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Thursday, July 6, 2000 / Tir 16, 1379, No. 1016



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Eat, sleep, nose job
Iran could hold the world record in plastic surgery

By Najmeh Fakhraie
June 6, 2000
The Iranian

As I walk in the street it amazes me to see the number of people who have broken noses. We could make the Guiness Book of Records it seems. Why are they so careless? Don't they look to see where they're going? I tell that to a friend. He breaks out laughing for the longest time. It doesn't seem that funny to me. He finally manages to say : "Their noses haven't been broken, not in an accident at least. They've all had nose jobs!" >>> GO TO FEATURE


18th of Tir

BBC Persian Service

On the anniversary of the student protests, Baqer Moin interviews Akbar Atri (member of the reformist students organization), Qassem Sholed Sadi (former Majlis deputy) and Nasser Zarafshan, lawyer in the chain murders' case (go to five minutes and 10 seconds) >>> LISTEN HERE

Also see Bahar newspaper 's report >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Khatami deserves support - scholar

Open Letter to the Iranian Community in Germany Regarding President Khatami's Trip

Payvand.Com -- As a political scientist concerned about our national interests, I find it my ethical duty to write this open letter asking you to put your moral support behind president Khatami as he travels to Germany shortly. Mr. Khatami has done much to improve the political environment of Iran, reducing tensions with the outside world, and normalizing ties with the West in particular, and, as a result, deserves our active support >>> FULL TEXT

Confusion over reported protest by German MPs over Khatami visit

July 5, 2000, Berlin (dpa) - At a news briefing organised by the National Resistance Council of Iran - which is dominated by the Iraqi-based People's Mujahedin - a member of Germany's parliament, Arne Fuhrmann, said the protest had been signed by 175 members of the Bundestag, the German lower house.

But the list of signatories was not presented at the news briefing. A spokeswoman for Fuhrmann - who is a member of German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats - later said the petition was being organised by the National Resistance Council >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Laleh Khalili

More good news

Jamkaran mosque in Qom has a Miracles Registration Office >>> HERE

Thanks to Sourena

More Letters

* Marginal issues

Ali Akbar Mahdi writes: Thank you Mr. Jamshidian ["Serious omissions"] for taking time to react to my article ["Wake-up call"] on the student movement in Iran. You have raised several concerns to which I would like to respond.

1. Let me begin by saying that the article is about the student movement and not Soroush or Khatami. An assessment of these individuals' politics and performance deserves a separate examination. This article was written for a scholarly journal, thus had to focus on the topic and avoid any issues marginal to that topic >>> FULL TEXT

* Roots unexposed

Goli Afshar writes on behalf of Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran: In full agrrement with Mr. Jamshidian ["Serious omissions"] and with the necessary thanks for your article ["Wake-up call"], I just wanted to remind you that with such an approach you have not exposed some of the main roots of the problems faced by the Iranian student movement >>> FULL TEXT

* The press & the government

Camron Michael Amin writes: I wanted to thank Azadeh Hamehdoni for her fine article on the contemporary Iranian press ["Red ink"] but also to quibble with the second paragraph of the background section...

I do not mean to suggest that politics and censorship are not a vital part of the history of the Iranian press, but there is a bit more to it than that. The central role and faith in the power of the press in Iran today derives from over a 150 years of history in which the press has played a crucial role in politics, culture and economics -- sometimes despite the power of the state and sometimes supported by that same power >>> FULL TEXT

* I worship you

Pedram Moallemian writes: In reference to "Good news" in the Anyway section, I visited South Korea in 1983. When I contacted the Iranian embassy in Seoul to get some paperwork straightened out, the clerk was practically shocked to see and hear from another Iranian ... Seveteen years later, I see "Pastor Oh" has three Farsi-speaking churches running in South Korea>>> FULL TEXT

Rights: Vigil in Washington DC

Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran: Saturday, July 8th 2000 marks the first anniversary of the student movement in Iran... To commemorate this day and to voice our support for the students, the Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran will stage a silent vigil in front of the Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington DC on July 7 >>> DETAIILS HERE




Nomad : A Year in the Life of a Qashqa'I Tribesman in Iran
by Lois Beck


Mazdaa parasti dar iraan-e ghadim
Mazdakis in ancient Iran, by Zabihollah Safa

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

He who set the world on fire in me

And made a hundred tongues of flame speak from my mouth,

When fire blazed around me on all sides,

I sighed: he placed his hand upon my mouth.
-- Rumi
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More news

Three reported killed in unrest in Abadan

TEHRAN, July 6 (AFP) - Three people were killed late Wednesday in clashes with security forces in the southern Iranian city of Abadan during riots over a lack of drinking water, a press report said Thursday. The security forces moved in to prevent the sacking of the town by angry protesters, the conservative Jomhuri Eslami reported >>> FULL TEXT

Five arrested over videotape

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Five people were arrested and charged with helping make a controversial videotape featuring an Islamic vigilante group member discussing his links to hardline politicians, state-run Tehran radio reported Thursday. The five men were briefly detained for ``their role in preparing and distributing the videotape,'' the radio quoted a Tehran Justice Administration statement as saying >>> FULL TEXT

Pro-reform lawyers to be tried in secret

TEHRAN, July 6 (AFP) - Two leading Iranian pro-reform lawyers arrested last month will go on trial next week behind closed doors with six other people over video-cassettes which point the finger at top officials >>> FULL TEXT

France linked to Dutch police break up of immigrant network

THE HAGUE, July 6 (AFP) - Dutch police said Thursday that they had broken up three major illegal immigration networks run by Iranians who had entered the country using visas provided by the French embassy in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT

Press court summons conservative newspaper chiefs

TEHRAN, July 6 (AFP) - Two conservative daily newspaper directors have been summoned to appear before Tehran's press court, the official IRNA news agency reported Thursday. Hossein Shariatmadari, head of Kayhan, and Morteza Nabavi, director of Resalaat, have been summoned >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami prepares for Germany

TEHRAN, July 6 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami's office has confirmed that he will travel to Berlin on July 10-12, his first visit to Germany since his election in 1997, the official IRNA news agency reported >>> FULL TEXT

Germany steps up border security

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) - Germany will reimpose controls along its borders to screen out members of Iranian opposition groups who may try to disrupt next week's visit by Iranian President Mohammed Khatami, officials said Thursday >>> FULL TEXT

Clinton promises to work for release of jailed Iranian Jews

WASHINGTON, July 6 (AFP) - President Bill Clinton told US Jewish leaders Wednesday that he would work to win the release of 10 Iranian Jews, imprisoned on charges of spying for Israel, the community leaders said after a White House meeting >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. oil dips below $30 on Saudi supply reassurance

NEW YORK, July 6 (Reuters) - U.S. crude oil prices slid for the second straight day Thursday, breaking below $30 a barrel, on reassurances that Saudi Arabia and other Mideast oil suppliers were serious about raising daily production >>> FULL TEXT

Mehrjuie directing plays

Tehran, (Iran daily) -- Filmmaker Daryoush Mehrhuie is returning to the state for the first time in many years. He is directing two new plays >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Honarmand's thought-provoking comedy

Tehran, (Hamshahiri) -- "Defaa az aqlaaniyat" (In defense of common sense) by reformist journalist Seyed Morteza Mardiha; second edition of Abdolkarim Soroush's "Qomaar aasgeqaaneh" (Passionate gamble) and >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

New books

Tehran (Bahar) -- Author Mohammad Mohammad Ali is writing a murder/mystery. He also answers the question: "Why haven't we seen much political fiction in recent years?" >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Latest from Minavand's Sturm

(Iran Sports Press) -- On Tuesday the new season of the Austrian Bundesliga started with the 6:1 thrashing of Admira Mödling by Austrian champion FC Tirol. On Wednesday Sturm had it's first game of the season against LASK. Mehrdad Minavand was subbed in at the end of the first half >>> FULL TEX

Minavand won't play against Israelis

Tehran, (Hamshahiri) -- Mehrdad Minavand has told his Austrian team that he will not play against Israelis >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlal practice in Yugoslavia

(Iran Sports Press) -- Esteghlal Football Team will travel to Yugoslavia on July 16, said Parviz Mazloumi, member of the coaching team >>> FULL TEXT


18th of Tir

On the anniversary of the student protests, Baqer Moin interviews Akbar Atri (member of the reformist students organization), Qassem Sholed Sadi (former Majlis deputy) and Nasser Zarafshan, lawyer in the chain murders' case (go to five minutes and 10 seconds) >>> LISTEN HERE

NOTE: BBC link content changes every 24 hours

BBC Persian Service

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You eat, you sleep, you breath. These are the necessities of life; one simply can not live without them. Same goes for a nose job. It's a MUST.

-- Najmeh Fakhraie
"East, sleep, nose job"
The Iranian
July 5, 2000

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