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Baby come back

By Krista Nassi
January 24, 2000
The Iranian

I, the undersigned, Krista Nassi, daughter of Nasser, born in Tehran in 1970, ID Card no. 3848, entered Technical High School of Graphics in 1985 and started my studies for a bachelor degree in the field of painting in 1993 at Al-Zahra University after completion of which I continued my studies for masters degree at the University of Art in the field of painting and I graduated in 1999 >>> GO TO FEATURE


Revolutionary guards commander warns of threats

Sobh-e Emrooz
Jan 23, 2000

Revolutionary guards commander Rahim Safavi has again warned about what he described as threats coming from "some" newspapers

These threats could be eliminated if the revolutionary forces launched a cultural counter-attack, he said >>> FULL TEXT

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Berin khodaa ro shokr konin

This is not Iran or Afghanistan. Not even the Middle East. Not even close. Welcome to Colombia >>> GO HERE

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* All political

S. Irani writes: I went to two soccer games -- Iran vs. Ecuador and Iran vs. USA. There was a huge difference. Both in players and audience. However, it was all about politics and our lives in the U.S. We started our lives here because of politics and now we somehow want to sweep our past under the rug so we can justify our lives here and ease our conscience.

The games in general were representative of our dual lives, a paradox of being semi immigrants. One foot here and one foot ready to move. Or maybe now both feet are planted here but our past haunts us. The audience was so determined to be civilized and not to appear political . Was that for the benefit of American brothers or for the Islamic Republic brothers? Did we want to show that we are not terrorists? That we are apolitical soccer-loving immigrants? We were also determined not to put the seal of approval on the Islamic Republic in a obvious way.

Yekee bood..Yekee nabood >>> FULL TEXT

* Just a game

Ali S. writes: Let me start by saying that what a well written .....Reflection ["All tied up"]. I never thought one could read SO much into a soccer match. I suppose you can also foretell the weather by the way your bunions act up?

The Iran-USA soccer match was a friendly game. I wasn't there but watched the game on TV. I wish I'd have been there to celebrate it with the other Iranians and Iranian-Americans. My face would have been painted with both the Iranian and US flags AND I would have been waiving one of those double sided flags.

In case you have forgotten, we're NOT living in Iran. This is the USA where one can participate in demonstrations at lunch break, and head back to work afterwards without a stopover at Evin prison. SAVAMA or Passdaran don't have much bearings on our daily lives here. So, even though you feel that the battle for our individuality as Iranians is lost, and we are disillusioned, how have you won this battle?

You should feel rather content, since I know you're not happy, that you can write out your "reflections" and not get hauled into Evin for high tea! Obviously, no nation is without faults. While one brach of the US government/society is trying to extend ties to Iran yet another is building attack/strategy scenarios in case Iran comes in possession of nuclear arms. One hand washes the other. It has been like this in the US for quite an extended period of time.

However sometimes a game is just that.....a game. This was a GOOD game.

* Fitzgerald's debt to Khayyam

Korosh Khalili writes: I enjoyed the enthusiasm that emanated from Mr. Kadivar's article "Great Omar" and subtitled "Khayyam's debt to Fitzgerald". I too agree that Fitzgerald's translation is a masterpiece which will remain the very pinnacle of the art of poetic translation.

However, Mr. Kadivar is wrong, for Khayyam owes nothing to Fitzgerald. Khayyam's poetry survived hundreds of years prior to Fitzgerald, and will survive many more. In iran, many are able to recite a few of the Rubaees, but only a few know Fitzgerald. Therefore it is incorrect to suppose that "with no Fitzgerald there would have been no Omar". Despite assertions by some English authors, Fitzgerald's never surpasses the brilliance of the original. And brilliant it is.

Khayyam's poetry is a jewel that will last for as long as there is humanity; Fitzgerald made this jewel available to more humans. It is much more likely that Fitzgerald would have been forgotten had he not been so inspired by the Rubaees, and so one can say that perhaps with no Omar there would have been no Fitzgerald.

Art: Simin Meykadeh, Emeryville, CA

Paintings by Simin Meykadeh will be on display at Gallery Ovissi in Emeryville, California until February 22. Address: 1425 Park Avenue. Directions: Off of 80 E, take Emeryville/Powell St. exit, turn right onto Powell St, 2nd light turn right Holllis St, 3rd light turn right on Park Avenue, 1425 Park Ave. Call 510-601-6874.

Art: Aylene Fallah, Washington DC

Aylene Fallah will be showing her art work in Washington DC at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) 1054 31st. street NW. Call 202-342-6230. Show dates: Jan.21- Feb. 18. Gallery Hours: Wed - Sun 1pm-6pm.


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Motion to quash conviction of Abdollah Nouri rejected

TEHRAN, Jan 22 (AFP) - Iran's state prosecutor Ayatollah Morteza Moqtadai has rejected a request to quash the conviction of leading reformer Abdollah Nuri for Islamic propaganda, state radio said Saturday >>> FULL TEXT

Karbaschi says he may not have to go back to jail

TEHRAN, Jan 24 (AFP) - The reformist former mayor of Tehran, Gholamhossein Karbaschi, who was imprisoned for corruption two years ago, said Monday that he may not be required to return to jail when a period of prison leave ends later this week >>> FULL TEXT

Date set for police court martial over July unrest

TEHRAN, Jan 24 (AFP) - Tehran's military court has finally set a date for the trial of the capital's sacked police chief Farhad Nazari and 19 other officers over the violent suppression of a student demonstration last July, newspapers said Monday >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian official calls for US consulate in free zone

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - The head of the free trade area on the Iranian Gulf island of Kish called in an interview published Thursday for the United States to be allowed to open a consulate on the island >>> FULL TEXT

Washington lukewarm about Tehran's "ready to negotiate" statement

WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (AFP) - The United States on Monday gave a lukewarm reaction to comments from Tehran that Iran is ready to step up diplomatic dialogue with the United States >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami's brother denies reformers split ahead of February polls

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - The younger brother of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami Sunday denied that his reformist supporters were split ahead of key parliamentary elections next month despite mounting divisions over the candidacy of a longtime moderate ally >>> FULL TEXT

Iran asks press to avoid stoking tensions ahead of elections

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - Iran's deputy culture minister on Sunday asked Tehran newspapers to avoid stoking tensions on the eve of anniversary of the Islamic revolution and ahead of key parliamentary elections next month >>> FULL TEXT

Nateq-Nuri says he wants to make way for newcomers

TEHRAN, Jan 24 (AFP) - The speaker of Iran's parliament, leading conservative Ali Akbar Nateq-nuri, explained Monday his decision not to run in the upcoming elections, saying he wanted to make way for newcomers >>> FULL TEXT

Women arrested for violating Islamic dress code

TEHRAN, Jan 22 (AFP) - Iranian police arrested 10 young women for violating the country's strict Islamic dress code Saturday in a rare sweep through a well-to-do northern district of the capital >>> FULL TEXT

Major gas terminal inagurated

ASALUYEH, Iran, Jan 24 (AFP) - Iran Monday kicked off work on a major gas terminal in the southern Gulf port of Asaluyeh to handle production from the offshore South Pars field >>> FULL TEXT

Iran heritage fares worse under Islamic regime than in previous 1,000 years

TEHRAN, Jan 22 (AFP) - Iran's historic and cultural heritage has been damaged more since the 1979 Islamic Revolution than in the previous 1,000 years, an official acknowledged in a shock admission Saturday >>> FULL TEXT

David Lynch

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Foreign films in the Fajr film fest's competition, including the latest from the American director David Lynch, called "The Straight Story" >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Qajar church

Tehran (Hamshahri) - The Tatavoos Armenian Church, built the Qajar era, has been listed for preservation >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Old coins

Tehran (Hamshahri) - More than 600 coins from the Sansanid and early Islamic eras in Iran have been delivered by the police to the Cultural Heritage Organization. Were they stolen? >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Four U.S. wrestlers win gold

Tehran, Jan 22,2000 - Four U.S. wrestlers claimed gold medals at the Takhti Cup in Qazvin, Iran >>> FULL TEXT

merican climbers join in assault on Damavand

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - American climbers were among more than 200 who began a mass assault Sunday on the roof of Iran, the 5,650 metre (18,600 feet) Mount Davadand, in a further sporting link between the inveterate political foes >>> FULL TEXT


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Khodadad Azizi may be heading to England or... And Nima Nakisa is back from Greece has has signed a three-year deal with Pass >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Confusion over when Ali Karimi's suspension will end... Is it really that confusing? >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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If the United States asks to open a consulate on Kish we will take a positive approach to this request and refer it to the foreign ministry.

-- Mohammad-Reza Yazdanpanah, head of Kish Free Trade Zone
January 23, 2000

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