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October 30-November 3, 2000 / Aban 9-13, 1379

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November 3, 2000

Golshiri's book in high demand

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- The 11th edition of "Shaazedeh Ehtejaab", the late Hooshang Golshiri's most famous novel, has just been published. The ninth and tenth edition sold out soon after the author's death >>> FULL TEXT


"Makhmalbaf House" producing films

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Mohsen Makhmalbaf has established a film production company -- Khaaneh Film Makhmalbaf (Makhmalbaf Film House) -- which will put put 15 feature and three short films in the near future >>> FULL TEXT


Film: "Bacheh-haay bad"

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- Alireza Davoodnejad has begun shooting his next film in the streets of Tehran. "Bacheh-haay bad" (Bad kids) is about dangerous games played by children >>> FULL TEXT



* Golshiri's book in high demand
* "Makhmalbaf House" producing films
* Film: "Bacheh-haay bad"
* Nikzat on short film
* Books: Reform movement and constituinal revolution
* Sinai: From the heart
* Iran, France pick film nominees

* 9000-year-old remains unearthed
* Kimiaie has permission to film
* Women singing in limbo
* Bahmanara & Golshiri
* Mehrjouie going with locals
* One out of five "excellent" - Taqvaie
* Moshiri on Moshiri
* Jalili to make film
* Esmaili fort to be preserved

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November 2, 2000

Nikzat on short film

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Saed Nikzat, the cinematographer for "A Time For Drunken Horses" -- Iran's nomination for the Oscars -- talks about his views on short film and >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Books: Reform movement and constituinal revolution

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Reformist journalist Hamid Reza Jalaiepour has a new book out, "Dolat-e penhaan" (Hidden government: Threats to the reform movement). Also, Janet Afary's book on the constitutional revolution is now in Iranian bookstores >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Sinai: From the heart

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- A film scene deliberately made to please the audience will not succeed, says filmmaker Khosro Sinai. It has to come from the heart of the story, he adds >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


November 1, 2000

Iran, France pick film nominees

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - France has picked ``The Taste of Others'' and Iran has selected ``A Time For Drunken Horses'' as their official selections for Oscar foreign-language film entries. Wednesday is the submissions deadline in the category for this year's awards. Each country selects one film to represent it in the race >>> FULL TEXT


9000-year-old remains unearthed

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Structural remains dating back 9000 years have been unearthed in archaeological excavations near Savjebalagh >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Kimiaie has permission to film

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- Massoud Kimiaie, who left Iran for Canada seceral months ago with wife Googoosh, has gotten permission to start shooting his new film >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Women singing in limbo

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- There were many performances by women singers for women-only audiences last year. But this year there has been a marked decrease >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


October 31, 2000

Bahmanara & Golshiri

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Bahman Farmanara, the celebrated director of "Smell of camphor, scent of jasmine", will make a film based on a story by Houshang Golshiri >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Mehrjouie going with locals

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- For the first time ever, Daryoush Mehrjouie will not make a film with professional actors. His next film, "Bemani," is going to be made in Ilam province with a scrip he wrote with Mohammadi-Pour >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


One out of five "excellent" - Taqvaie

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Film director Nasser Taqvaie, a jury member at the short films festival, says 20 percent of the 50 films submitted are "excellent", but many of the the documentary films are not very good because they stray from the truth >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


October 30 2000

Moshiri on Moshiri

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Fereydoun Moshiri's life in his own words >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Jalili to make film

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Abolfazl Jalili is back from France and wants to make a film based on a novel "Afghan-e koochak" >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Esmaili fort to be preserved

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Ghaleh Gerdkuh, an Esmaili fort near Damghan, has been registerd as a national monument >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


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* Afzali, Akram: Untitled

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