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Tuesday, June 27, 2000 / Tir 7, 1379, No. 1010


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MOO... MOO... MOO...

By Ali Hosseini
June 27, 2000
The Iranian

The office was actually a warehouse. A middle-aged man in worn-out overalls met me at the door. He gazed at me for a few seconds, then pushed aside the tools that were on the top of a table, spat in the trash can, and put an application form in front of me. While I was filling out the application, I saw him spit a few more times, wiping his mouth with the palm of his hand. I felt uneasy. When I handed him the application, I realized that the side of his lower jaw was a little puffed up, and when he spat a viscous brownish liquid came out of the corner of his mouth. I thought the poor man must have a toothache. It reminded me of back home in the village and the dark brown plant root used to ease a pain.

"Mr. Hoss... Hooss...?"

"Just call me Ali." >>> GO TO FEATURE


Protest in Islamshahr

BBC Persian Service report on protests near Tehran where a large number people have protested at the poor living conditions (go to 24 minutes and 12 seonds) >>> LISTEN HERE

Khatami demands stop to press crackdown

BBC Persian Service political analysit Sadeq Saba discusses the latest dispute in the Iranian leadership regarding the extent of the freedom of the press, including President Khatami's attack on the latest newspaper ban and Ayatollah Khamenei's declaration backing the judiciary's actions (go to five minutes and 10 seconds) >>> LISTEN HERE

Rafsanjani clan's Saudi ties

In it last issue (June 25) before it was shut down, Bayan newspaper carried a cloumn criticizing Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani's business ties with the Saudi royal family >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Reza

    Left hook


    Rah-e Kargar: A report on a meeting in Sweden honoring the late writer Houshang Golshiri, including a short documentary made recently about his life >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Bantu tribesman uses IBM modem to crush nut

Kabinda, Zaire (THE ONION) -- In a move IBM officials are hailing as a major step in the company's ongoing worldwide telecommunications revolution, M'wana Ndeti, a member of Zaire's Bantu tribe, used an IBM global uplink network modem to crush a nut Monday >>> FULL TEXT

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* Don't click here

Shokooh Miry writes: In response to Iram Fatima Vakil's letter ["Flabbergasted"], please remember that morality is highly personal. If you are offended by such web site links, then exercise your right to not click on them. Totalitarianism begins with insignificant complaints such as yours.

While you waste time complaining about racy photos offending Iranian sensibilities, Iranians by the millions are fighting to survive against tyranny and torture. Please, please, please find something more meaningful to do with your time!

As for the The Iranian's use of banner ads and links, I just hope they are revenue-generating so that we continue to benefit from this site and service!

* We all need reassurances

AT writes: Thank you, Najmeh, for all the great articles you write for The Iranian. In particular, "Tehran's good side" proved so refreshing, especially after having read a recent article ["Buried ashes"].

You (and Abraham Lincoln) are right, plus, sadly enough, some Iranians abroad seem to get stuck in a "state of denial" no matter how much Iran improves.

They don't see anything positive about Iran, in apparently an unconscious attempt to convince themselves over and over that choosing to live outside Iran has been the right thing to do. We all need reassurances sometimes.

* Origin of Iryan

Guive Mirfendereski writes: In reply to the question about the origin of the name Iryan, I believe it is derived from the name Ir or Iri, which as I recall is the name of a tribe or a branch of Aryans that arrived in the plateau that now bears the name of Iran.

I have no source for this other than a faint recollection from a seventh grade geography class in Tehran in the early 1960's. I believe some of the seventh, eighth and nineth grade Iranian geogrpaphy books of the epoch may provide a better answer.

Conference: Cinema and the Middle East

The second conference on "Cinema and the Middle East" will be held in connection with the Seventh Congress of the German Middle East Studies Association (DAVO) on October 11-12, 2000. The Interdisciplinary Research Network "Cinema and the Middle East" An interdisciplinary research network has been established by the Centre for Research on the Arab World (CERAW) at the University of Mainz, Germany >>> DETAILS HERE




Iranian Intellectuals in the Twentieth Century
By Ali Gheissari


Iran-e baastaan
History of ancient Iran by M. Saqeb-Far

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

What can I do, my love? I'm in love with your face.

Your beautiful eyes make me shy, what can I do?

Each and every moment, passion rises, peaks, flows,

And I haven't a clue about what to do, God knows.
-- Rumi
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More news

Khamenei sacks head of national police

TEHRAN, June 28 (Reuters) - Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has sacked the hardline national police chief, the man held responsible by the powerful reform movement bloody unrest last July. The official IRNA news agency said on Wednesday Khamenei had ordered the removal of Brigadier General Hedayat Lotfian as head of law enforcement forces. Brigadier General Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, of the elite Revolutionary Guards air force, was appointed in his place >>> FULL TEXT

Rahami, Ebadi receive arrest warrants

Tehran, June 28, IRNA -- Tehran's Public Court here on Wednesday afternoon issued arrest warrant for two reformist lawyers Mohsen Rahami and Shirin Ebadi >>> FULL TEXT

Riot squad moves in to break up demonstration

TEHRAN, June 27 (AFP) - Some 3000 women burned tires and blocked a main road southwest of Tehran Tuesday in protest at poor living conditions >>> FULL TEXT

Pressure for free press

TEHRAN, Iran ­­ Iran's supreme leader urged the conservative judiciary Tuesday not to yield to reformist pressure for greater press freedom >>> FULL TEXT

Judicial chief rejects calls to end newspaper closings

TEHRAN, June 28 (AFP) - Iranian judicial chief Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi-Shahrudi has rejected calls from parliament to stop shutting down newspapers, a response reformers say is "unacceptable." >>> FULL TEXT

Shiraz court chief insists Jews don't face death penalty

TEHRAN, June 26 (AFP) - The head of the Shiraz judiciary insisted Monday that 13 Jews awaiting judgement there for alleged spying for Israel did not face the death penalty >>> FULL TEXT

Jailing of Iranian woman in Virginia protested

WASHINGTON (AP) - A bipartisan group of House members is protesting detention of an Iranian woman jailed in Virginia two months after she was deported from Canada as a former commander of an alleged terrorist group >>> FULL TEXT

Iraqi oil tankers impounded

CAIRO, Egypt ­­ Iranian authorities have impounded two Iraqi tankers suspected of smuggling Iraqi oil, according to Iranian state radio >>> FULL TEXT

Kuwait says in talks with Iran over gas-rich border

KUWAIT, June 27 (Reuters) - Kuwait said on Tuesday it is currently holding intensive talks with Iran to resolve a dispute, also involving Saudi Arabia, over oil and gas-rich areas in the northern Gulf >>> FULL TEXT

Googoosh tickets online

June 27, THE IRANIAN -- You can purchase tickets for Googoosh's first concert in more than 20 years online >>> FULL TEXT

Box office sales double

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Box office sales for films show in Iranian theaters during the first three months of this year are twice as much as the same period last year (no mention whether ticket price was a factor) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pop star on music in today's Iran

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Khashayar Etemadi is a one of the most popular Pop singers in Iran today. An interview >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Saedi: Another look

Tehran (Bahar) -- A new look at the work of Gholam-Hossein Saedi >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Azizi chosen to play in U.S. All-Stars

New York, June 28, IRNA -- Iranian veteran striker Khodadad Azizi was chosen by the West Americans to play in the United States 'All-Stars' game >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian U-17 defeat Lebanon too

(Iran Sports Press) -- With video: The Iranian Under 17 National Football Team defeated Lebanon 2-0 in their third qualifying game for the Asian Youth Championships to be held in Vietnam in November >>> FULL TEXT

Big changes for Persepolis

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- An important announcement about the future of Persepolis soccer club is expected within days. The club may form a partnership with another organization to improve its financial situation >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Ali Karimi on Furbal Mundial

Futbol Mundial will feature Iranian star Ali Karimi this week. For more information on the show Futbol Mundial's programme #338 is on Sky Sports in the UK and Fox Sports World <> in North America >>> FULL TEXT



What is it like to be a young person in Qom? (go to 10 minutes and 50 seconds) >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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"This site is an electronic bulletin that provides information about the Iranian Air Force. This electronic bulletin has been created to promote the presence of the IRIAF as well as a remembrance of the Imperial Iranian Air Force."

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Lionel Fanthorpe

Who is Lionel Fanthorpe, you ask? Only one of the twentieth century's great undiscovered literary giants. During the heyday of pulp science fiction novels in the fifties and sixties, Mr. Fanthorpe maintained an unbelievable output of one 158-page book every 12 days.

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The Islamic regime cannot be the messenger for restrictions on the population's freedoms and legitimate rights ... and as far as newspapers are concerned, nobody can defend a violation but the problem rests on methods as they must be legal.

-- President Khatami
June 27, 2000

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