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Friday, June 16, 2000 / Khordad 27, 1379, No. 1003

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Cartoons by Massoud Shojai Tabatabai

June 16, 2000
The Iranian

Massoud Shojai Tabatabai is the webmaster of and the director of Iran's House of Cartoon. He has won several international and was a member of the jury for the Nasredin Hodja cartoon contest in Turkey last year >>> GO TO FEATURE


Let's face it
A trial or a circus?

By Pedram Moallemian
June 16, 2000
The Iranian

The trial of thirteen Iranians as alleged spies has ended and a verdict is expected soon. Their religion or even political belief should matter very little, as they are Iranian, regardless...

Some say, "But wait. Didn't they confess?" Oh yes! and I am certain the "confessions" were done without any pressure, while they were fully informed of their legal rights and with their lawyers present. Please, give all of us a break! If their "confessions" are taken at face value, then every confession made by Iranian dissidents over the last 20 years must also have been valid. >>> GO TO FEATURE


'60 Minutes' Faces Doubts on Reported Terrorist 'Czar'

The New York Times
June 16, 2000

On Sunday, June 4, the CBS News program "60 Minutes" showed a striking report as its lead segment: A man claiming to be Ahmad Behbahani, a "czar of Iranian state-sponsored terrorism," was being held under armed guard in Turkey, where he was seeking to get his story out... Nearly two weeks later, "60 Minutes" is still not sure who the man is, and the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are saying he is an imposter. In addition, "60 Minutes" has backed off somewhat on his importance >>> FULL TEXT

Remedial assistance rebuffed
'No, thanks,' say non-native students to English classes officials insist they take; their teachers agree they're unnecessary

June 16, 2000 , EL CERRITO (Contra Costa Times) -- Four years after moving with her family from Iran to Pinole, 16-year-old Pegah Moghaddam speaks English with the fluid ease of a native, with just a hint of a Farsi accent. Her writing, however, bears more marks that English is not her first language. Yet the occasional mismatched verb tense or misplaced preposition hasn't kept her from earning A's in her mainstream sophomore English class at El Cerrito High. And teachers have placed her in an honors English class next year >>> FULL TEXT

    Left hook


    International Haftegi: The Islamic Republic is constantly retreating from its position vis a vis the U.S. >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


    What's on your mind

The most popular words searches in this month >>> GO HERE

More Letters

* Nice way to start a war

Bill Phillipson writes to CBS television's "60 Minutes":

I watched your show on the supposed "Iranian Defector", and became very incensed - even furious at the thought of Iran having been responsible for the PanAm bombing ["Iran Defector Talks To 60 Minutes"]. Frankly, I thought it appropriate - even at this late date - for the US to take strong military measures against Iran consequent to the "proof" which you offered.

Lo and behold! It turns out that your supposedly unimpeachable source is a fraud and that the story you presented was - in all significant respects - false ["Iranian Defector Called an Impostor "].

Nice way to start a war >>> FULL TEXT

* "Iran Pride" vs. Nike?

"eyeranian" writes: As a professional graphic designer and someone who has had more than a few battles over copyrights and ownership of images, allow me be the first one to warn Iranians for International Cooperation (IIC) and their visual communication designer, Siamack Sahafi, that their new "Iran Pride" logo WILL most likely draw the attention of Nike >>> FULL TEXT

* Misguided generation

Iram Fatima Vakil writes: I'm not Iranian, but I know and believe that what Aytollah Khomeini did was not something any ordinary person like our own selves can do... And today two decades after the revolution, the new generation is a little misguided ["Three years later"]. They says they want freedom, but don't they realize that they got thier freedom 20 years ago >>> FULL TEXT

* What the hell?

Hamid Atabakksh writes: What the hell is the point ["Sisters"]? Don't waste my time.

Panel: Inside Iran's Domestic Politics, New York

Inside Iran's Domestic Politics, a panel discussion on Tuesday, June 27, 2000, 6:30 - 8:30pm at Lighthouse International (111 E. 59th Street, between Lexington and Park, New York City. Panelists: Elaine Sciolino, Senior Writer, The New York Times,
-- Elahé Sharifpour-Hicks, Researcher, Human Rights Watch
-- Gary G. Sick, Senior Research Scholar and Director, Gulf/2000 Project, Columbia University -- Moderator: Nicholas Platt, President, Asia Society. To register, call 212-517-ASIA or email


Being Modern in Iran
By Fariba Adelkhah
2000, Columbia University Press

What does it mean to be modern in Iran today? Can one properly speak of modernity in relation to what many consider to be the paradigmatic Islamic state? Since its1979 revolution seized the world´s attention, the Islamic Republic of Iran has remained a subject of misunderstanding, passion, and polemic, making these questions difficult to answer - or even to ask. This book - a study of Iran´s political culture in the broadest and deepest sense - looks into both of these questions by examining the tremendous changes taking place in Iran today >>> GO HERE

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

You're so coupled to life, which lasts but a day,

That you can't even hear talk of death.

Life looks for a home and finds it in death,

But your donkey fell asleep on the way.

-- Rumi
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More news

Guardian Council throws out two elections

TEHRAN, June 16 (AFP) - Iran's election watchdog group has thrown out the second-round elections of two reformists, bringing to 11 the number of seats for which a new round of voting will need to be held, Iran's official IRNA news agency said Friday >>> FULL TEXT

Government issues warnings to six film magazines

TEHRAN, June 16 (AFP) - Six Iranian film magazines have received warnings after they published pictures of actors from before the Islamic Revolution, a state cultural official told the conservative newspaper Kayhan on Thursday >>> FULL TEXT

Iran censors leading French publications for "pornography"

TEHRAN, June 16 (AFP) - The Iranian authorities have censored copies of the French newspaper Le Monde and the magazine L'Express over the past few weeks after judging reproductions of some French artwork pornographic. After receiving complaints from subscribers, the mail delivery service TNT launched an investigation and said the publications had been censored by duty officers at Tehran airport >>> FULL TEXT

Iran looking to join G-15

TEHRAN, June 16 (AFP) - Iran has asked to join the G-15 group of developing nations, whose tenth summit opens in Cairo on Monday, and is counting on the support of Malaysia, Iran's official IRNA news agency said Friday. "As well as Iran, Saudi Arabia and South Africa have also asked to join," IRNA said >>> FULL TEXT

Qajar fashion show

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Vossouqodeleh's residence was the perfect setting for a fashion show of Qajar costumes. Versace and Chanel will be back too. You just wait :-) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Following French footsteps

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Siamak Derambaksh has made a documentary -- Safar beb Iran --> Travel to Iran -- based on the travels of a 19th century French painter >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Bazargan to Boushehr

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Thirty historic guesthouses will be repaired from Bazargan all the way to Boushehr to boost tourism >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlal win Hazfi Cup

(Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Esteqlal won the Hazfi Cup defeating Bahman Karaj 3-1 in the final on Friday at Azadi Stadium. While Bahman enjoyed the better chances in the first half after hitting the cross bar twice, it was Esteqlal that took the game at hand in the second half and defeated Bahman >>> FULL TEXT

Full report

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Special feature on Estqlal's win over Bahman plus photos >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pour-Heydari smiles

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Esteqlal head coach Mansour-Pourheydari feels on top of the world after winning the elimination cup >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN



Iran has made a request for membership in the G15 Group. Some membering countries have already expressed their support of this membership >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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