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Monday November 6, 2000 / Aban 16, 1379, No. 1101

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Real people
Paintings by Ahmad Vakili

November 6, 2000
The Iranian

The people in Ahmad Vakili's portraits are true individuals. Each one a unique character, far from the idealized men and women in Persian miniatures. Nor are they general abstracts who could be any one in any situation. They are themselves and no one else. Real people >>> GO TO FEATURE


Five charged in absentia in connection with Berlin Conference

BBC Persian Service

Iran's justice department has filed charges against four Iranians and a German national- all currently living abroad- accusing them of endangering national security after they took part in a controversial conference in Berlin. Saeed Yekta talks to Bahman Niroomand, one of the conference organisers who has been indicted>>> LISTEN HERE

Battle over media freedoms

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's reformist-dominated parliament approved a bill Sunday to block courts from closing newspapers, after hard-liners rejected similar legislation last week. The move is another challenge by reformist allies of President Mohammad Khatami to Islamic conservatives who have shut down more than 30 publications in the past six months, nearly all pro-democracy newspapers >>> GO HERE

Cat & mouse

Keep your cat away from the mouse >>> GO HERE

More Letters

* Iranian-American candidates

Masoud Neshat writes: I have noticed that you focus significantly on the U.S. presidential election. However, to my disappointment you tend to ignore the Iranian-Americans who are running for public office. I recognize that in the past you have given minimum coverage to some candidates. However, as an information medium serving the Iranian community, you should have given more coverage to the Iranian-Americans running for office in the U.S.

    * Biased social standards

Seyed Mirmiran writes: When I first saw only the title of Mr. Hoveyda's article "Curbing men" , I hoped that he had written about another aspect of sexual morality in paternalistic society, particularly in my homeland. In paternalistic societies men enjoy sexual freedom far more than women. In Islam, pre-marital sex is forbidden as is also in Judaism and Christianity based on their holy books.

In Iran, though, if a man has pre-marital sex and frequent at that or with frequent partners, he is admired for his sexual prowess. Yet, in Iran, if a woman were to do so, she would be condemned, abandoned and denied by her own family and often even murdered. We regularly heard of such news in the ancien regime as well as during the rule of the current one >>> FULL TEXT

* Persian impressionism

Faramarz Kaviani writes: These works ["Real people"] remind me of Mansour Atashzad's works, however some of them are terrific. Ahmad Vakili has an original style anyway. Nice Persian impressionism!

Film: Iranian films in Washington DC

Foundry Theater (1055 Thomas Jefferson St., N.W. off of M St. between 30th and 31st St.) in ashington, D.C. presents >>> DETAILS HERE




International Accounting
A User Perspective
By Mohsen Mostafavi


Jaameh'eh shenaasi-ye khodkaamegi
By Mohsen Kadivar

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    If you poked thorns into these streaming eyes,

    Or shot cruel arrows at this hair-thin heart,

    Or beat me like a drum, and beat again,

    I wouldn't let you go, not even then.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Students demonstrate for freedom of jailed intellectuals

TEHRAN, Oct 6 (AFP) - About 500 students rallied Monday at Tehran University to call for democracy and the release of intellectuals and journalists jailed by the Judiciary >>> FULL TEXT

Parliament upholds press bill and sets showdown with conservatives

TEHRAN, Nov 5 (AFP) - The reform-majority parliament on Sunday upheld a bill it passed last week to ease curbs on the press which had been overruled by a powerful conservative oversight body, state radio reported >>> FULL TEXT

Iran indicts five abroad, including German, over conference: IRNA

TEHRAN, Nov 6 (AFP) - Iran's judiciary has indicted five people residing abroad, including a German national, for acting against national security at a controversial political conference >>> FULL TEXT

Iran holds open session of trial over Berlin conference

TEHRAN, Nov 5 (AFP) - Iranian intellectuals, journalists and students appeared in a Tehran revolutionary court Sunday >>> FULL TEXT

Ezzatollah Sahabi is threatened by hardliners

TEHRAN, Nov 5 (AFP) - Dissident opposition leader Ezzatollah Sahabi was blocked from attending a political rally last week by gangs of hardliners, he said in an open letter Sunday >>> FULL TEXT

Jailed journalist threatens hunger strike over prison safety

TEHRAN, Nov 6 (AFP) - Jailed pro-reform Iranian journalist Ahmad Zeid-Abadi has threatened a hunger strike to protest security after he said his cell-mate was stabbed in his sleep >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami to take part in Islamic conference

DOHA, Nov 6 (AFP) - Iran's President Mohammad Khatami is to take part in the Islamic summit in Doha, despite Qatar's resistance to calls for the closure of an Israeli trade office in its capital >>> FULL TEXT

MPs mull over bill regarding the fingerprinting of US nationals

TEHRAN, Nov 5 (AFP) - More than 50 Iranian MPs are backing a bill that would require US nationals to be fingerprinted and body-searched upon arrival in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Iran scraps short-term visas for Persian Gulf state nationals

TEHRAN, Nov 6 (AFP) - The Iranian government has decided not to impose visas on nationals of Persian Gulf Arab states for visits of less than three months >>> FULL TEXT

DaimlerChrysler wins 430 mln euros Iran contract

FRANKFURT, Nov 6 (Reuters) - U.S.-German automobile giant DaimlerChrysler AG said on Monday its Powertrain division had won a 43O million euros contract from Iranian bus and truck axle maker V.A.M. Co >>> FULL TEXT

US gears up for Iranian oil project

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A senior Iranian oil official said Sunday that U.S. oil companies have purchased technical data for an Iranian gasfield project and plan to submit investment bids by a Dec. 20 deadline >>> FULL TEXT

Novelist: Women's issues

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Little-known novelist Farkhondeh Hajizadeh writes about women's issues. She has three novels to her credit. An interview >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Novelist: Breaking rules

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Mohammad Reza Kateb's novel "Hees" received the second prize during the recent book awards. An interview >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

7000-year-old pottery unearthed

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Pottery dating from 5000 BC has been unearthed during excavations in Golestan Province >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

No. 1 in Karate

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Iranian karate team wins first place in international matches in Italy >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Ali Mousavi going to UAE?

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Esteqlal's Ali Mousavi will sign with the UAE's Al-Nasr team, according to a report >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Foreign coach or foreign-based Iranian coach?

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The success of Esteqlal & Persepolis and the search for a new coach for the national soccer team >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


No visa required for Persian Gulf Arab nationals

Residents of the Persian Gulf Arab countries will no longer need to obtain three month visas to travel to Iran >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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We do not want democracy to put aside religion, but we do not want democracy to be trampled on by people in religious clothing.

-- Hashem Aghajani, Office to AFP
November 6, 2000

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