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Friday, July 21, 2000 / Tir 31, 1379, No. 1027


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Come back (and be quiet)
Iran's conditions for returing expatriates

By Khordad
July 21, 2000
The Iranian

It is absurd to imagine that Iranians living abroad would come back to Iran to work toward economic and technical development, based simply on good will and nationalistic sentiment, without being overwhelming tempted to address issues of political instability and freedom. In fact, open and upfront discussions about political and personal freedoms, the rule of law, individual protection under the law and pluralism need to be precursors to any attempts at regaining the trust, the cooperation and the eventual return of Iran's expatriate community. Economic and technical development issues then can follow suit >>> GO TO FEATURE


Khatami's brother elected head of reformist party

TEHRAN, July 21 (AFP) - Mohammad-Reza Khatami, a parliamentary deputy and brother of Iran's reformist president, was elected Friday as leader of the Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF), the pro-reform party that swept legislative elections earlier this year >>> FULL TEXT

Secular leftist movements in Iran

BBC Persian Service

Why is the secular left not involved in Iran's political scene? A roundtable discussion with M Behrouz, M Meshaiekhi, T Atabaki >>> LISTEN HERE

Pursued by Demons: A Stalker, a Husband and a Repressive Society

The New York Times
July 21, 2000

Although it bears the title "Two Women," Tahmine Milani's film is really about one. And her name is legion.

While "Two Women" is set in Iran, the suffering woman at its compassionate heart may be found wherever those like her are denied a right to education and work, are oppressed and abused by husbands, are stalked by violent, obsessive men and are denied recourse in court >>> FULL TEXT

The reclusive queen of Persian Pop returns to stage

Mike Theodoulou
The Christian Science Monitor
July 19, 2000

She has not performed or recorded a song since 1979. Yet Googoosh remains the unrivaled queen of Persian pop, the Elvis of the East, who brought Western-style glamour to prerevolutionary Iran .

Now to the delight of her fans from Tehran to Toronto, Googoosh is making a historic comeback. The Iranian government has decided to return her passport, and she has left the country for a series of concerts in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

"Googoosh is back. No need to rub your eyes. It's not a dream," trumpeted an ecstatic Washington-based Iranian newsletter >>> FULL TEXT

Viagra chewing gum?

Yet another classic prayer-leader story, this one in Ahvaz, where prostitution, "decadent" music, and "sex enhancement gum" has caused an uproar >>> READ HERE

Thanks to Sourena

More Letters

* Not fair

Tafreshi writes: The new sanctions proposed by Congressman Sherman are not fair ["Dumb and dumber", "Due process"]! It is a depressing scene when we have the November Elections in front of us. Who are we to vote for? It seems like the members of both parties (Democrats and Republicans) are competing with each other on punishing Iranians! It is not fair!

Why should 70 million people be punished for the decision of a minority (hardliners) in Iran? Hardliners in Iran are losing their credibility and their influence not because of sanctions against Iran but because of the reform movement's non-violent, civilized approach towards starting political chang in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

* I assure you

Zara Houshmand (A very mature Iranian-American woman) writes: I assure you that this is not typical Iranian male behavior ["Typical Iranian male behavior?"]. You answered your own question when you said he is "a very immature young man who happens to be Iranian."

* I like your work. A lot

Amelia Adhami writes: So this chic that I consider way more "irooni" than myself has attached two links. The first was about learning to love Iranian men ["Loving an Iranian man"], and the second was for your article about Iranian women ["Loving an Iranian girl"]. I clicked on the first one first (duh! logically), and I almost trashed the email after reading most of the article, but for some odd reason, I clicked your link. It was well worth it >>> FULL TEXT

Politics: Roundtable in DC: US-Iran financial possibilities

The American Iranian Council (AIC), in association with Internews, invites you to participate in their first Congressional Roundtable, "US-Iran Relations: Financial Impediments and Possibilities" on Monday, July 24, 2000, 9:30am-11:30am at 2128 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC >>> DETAILS HERE




Veils and Words
The Emerging Voices of Iranian Women Writers by Farzaneh Milani


Beem-haa va omid-haa
Experts discuss hopes and fears about the Khatami era, by Mohsen Armin and Hojjat Razaghi

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

He came to me all angry, as if to say 'Enough!'

As if I feared the wrath of those in charge.

The heart of a bird that knows no cage

Is not afraid of anyone, so don't show me your rage.
-- Rumi
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More news

Mohammad Reza Khatami to head reform party

July 21, 2000 (BBC) -- Iran's largest political force, the pro-reform Islamic Iran Participation Front, has elected President Mohammad Khatami's younger brother as its leader. Mohammad Reza Khatami was chosen by the party's central council at its first congress in Tehran. The party issued a statement saying it would continue to push for reform regardless of the pressures it faced. The council had originally chosen a close advisor of the president, Saeed Hajjarian, who recently survived an assassination attempt >>> FULL TEXT

Putin's special envoy for the Caspian to visit Iran

MOSCOW, July 20 (AFP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin's special enovy on Caspian affairs will make a two-day visit to Iran at the end of the month, the Russian foreign ministry announced Thursday. Viktor Kalyuzhny, who is also Russia's deputy foreign minister, will be in Tehran July 31 and August 1, but no details were given of his programms >>> FULL TEXT

Tehran to gain more German cover

Middle East Economic Diges July 21, 2000 -- Germany plans to raise export credit cover to DM 1,000 million ($485 million) and may offer more help to German firms taking part in big projects. Germany's improved terms for trade and project finance were announced on 10 July during President Khatami's visit there (see Seven Days). A decision on insurance cover is likely to be made on 20 July at an inter-ministerial meeting which will be attended by Hermes, a private agency acting for the government in assigning export cover. "The economy of Iran is growing and we want to dynamically expand our economic relations. We will expand Hermes export credit guarantees from 200 million marks to 1 billion marks," Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said on 10 July >>> FULL TEXT

Kuwait welcomes drinking water offer from Iran

KUWAIT CITY, July 21 (AFP) - Kuwait has welcomed an Iranian offer to supply up to 200 million gallons (760 million litres) a day of drinking water from the river Karun which flows by Abadan in south-west Iran, a newspaper reported Friday. "Kuwait has no objection to the offer, provided the price of the water is right," Electricity and Water Minister Adel al-Sabih told Al-Rai Al-Aam daily >>> FULL TEXT

Maybe men would like several wives -- review

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- The reviewer of a film shown on Iranian TV about polygamy says the husband's hypocritical love for his first wife and the OTHER woman is bad wnough, but Fatemeh Motamed-Arya's acting is also weak >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Actor: Busy but lonely

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- Farrokh-Leqa Houshmand, who's in her late sevcenties, is a busy actor. She is currently acting in three different TV series. But she says when she goes home, nobody visits her. "I want to go to an old people's home." >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Cousteau on Iranian TV

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- A 23-episode series of Jacque Cousteau's marine adventures is just one of several programs being dubbed in Persian for Iranian TV >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlal back home

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Esteqlal is back in Tehran after its training camp in Yugoslavia, including two friendly matches with top Yugoslav teams. Here are some comments from the coach and plyers >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Wanted: Goal scorers

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Esteqlal is still talking with top palyers. But with too many defenders and halfbacks, the club is zeroing in on forwards >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pour-Heydari: Player evaluation

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Game results in Yugoslavia were not important, rather what Esteqlal head coach Mansour Pour-Heydari was looking for was player evaluation and finding the right line-up for next season >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Secular left

Why is the secular left not involved in Iran's political scene? A roundtable discussion with M Behrouz, M Meshaiekhi, T Atabaki >>> LISTEN HERE

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BBC Persian Service

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Good question

How can the IRI commit to protecting the rights of expatriate Iranians living abroad or returning to Iran, when it has failed so miserably to protect the rights of its own citizens living in Iran?

-- Khordad
"Come back (and be quiet)"
The Iranian
July 21, 2000

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