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June 26-30, 2000 / Tir 6-10, 1379

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June 30, 2000

Japan to resume new project lending to Iran--paper

TOKYO, June 30 (Reuters) - Japan will resume government loans to Iran for new projects for the first time in seven years, in a bid to improve ties with the oil-rich nation ahead of a visit by President Mohammad Khatami, a Japanese newspaper said on Friday. The business daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun said the government later this year will lend Iran more than five billion yen ($47.55 million) for an anti-pollution project in Teheran >>> FULL TEXT


Official says private ownership of aircraft permitted

BBC Monitoring, Source: IRNA news agency -- Text of report in English by Iranian news agency IRNA: Tehran, 28th June: Head of the Technical Aviation Training Centre Hoseyn Arya'ipour said on Wednesday [28th June] that the Iranian citizens could possess and use small personal planes >>> FULL TEXT



* Japan to resume new project lending to Iran
* Private ownership of aircraft "permitted"
* 300 factory workers stage hunger strike
* Foreign companies to work on mining projects
* US wheat growers still hoping for sales to Iran

* Iran launches first offshore bunkering service
* Iran says it is ready to help rebuild Kuwait's refinery
* Executives find obstacles in Iran

* Iraqi oil tankers impounded
* Kuwait in talks with Iran over gas-rich border
* Labor leader warns of growing crisis
* Ford submits a bid for Daewoo

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June 29, 2000

300 factory workers stage hunger strike

TEHRAN, June 29 (AFP) - Some 300 workers at a factory making taps and valves in the Iranian holy city of Qom have been on hunger strike since the beginning of the week in pursuit of a claim for unpaid wages, a press report said Thursday. "They have eaten nothing for 48 hours and they are in a poor physical state," a local official told the reformist paper Kar-o-Kargar (Work and Worker) >>> FULL TEXT


Foreign companies to work on mining projects

TEHRAN, June 29 (AFP) - Iran is in talks with foreign companies to develop its mining and metals sector, with interest from Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and Britain, the IRNA news agency reported Wednesday. Deputy Minister of Mines and Metals for Economic and International Affairs Mohammad Taqizadeh-Ansari told IRNA that a Canadian firm has already started mining >>> FULL TEXT


US wheat growers still hoping for sales to Iran

WASHINGTON, June 28 (Reuters) - U.S. wheat growers remain hopeful of making sales to Iran , despite relatively little progress since the Clinton administration eased sanctions last year, a top industry official told Reuters. "We've had some contact with the Iranians, but progress is very slow," said Alan Tracy, president of the U.S. Wheat Associates, an export market development farm group >>> FULL TEXT


June 28, 2000

Iran launches first offshore bunkering service

TEHRAN, June 26 (Reuters) - Iran has launched its first offshore bunkering service at an anchorage south of the Qeshm island free trade zone in the Gulf, a Qeshm official said on Monday. Singapore-based Global Energy provides the services in cooperation with the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) >>> FULL TEXT


Iran says it is ready to help rebuild Kuwait's al-Ahmadi refinery

TEHRAN, June 28 (AFP) - Iran is "ready to help" Kuwait rebuild the al-Ahmadi refinery which was severely damaged by an explosion Sunday, the official IRNA news agency reported. "Iran is ready to help Kuwait rebuild and repair the al-Ahmadi refinery, which has recently been damaged," an "informed source" close to the oil ministry was quoted as saying by IRNA >>> FULL TEXT


Executives find obstacles in Iran

By Guy Dinmore in Tehran
Financial Times (London)
June 27, 2000

Marmalade and cornflakes. Finding them in Iran, quipped the leader of a British trade delegation, is the main challenge facing the foreign investor.

But beneath the diplomatic bonhomie of an after-dinner speech by Sir Jeremy Hanley, chairman of the British-Iranian Chamber of Commerce, the tough message being delivered this week by visiting executives is that Iran may have great potential, but also a long way to go to attract significant amounts of foreign investment >>> FULL TEXT


June 27, 2000

Iraqi oil tankers impounded

CAIRO, Egypt ­­ Iranian authorities have impounded two Iraqi tankers suspected of smuggling Iraqi oil, according to Iranian state radio >>> FULL TEXT


Kuwait says in talks with Iran over gas-rich border

KUWAIT, June 27 (Reuters) - Kuwait said on Tuesday it is currently holding intensive talks with Iran to resolve a dispute, also involving Saudi Arabia, over oil and gas-rich areas in the northern Gulf. The official Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) quoted Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Khaled Sulaiman Jarallah as saying "intensive discussions" were taking place between Kuwaiti and Iranian officials to resolve their continental shelf dispute >>> FULL TEXT


June 26, 2000

Labor leader warns of growing crisis in cash-short factories

TEHRAN, June 26 (AFP) - Iran's factories, many of them operating in the red and unable to pay their workers, are facing a growing crisis that the government has failed to halt, the reformist head of a state-backed labor union said Monday. Ali Reza Mahjub, a former MP and ally of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying "the number of problematical industrial units is increasing daily, and responsible agencies have lost their ability to address the problems of labor." >>> FULL TEXT


Ford submits a bid for Daewoo motor with operations in Iran

SEOUL, South Korea (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co. submitted a bid for South Korea's Daewoo Motor on Monday focusing on the complementary benefits offered by linking the world's second largest carmaker with Daewoo, a major player in Asia and Eastern Europe. Ford is strong in North America and Europe while Daewoo's well-established brand name in Asia and its plants in Poland, India, Iran and other places are strong points, Kumar said >>> FULL TEXT


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