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March 27-31, 2000 / Farvardin 8-12, 1379


* Iran-U.S.:
- Demonization of Iran
Pressure cooker:
- Vicious self-loathing


* Hostage:
- No justice
- Love your radio show
- Hakim vs. doctor

- Exquisite
- Best novel
- Iran Air dreams

- Love affair
* Women:
- Get smart

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March 31, 2000

* Demonization of Iran

In response to Mr. Stewart George's letter ["Iran-U.S. Poll"] I must say that the result of this poll is an honest reflection of twenty years of constant, systematic, and severe demonization of Iran as a country, and Iranians as a culture by the U.S. media. Of course this has been backed and supported by Iran haters, bashers, and their lobbyists >>> FULL TEXT

Masoud Neshat

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Pressure cooker
* Vicious self-loathing

By Banafsheh Zand

I'm really nauseated by the judgments that Iranian men and women pass on each other. As I've said many times before in my never-ending rants, the fact is that there's something predominantly negative and judgmental about our culture. Women have attitude problems with other women, families have inexplicably contrary dispositions toward each other, and men hold dim views of other men and so on. Somehow we are a culture of suspicious minds AND YET, we seem to bask in the splendor of ourselves!...

I could be wrong but it seems to me that this vicious circle of self-loathing that we espoused generations ago, appears to be the mindset of a culture that's been/felt conquered time and time again. The Mongols rode in and pillaged; the Arabs attacked and imposed their dominion. The British, the Russians, The Americans and now our own turn on us! >>> FULL TEXT

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March 30, 2000

* No justice

I would like to comment on the issue of Terry Anderson's "judgement" against Iran which was addressed in Bradley Hernlem's article ["Who to blame"]. When the judge announced that the Iranian government must pay Anderson $341 million as compensation for his 7 years of captivity, I wrote a letter to Anderson via email.

Unlike Dr. Hernlem's letter, mine was not very diplomatic. There is no longer any room for diplomacy here. Far be it from the fact that the Iranian government is not directly responsible for his ordeal, since he was held in Lebanon by an Arab resistance group, a U.S. federal court does not even have the jurisdiction to tell a sovereign nation's government what to do. That is obvious. Americans will forever think that the rest of the world should be subordinate to their laws and should do what it tells them to do >>> FULL TEXT

Nariman N.

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* Love your radio show

Regarding Radio Saba in Kansas City ["Broadcasting pioneers"]:

Although I am not Iranian and only know a few words of Farsi, I love listening to your program when I can (usually on Sundays). The music is very nice.

I also really like the sound of Farsi - it reminds me of my best friend back in college days - a guy named Reza Shaikhzadeh from Abadan - and two very special Iranian women I was lucky enough to mee: Shoreh and Shideh.

Iranians are some of the best people you will ever meet, and I am glad to be able to hear you here in Kansas City. Thanks for your radio show!

Mark Rush

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March 29, 2000

* Hakim vs. doctor

Wonderful story ["The Herbalist"]. Enjoyed it very much indeed. Is this part of a book or just a short story? Where on earth did you find out so much detail about a hakim's practices, i.e.

"Then there were scorpion oil, snake's oil, sesame seeds, balsam oil, grey oil, essence of turpentine, Glycerine, dried herbage, white powder and blue liquid, humbled on the lower shelves. And on the bottom shelf were stocky cloth bags, a cast iron scale with brass plates, stone weights and pestles impatiently resting in rock mortars. An oil portrait of Imam Ali adorned the adjacent wall, his daring eyes piercing the air."

I like the touch about his eyes.

My late father who was a French trained doctor used to recount these two stories about Hakims in Iran. Apparently hakims did not like being referred to as "doctor" by patients and used to reproach such a patient by saying "I am not a doctor! A doctor is a man who urinates standing up and facing the qebleh." >>> FULL TEXT

Behzad Djazaeri , F.R.C.S

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* Exquisite

I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read your writings in ["The Herbalist"]. You truly possess great talent and your style is so exquisite. Keep up the great work.

Glayol Banaie

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March 28, 2000

    * Iran Air dreams

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the article about the history of Iran Air and the players involved in building what became one of the best airlines this industry has ever seen ["The evolution of the Iranian airline industry"]. My father worked for Iran Air and most of the names that you mentioned in the article bring back pleasant memories of my father talking about work over dinner those days

    Being part of the Iran Air family, inspired me since age four to become a pilot. Unfortunately, I could not achieve my childhood dream in the cockpit of one of those beautiful Homa birds. I currently fly for United Airlines as a captain and everytime I see an Iran Air picture, it sends chills up my spine and brings back tremendous memories.

    My father passed away on February 19, 2000 in Iran at the young age of fifty and every time we talked on the phone somehow we ended up talking about airplanes and Iran Air. Though I'm sure he was proud of what I have achieved, I know he always dreamed of me flying for Iran Air.

    Well, what would life be without those memories? Thank you so much for the great article and keep up the good work.

    Captain Omid Nekouei

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* Best novel

I am still following every chapter of "Conspiracy in desert one" with great enthusiasm. This is one of the best novels I have read in English in recent years. Thank you for sharing your writings with us.

James W. Young

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March 27, 2000

* Love affair

I read the beautiful story about your sojourn in Iran ["Absence"]. Very well written. It was an adventure for me, one that I will likely never have opportunity to experience myself.

You also demonstrate your intellect and understanding of the good of both countries while remaining honestly objective. Bravo!

And the love affair with your heritage, -- I nearly wept, and yet I have not one drop of Iranian blood in my veins.

Walt Williams

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* Get smart

I think the report by Kasra is 95% correct and the woman who used to be a prostitute did change overnight. ["She changed overnight"].

Most Iranian women who migrate to the U.S. have a tendency to be like that these days and I feel sad about the men who fall for these beautiful monsters. I have seen so many cases that I think I can make a fair generalization like this.

I think we men need to grow up and get smart: AVOID MARRYING WOMEN FROM IRAN. IF YOU DO YOU BETTER STAY IN IRAN. DON"T BRING IRANIAN WOMEN TO THE U.S. THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE. Don't listen to me and experience it for yourself.

Dr Sadeghi

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