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Wednesday November 1, 2000 / Aban 11, 1379, No. 1098


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The blind musicman
His sound tells me I'm almost home

By Najmeh Fakhraie
November 1, 2000
The Iranian

The light finally turns green. I try to listen closely. I don't hear him. What kind of a lunatic would sit in the pouring rain all day long, I ask myself. As I walk closer I see that, sure enough, he's sitting in the same old corner, but he has an umbrella above his head and a cardboard box under him. I can't help but smile. He plays the tonbak quite well, although that's no surprise: it's either play well or go hungry.

I see him stop for a second and reach into the tambourine to take out the money. He puts the coins in one pocket, kisses the bills and puts them in another. I always wonder how he tells the different coins and bills apart. But even though he is blind I am pretty sure he can see better then most folks >>> GO TO FEATURE


By Mohandes
November 1, 2000
The Iranian >>> GO TO FEATURE


Guardian Council overrules Majlis

BBC Persian Service

The Guardian Council has rejected two recent interpretations made by the Majlis of the Press Law and the Islamic penal code concerning libel and insult. Bahaoddin Adab, a member of parliament tells Afshin Amirzadeh that it should not have been sent to the G C in the first place >>> LISTEN HERE

US firms covet Iran's big oil deal with Japan

By Peg Mackey

DUBAI, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Iran's tantalising offer to Japan on one of the world's hottest oil developments has left U.S. firms once again out in the cold, analysts said on Wednesday.

But cutting edge technology from American firms, barred from the oil and gas-rich Gulf state by unilateral U.S. trade sanctions, might well buy entry for some into the giant Azadegan oilfield once the curbs are lifted >>> FULL TEXT

Simple vs. Sophisticated :-)

Men and women >>> FULL TEXT

Forwarded by Elham Vahabi

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* I know because he was my grandfather

Negar Akhavi writes: Although Fereydoun Hovyeda's opinion piece titled "Curbing men" makes a good point regarding the need for men to curb sexual desire, he has distorted some facts in order to strengthen his point.

The International Herald Tribune article he cites about General Hassan Akhavi's "order" to ban pretty secretaries was not an attempt to deny work for attractive women, that is ludicrous. It was an attempt to encourage these so-called lusty men to hire a woman on her abilities and not solely on her looks...

For the record, I know this General was not a provincial and chauvinistic man obsessed with stymieing women's liberation and struggle for equality. I know this because he was my grandfather >>> FULL TEXT

* The wrong man

J. Namazi writes: Ramin Tabbib's article ["The best man"] in support of Al Gore strikes me as naïve. Gentlemen, you have picked the wrong man. Ramin Tabbib gives us a long list of Gore's credentials in support of his so-called great wit and fitness for the office. But don't be too impressed. The guy is as phony as hell. I won't be even surprised if we later learn that he cheated his way through the college. Surprisingly, Mr. Tabib failed to mention Al Gor's opportunistic exploits.

Al Gore's obsession with the Jewish vote and power is nothing new. In 1988 Al Gore run for the president for the first time. This was just a few months after the beginning of the Palestinian uprising (Intafada). Because of the worldwide publicity around the Israeli atrocities toward the Palestinians hardly any politician dared to publicly support the Israeli policy. Al Gore was the first politician to do so >>> FULL TEXT

* Raw destruction

Roozbeh Shirazi writes: For those of us who were out of Iran by the time the war wit Iraq had begun, I don't think it is possible to imagine what must have been happening there in the early 1980's. It was a period of chaos and terror, and one which we were wholly absent as we were beginning lives here and around the world.

For the Iranian who left, hearing about the war with Iraq was an unreal, distant atrocity reported by cold, distant American journalists who often made no mention of gravity of the situation, nor gave us the images to understand what exactly was going on over there.

These photos of Khorramshahr ["Rape"] end any kind of doubt as to what transpired in Iran during the war >>> FULL TEXT

Poetry: Shamloo commemoration in Colorado

The Persian Society of Colorado presents a special evening in memory of Ahmad Shamloo. Round table discussion with Esmail Nooriala, Shokooh Mirzadegi and Asghar Vaqedi. A film about Shamloo's life will also be shown. Time & place: Friday November 3 at the Community College of Aurora >>> DETAILS HERE




Spirituality Is a Science
Foundations of Natural Spirituality
By Bahram Elahi


Taarikh-e yahood, aaeen-e yahood
By Israel Shahak

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Last night you left me and slept happily.

    Tonight, faithless, in which bed do you lie?

    You are joined to me, I say, till judgment day.

    Say to me what you said when you were high.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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Guardian Council says softer press law "contradicts" Islam

TEHRAN, Nov 1 (AFP) - A conservative-led Iranian oversight body has overruled the pro-reform parliament's bid to close a legal loophole used to shutter much of the nation's press, reports said Wednesday. The powerful Council of Guardians rebuffed a parliamentary motion allowing papers to change from weekly to daily or regional to national publication without prior approval as "contradicting Islamic law >>> FULL TEXT

Courts to make "anti-Islamic" political trial public

TEHRAN, Nov 1 (AFP) - Iran's judiciary has decided to make public the trial of several leading reformists who attended a controversial "anti-Islamic" political conference, press reports said Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami agrees landmark oil deal with Japan

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan and Iran clinched a landmark deal on Wednesday which could give Tokyo access to the world's biggest undeveloped oil field, as their leaders agreed to forge better bilateral ties. The agreement is crucial for resource-poor Japan, and gaining access to a stable oil supply is likely to help override qualms about Iran's weapons program and its strained ties with the United States >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami speaks out against US-dominated global economy

TOKYO, Nov 1 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami on Wednesday took a swipe at a US-oriented global economy, while promising to take legislative measures to boost foreign investment in his country >>> FULL TEXT

Turkey confirms it stopped Iranian plane for inspection

ANKARA, Nov 1 (AFP) - Turkey confirmed Wednesday it had forced a Syrian-bound Iranian plane to land for a cargo inspection at Diyarbakir airport in the southeast of the country. The foreign ministry said the Damascus-bound charter flight was stopped on Tuesday and inspected under international civil aviation rules >>> FULL TEXT

Republicans fail in bid for state dept subpoena

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Republicans Wednesday failed to muster enough support to issue a subpoena aimed at forcing the State Department to hand over key documents relating to Vice President Al Gore (news - web sites)'s 1995 pact with Moscow on Russian conventional arms sales to Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Egypt to sign trade deals with Iran

CAIRO, Nov 1 (AFP) - In a sign of Egypt's improving ties with Iran, Egyptian trade delegations will travel later this month to Tehran to sign cooperation agreements, the MENA news agency said Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

Iran, France pick Oscar film nominees

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - France has picked ``The Taste of Others'' and Iran has selected ``A Time For Drunken Horses'' as their official selections for Oscar foreign-language film entries. Wednesday is the submissions deadline in the category for this year's awards. Each country selects one film to represent it in the race >>> FULL TEXT

9000-year-old remains unearthed

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Structural remains dating back 9000 years have been unearthed in archaeological excavations near Savjebalagh >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Kimiaie has permission to film

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- Massoud Kimiaie, who left Iran for Canada seceral months ago with wife Googoosh, has gotten permission to start shooting his new film >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Women singing in limbo

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- There were many performances by women singers for women-only audiences last year. But this year there has been a marked decrease >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iran may be punished for "forged" documents

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Five members of the Iranian under-17 national soccer team who played in the recent Asian championships, had forged birth certificates that showed them to be younger than their actual age, according to sources close to Asian Football officials >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Persepolis ready for Al-Ayn

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- "We're ready to go," says Ali Parvin, the head coach of Persepolis which will host the UAE's Al-Ayn club on Thursday >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Asian youth match schedule

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- The Asian yough soccer championships will kick off in 11 days. See the match scedule and check with your local bar to arrange live sattelite broadcasts >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Open trial for the participants of the Berlin Conference

Open trial for the participants of the Berlin Conference Tehran's Islamic Revolutionary Court and Justice Department have agreed to try 17 Iranians facing charges for taking part in the Berlin conference (April 7-8) in an open court. What has led the authorities to agree to open trials? Lara Petrossian reports >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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I see him stop for a second and reach into the tambourine to take out the money. He puts the coins in one pocket, kisses the bills and puts them in another. I always wonder how he tells the different coins and bills apart. But even though he is blind I am pretty sure he can see better then most folks. I drop the 200-toman bill that I always put in my left pocket and walk on in the long perspective of shadows and trees.

-- Najmeh Fakhraie
"The blind musicman"
The Iranian
November 1, 2000

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