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Thursday, January 13, 2000 / Dey 23, 1378, No. 885

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Normalization of U.S.-Iranian relations

By Najmedin Meshkati & Guive Mirfendereski
January 13, 2000
The Iranian

On January 16, the U.S. and Iranian national soccer teams will take to the field at the site of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. In contrast to the rather reserved and mostly disinterested American sentiment about the game, the Iranian enthusiasts in southern California and the world over are in a state of frenzied anticipation and the press in Tehran is full of reports and commentaries.

Last time these two teams met, it was during the 1998 World Cup, when on Sunday, June 21, 1998, in Lyons, France, the Iranian squad posted a 2-1 victory over the U.S. team. The Iranian believers rejoiced, the American sportscasters were outright nasty and denigrating in their incredulity and the politically correct in both Iranian and American communities were grateful for the civility that had prevailed on and off the field. When asked why she was cheering for the Iranian team, a Jewish American friend commented "because the game meant more to the Iranians."

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    Montazeri breaks silence

    BY: Geneive Abdo in Qom
    The Guardian (London)
    January 13, 2000

    The man behind profound change in Iran is the invisible resident of this holy Shi'ite Muslim city.

    He has been under house arrest for more than two years, exiled to his modest home on Riverbank Street. Few dare to mention his name in public. Newspapers which print his ideas are closed or taken to court. Fellow clerics who spread his opinions in public are imprisoned. And thousands of his disciples, the seminarians who read his banned books, do so clandestinely.

    Now, Ayatollah Ali Hossein Montazeri is tired of being silenced. In his first interview ever, according to his aides, he told the Guardian of his vision for a new Iran >>> FULL TEXT


Anoushirvan D. Fakhran, a.k.a. Jonathan Taylor Spielberg

    By Tom Jackman
    The Washington Post
    Thursday, January 13, 2000

    The Fairfax City man who was arrested after allegedly convincing high school administrators that he was the nephew of filmmaker Steven Spielberg said yesterday that he is "no older than 18" and that he committed no crime in occasionally attending Paul VI Catholic High School.

    Jonathan Spielberg said he went to classes at the Fairfax school "once or twice a week," beginning last spring. When officials became concerned over his poor attendance, they tried to contact Steven Spielberg at his DreamWorks SKG studio in California and learned that he has no nephew living here...

In August 1997, Spielberg changed his name from Anoushirvan D. Fakhran, saying Jonathan Taylor Spielberg was his great-grandfather's name >>> FULL STORY

More Letters

* I am UPSET

Mustafa Khan writes: Please take me off your email list. Please. The reason is that I am disappointed that you have chosen Mossadegh as your Iranian of the century. That shows that your magazine is not worth reading.

It's understood that Ayatollah Khomeini is the Iranian of the century -- no doubt . Whether for bad or good, he shook the world. He certainly was the Iranian of the century as well as MAN OF THE CENTURY OF THE WORLD.

I am UPSET . We used to subscribe to your magazine but not any more. Please take me off your email list. My friends are going to do the same.

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* Amazed

Reyhaneh Fathieh writes: I recently read "An American in Iran". I was amazed at how well you understood and appreciated the Iranian culture. But your flawless comprehension of Iranian people, their feelings, and views, was the most impressive.

I am 15 years old, and sitting here with my grandfather who just recently traveled from Iran to America for a knee surgery. We have lived back and forth between Iran and America until I was nine, but finally we were able to "flee" and come to live in the great U.S. permanently.

It has only been a year since my family has settled down and all together again. Through the struggles we went through, I have changed quite a bit. But I will never forget my roots. I actually went back to visit my family last summer, and I felt just as you did. Even though I had lived in this country, everything seemed so unorganized and less than what I had remembered.

I am fascinated that an American is so interested and fond of our culture and country.

* Behrouz Vosouqi

In reference to Nostalgia photos:

Haxamanesh writes : Behrouz Vosouqi used to live in Los Angeles. He now lives in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Roumor has it that he owns a cafe.

Moftaki writes: He became one of the followers of Mr. Angha who has set up his own Khanehghah and Moreed-dom in the San Fransisco Bay Area.

* Art: Women artists competition, Berkeley

    I would like to inform you of an upcoming competition for Iranian female artists taking place in Berkeley, California, USA, in conjunction with the International Iranian Women's Conference. This year the committee of IWC, with the encouragement and collaboration of local artists in Northern California, has organized competition for an exhibition of the contemporary arts, produced by Iranian women artists >>> DETAILS HERE


Books of the Week

* Saaniyeh-yeh aakhar (1999)
Y2K issues in Iran
By Dr. Ali Parandeh

* Barandeh-haa ham baazandeh-and (1999)
A memoir by a former mayor of Tehran, with photos
By Ahmad Nafisi

* Jazireh sargardaani (2nd edition, 1998)
By Simin Daneshvar

* Mumia va assal (1996)
By Shahriar Mandanipour

* Mehr-e giaah (1998)
ByAmir Hassan Cheheltan

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Video of the Week

Through the olive trees

This is Abbas Kiarostami's most romantic film (English subtitles). It is the third part of a trilogy set in northern Iran. For other Kiarostami videos, click here.

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More news

Party appeals to Khatami for news of three imprisoned politicians

TEHRAN, Jan 13 (AFP) - An Iranian opposition party called on President Mohammad Khatami Thursday to protect the rights of three of its jailed leaders, alleging that at least one had been tortured in detention. "Khosro Seyf, Bahram Namazi and Farzin Mokhbar have been in prison for six months. There has been no news about their interrogations and their trials," the Party of the Iranian People (PIP) said in a statement seen here by AFP >>> FULL TEXT

'Assembly of Experts' warns future MPs not to create crises

TEHRAN, Jan 13 (AFP) - Iran's powerful Assembly of Experts warned members of the parliament to be elected next month not to "create crises," the official IRNA news agency reported Thursday. The assembly met on Wednesday and issued a statement stressing the primordial role of parliament, which it said had the means "both of creating and of avoiding crises," IRNA said >>> FULL TEXT

For a change, courts to try a conservative journalist

TEHRAN, Jan 13 (AFP) - Iran, which has become accustomed to seeing moderate newspaper editors stand trial, will witness the trial next week of a conservative publication's chief, a Tehran press court judge said Thursday. Hossein Shariatmadari will have to defend himself against 27 charges concerning news published in the Kayhan daily in the past few months. His trial by jury will be public, the judge told AFP >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. and Iran Soccer Match Encouraging to Humanitarian Efforts

PASADENA, Calif., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- For the second time in recent history, and the first time on American soil, the U.S. and Iranian soccer teams are about to take the field together in what Robin Wainwright views as a symbolic step toward furthering humanitarian efforts in the Middle East >>> FULL TEXT

Woman medical students protest poor education

TEHRAN, Jan 13 (Reuters) - Students at an all-women medical school in Iran have gone on strike to protest against poor education which they blame on segregation of the sexes, a newspaper reported on Thursday. The daily Aftab-e Emrouz said the students from Fatemieh medical school in the city of Qom, a stronghold of the Shi'ite Moslem clergy, had boycotted classes for two weeks >>> FULL TEXT

Opec determined to keep oil price high

High oil prices look set to stay after several of the world's major oil producers hinted that they will try to keep production cuts in place for the rest of the year. In January 1999, one barrel of crude oil could be bought for under $10. Since then the price has soared to more than $25, as a direct result of production cuts agreed by members of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) and several of their allies >>> FULL TEXT

Iran's NIOC International put on back burner

LONDON, Jan 11 (Reuters) - The operations of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) International, a subsidiary of state oil company NIOC, have been temporarily put on ice just months after the company's creation, Iranian oil sources said on Tuesday. When it assumed NIOC's trading activities in October, NIOC International's brief was to handle all of Iran's international and downstream oil and gas business in a manner similar to the world's oil majors, industry sources said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran and Turkey agree to delay in gas deliveries

TEHRAN, Jan 12 (AFP) - Iran has agreed to delay its gas deliveries to Turkey until September 2001 because the Turks are not ready, the official news agency IRNA quoted Iran's deputy oil minister Hamdollah Mohammad-Nejad as saying Wednesday. But Mohammad-Nejad, who is also head of the Iranian National Gas Corporation (NIGC), told a press conference that Ankara would have to pay compensation for the hold-up >>> FULL TEXT

Three mermaids

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Comparing the mermaids created by Goli Taraqi in her new book with those by Forough Farrokhzad and Samad Behrangi (PDF file) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Hamshahri) - Ebrahim Mokhtari's documentary -- about the hardships of a woman who was forced to get married at a young age -- has won an award in a film festival in France >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

New cinemas

Tehran (Hamshahri) - The government will hand out loans totaling six billtion tomans next year to encouarge the private sector to build cinemas >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran beat Ecuador under-23 team

LOS ANGELES, Jan 12 (Reuters) - Ali Daei and Ali Mosavi scored to give Iran's national soccer team a 2-1 victory over Ecuador's under-23 team Wednesday night in a friendly at the Memorial Coliseum >>> FULL TEXT

Gotta move fast

Tehran (Iran daily) - Two thirds of the ticktes for Sunday's match between Iran and the U.S. in Pasadena have been sold, U.S. officials say >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran vs. Asia

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - The Iranian national soccer team will face the Asian All-Stars in Tehran on January 21 >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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As many in Iran and the U.S. hope, [Sunday's soccer match between Iran and the U.S.] will be another side chat and whisper in the direction of a full blown dialogue aimed at normalizing relations between the two countries.

-- Najmedin Meshkari and Guive Mirfendereski
The Iranian
January 13, 2000

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