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Human Rights
October 30-November 3, 2000 / Aban 9-13, 1379

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November 3, 2000

Human Rights Watch condemns "Berlin" trial

November 2, 2000, New York (Human Rights Watch)-- In an open letter sent to Iran's chief judicial official, Human Rights Watch called for an end to the prosecution of prominent independent and reformist figures who attended an international conference last April. Human Rights Watch sent the open letter to the Head of Iran's judiciary, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi. At least twelve activists and writers now face charges of "engaging in propaganda against the national security of Iran." >>> FULL TEXT



* Human Rights Watch condemns "Berlin" trial
* Hardline court says lawyer pleads guilty: paper
* Iran Security Service Arrests Alleged Agitato
* Guardian Council says press law "contradicts" Islam
* Courts to make "anti-Islamic" political trial public
* Sentences of Jews to be reviewed
* Parliament moves to close loophole in press crackdown
* Parliament targets censors
* Revolutionary court opens trial over Berlin seminar
* Parliament requires court approval for underage marriage

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November 2, 2000

Hardline court says women's rights lawyer pleads guilty: paper

TEHRAN, Nov 2 (AFP) - An Iranian revolutionary court said the nation's best-known women's rights lawyer has pleaded guilty in a trial over a controversial "anti-Islamic" political seminar, newspapers said Thursday. A court prosecutor, cited in the conservative Kayhan daily, said Mehrangiz Kar and another woman, Shahla Lahiji, had both accepted the charges in court and asked for "forgiveness." >>> FULL TEXT


Iran Security Service Arrests Alleged Agitator

TEHRAN, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Iran's intelligence ministry has arrested a man for allegedly stirring unrest on the eve of planned pro-democracy student demonstrations, the official IRNA news agency reported on Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT


November 1, 2000

Guardian Council says softer press law "contradicts" Islam

TEHRAN, Nov 1 (AFP) - A conservative-led Iranian oversight body has overruled the pro-reform parliament's bid to close a legal loophole used to shutter much of the nation's press, reports said Wednesday. The powerful Council of Guardians rebuffed a parliamentary motion allowing papers to change from weekly to daily or regional to national publication without prior approval as "contradicting Islamic law >>> FULL TEXT


Courts to make "anti-Islamic" political trial public

TEHRAN, Nov 1 (AFP) - Iran's judiciary has decided to make public the trial of several leading reformists who attended a controversial "anti-Islamic" political conference, press reports said Wednesday. The decision to open the doors of the trial, which includes several close allies of President Mohammad Khatami, came following "multiple demands," newspapers reported. No further details were given >>> FULL TEXT


October 31, 2000

Sentences of Jews to be reviewed

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's prosecutor general will review the sentences of 10 Iranian Jews convicted of cooperating with Israel, and his decision on the spy case will be final, a judiciary official said Tuesday. ``If the prosecutor general decides that the final sentences passed by the courts are contrary to the law, he would demand reconsideration,'' said Hossein Ali Amiri, the judiciary chief of the southern Fars province, where the Jews were tried >>> FULL TEXT


Parliament moves to close loophole that helped press crackdown

TEHRAN, Oct 31 (AFP) - The Iranian parliament made a bid Tuesday to block further press closures by passing a motion to wipe out a legal loophole used by the conservative courts to shutter a number of papers. The reform-majority chamber overwhelmingly passed a motion allowing newspaper directors to change from weekly to daily publication without being subjected to a new police investigation >>> FULL TEXT


October 30, 2000

Parliament targets censors

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's reformist-dominated parliament moved Sunday to halt a press crackdown by the country's hard-line judiciary, which has ordered more than 30 newspapers to shut in the past six months. The 290-seat Majlis drafted a bill that would bar the judiciary from closing newspapers on grounds that they lack its authorization to operate. Newspaper licenses are issued by the Press Supervisory Board, but the judiciary says publishers need its permission as well >>> FULL TEXT


Revolutionary court opens trial over "anti-Islamic" Berlin seminar

TEHRAN, Oct 29 (AFP) - A revolutionary court on Sunday opened the closed-door trial of several allies of President Mohammad Khatami who attended a controversial so called "anti-Islamic" conference on reforms in Iran. Only two of the defendants were in court Sunday after the tribunal announced it would try the defendants "in groups," a judicial official said, cited by state television. It did not name the pair >>> FULL TEXT


Parliament requires court approval for underage marriage

TEHRAN, Oct 29 (AFP) - Iran's reform-majority parliament on Sunday passed a bill that would require court approval for boys under 18 or girls under 15 to get married, state television reported. Several clerics in the conservative minority argued against the measure, saying that Islamic sharia law, which sets the minimum marriage age at 14 for boys and nine for girls, should apply >>> FULL TEXT


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