms of the communists, or would have caused the disintegration of country all together.

Yek Irani Fahmideh

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* Never progress if...

In response to Behrouz Sadigh's letter: Iran will never face true democracy, will never progress and will never attain a civil society unless people can learn to respect and tolerate other's opinions and beliefs.

Glayol Banaie

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* Earlier beauties

Before Zan-e-Rooz picked up the idea of launching the Iran Miss Pageant, another leading women's magazine, named Ettela'at-e-Banovan, carried that idea out successfully in the summer of 1962.

In the beautiful slopes and beaches of the Caspian Sea, Ettela'at selected an 18-year-old beauty named Homa Kafai of Mashad among many contestants.

The girls aspiring to the title had to be beautiful, poised, intelligent, academically bright, and had to represent the ideals and values of the the traditional Iranian society.

Do you have a copy of that particular issue? Or can you gain access to it? It would be worthwhile if you could advertise the need. someone may come up with that beautiful page in Iran's recent past.

Amin Fekrat, Ph.D.

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January 5, 2000

* Respect for other's opinions

In response to Behrouz Sadigh who wrote: "Please remove my name from your mailing and subscription list. I can and will not support a publication who lists a communist ["Mohammad Mossadegh"] as its man of the century. I believe the Shah of Iran was deserving of that title, but since you own the publication and not I, it would be better if I were removed from your listing. "

I would have been happy if our friend presented some evidence as proof of his claim rather than cancelling his subscription just because The Iranian reported a piece of news. It did not appear to me that this was the Times' decision at all.

The first lesson we should learn in this free society is respect for other people's opinion and tolerance for opposing points of view. This intolerance of others is unfornunately the sign of our time. I constantly notice that more and more American readers of newspapers and journals cancel their subscription because they see something in those publications they do not like! >>> FULL TEXT

Ali Parsa

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* Human rights violators

One thing that was not mentioned about these "Men of the Century" and all their accomplices is that they took Iran to a much higher plateau that deserves the highest recognition in the field of Human Rights Violation. But who is interested in that?!

History will tell in time what these people did . To expose a blinded folded nation to light after being in such absolute darkness is bound to lead to mass blindness. Their motto has been, "If we can't see them, they can't see us".

Sohrab Sepehr

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* No relation

Nematollah Aghasi is not Andy Madadian's father. A lot of people make that mistake. Andy is Armenian and has become very well known specially in the Spanish community. The Los Angeles Times and People Magazine had articles about him a couple of times. Because of the rumor, the two met for the first time last year and are planning to have a concert together this year.

Simin Habibian

Editor: The mistake has been corrected. Thanks.

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January 4, 2000

* Mossadegh? Why?

I was truly amazed or, for the lack of better word, disappointed in the selection of the majority of the respondents to the Iranian of the century survey. I would have expected by now most but not all would have figured out what has happened to them in the world of geopolitics since the last world war. Looking back at the real history, as Mr. Mossadegh himself commented to his trusted circle, how easily he was fooled to ally himself with the so-called religious sect (Mr./Ayatollah Kashani, Majles speaker post 1952).

Mr. Mossadegh was the one who made the choice of calling/arranging for the late Shah to get back his throne. At his death bed as he confessed to his mistakes of fighting against the Pahlavi regime, he should have found a way to work with them and defeat the US/UK/France in their own divide and conquer game >>> FULL TEXT

Parviz Zavareh

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* Communist

Please remove my name from your mailing and subscription list. I can and will not support a publication who lists a communist as its man of the century. I believe the Shah of Iran was deserving of that title, but since you own the publication and not I, it would be better if I were removed from your listing.

Behrouz Sadigh

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January 3, 2000


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