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November 6-10, 2000 / Aban 16-20, 1379


* Relationship:
- Trivial squabbling

- Not my intention
- Will you marry me?
- What about U.S. divorces?


* Heritage:
- Iran has done nothing about stolen mummies

* Praise:
- Iranian of the day
- Persian impressionism
- Manzoor?

* U.S. elections:
- No matter who's president

- Need votes? Advertise
- Iranian-American candidates
- Nader helping Bush
- Voters wanted
* Hoveyda:
- Biased social standards

- Quite didactic
* Hejab:
- Wake up and smell the kashk

- Oppression forced us to leave* Homosexulaity:
- Damn ignorant

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November 9, 2000

* Trivial squabbling

Regarding Banafsheh Pirasteh's "Happy without you", if I am ever the king the first people against the wall would be those who can NEVER stop themselves from using words such "you all" and "generally" without understanding the meaning behind those words...

Ms. Pirasteh has reduced the level of her discourse to that of trivial squabbling. By reducing women to either Madonnas or Whores and reducing Men to either Abusive Machos or Pious Geeks all that is achieved is a banal stereotyping, that's all >>> FULL TEXT

Ramin Tabib

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* Not my intention

In reply to Ramin Tabib's letter, "Trivial squabbling ", I wanted to apologize if I have offended you in any way for that was not my intention for writing my piece ["Happy without you"]. I was simply voicing my opinion on Cyrus Raafat's "Real Iranian girls?"

In addition, I would like to inform you that I do not categorize men or women for we are all different individuals just looking for the meaning of life and trying to find happiness and peace within ourselves. I understand my piece is bold and well, a bit rude! >>> FULL TEXT

Banafsheh Pirasteh

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* Will you marry me?

Banafsheh joon ["Happy withoiut you"], don't put your hand on my stomach. I understand your pain. Will you marry me? I am looking for a soul mate. I do not need her to need me. And she does not have to cook. I can cook. I need to be challenged.

And I need you to be sophisticated and into your career so I don't have to babysit you. You need to be intelligent so with my looks (5'-3", 285 lbs, chapool, pashmAloo and three missing right toes) we can make it as a couple >>> FULL TEXT

khAkeh zireh pAtoon
Asghar Jaragheh

* What about U.S. divorces?

Regarding Banafsheh Pirasteh's "Happy without you", I am certain that you are intelligent, sophisticated, classy, independent, deep and open-minded.

My only concern is your need to bash Iranian men who choose to go to Iran to get married.

Even if these marriages don't work, can't we classify them among all the other marriages in the US that end in divorce?

A single Iranian-American woman

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November 8, 2000

* No matter who's president

It looks like George W. Bush is going to be elected as the next president of the United States. A friend said the following about the president-elect: George W. has his father's charisma, his mother's intelligence and ex-president Reagan's Alzheimer...

Iran and Iranians should take care of themselves. Regardless of who is elected, Iranians must participate peacefully in the democratic process and voice their opinions. Our contributions must be recognized regardless of who is in the office >>> FULL TEXT

Mohammad Ala

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* Iran has done nothing about stolen mummies

I am both concerned and also very sad about the theft of royal mummies from Iranian soil and their eventual recovery in Pakistan. One man was arrested in Pakistan and another in Iran...

Now we know if it was an "aftaabeh" that belonged to some fake imamzadeh, the akhoonds would have invaded Pakistan by now. But sadly they have always tried to separate us from our past >>> FULL TEXT


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* Iranian of the day

I don't have a photograph of her, but I nominate Mahdiyeh Javid as Iranian of the Day. Among other things, I find her to be highly intelligent, affectionate, witty, an excellent writer ["Hoosh o zekaavat-e irooni"] and photographer ["Azadeh", "Voter"].

Shirley Mirzayoff

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November 7, 2000

* Wake up and smell the kashk

In response to Sadaf's letter, "Mind your own business," you are so full of horse manure. Why don't you wake up and smell the kashk!?

Your concerns should be directed to why, how and when Iran is going to have a better economy, less deficit, more jobs, more quality schools, giving more money to teachers, demanding higher excellence from teachers, reduce air and ground pollution, eradicating bribery, real respect for human beings and at least hundred other important issues that affects the daily life of all Iranians, and not the crap you wrote.

Of course, you all have been told that all your problems is the fault of the West. How typical, blame all your problems and shortcomings on others. When will you wake up and accept responsibility for your actions?

The misery that all Iranians are suffering is because they are blindly following their leaders and accepting the horse manure they're feeding y'all.

Aref Eghbalian

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* Oppression forced us to leave

In response to Sadaf's letter, "Mind your own business," maa az kotah fekri kesaani messl shomaa az iran faraari hasteem. maa az zoorgooeei faraari hasteem.

khod-e ayatollah khomeinei ham beh hamin daleel dar zamaan-e shah saalhaaye ziyaadi as mamlekat khaarej bood. haala zoorgooi shekl jadidi gerfteh. aaaya ishaan ham irani naboodand? ishaan ham dar iran namaand ke zendaan beravand va koshteh beshavand.

kesaani ke haazer neestand zeer tahmil va zoor zendegi konand az kesaani ke messl bareh harf-e har hokoomati raa ghabool konand vatan parast tar hastand. maa iraniaan-e vatan parast-e bi hejaab hasteem keh haazer neesteem mesl-e hezaaraan zanaan daakhle iran doorooghi chaador beh sar koneem.

iran rooz o shab baa maast va maa beh omid khod meeraseem keh yek rooz dar irani zendegi koneem keh na shomaa na maa bekhaater tarz fekre yaa tarz lebaas pooshidanemaan baazdasht shaveem va hagh bahss-e aazaad daashteh baasheem.


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* Need votes? Advertise

In reply to Masoud Neshat's letter, "Iranian-American candidates,"Politics is not much different than business and marketing is a significant part of both.

Iranian-American politicians who want to run for the public office would naturally need a lot of publicity. And my understanding is that they normally allocate a large budget for this purpose.

In my opinion, if Iranian-American politicians need Iranian-American support, they should run paid ads in, just like political ads in non-Iranian media.

Abbas Atrvash

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November 6, 2000

* Iranian-American candidates

I have noticed that you focus significantly on the U.S. presidential election. However, to my disappointment you tend to ignore the Iranian-Americans who are running for public office. I recognize that in the past you have given minimum coverage to some candidates. However, as an information medium serving the Iranian community, you should have given more coverage to the Iranian-Americans running for office in the U.S.

Masoud Neshat

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    * Biased social standards

When I first saw only the title of Mr. Hoveyda's article "Curbing men" , I hoped that he had written about another aspect of sexual morality in paternalistic society, particularly in my homeland. In paternalistic societies men enjoy sexual freedom far more than women. In Islam, pre-marital sex is forbidden as is also in Judaism and Christianity based on their holy books.

In Iran, though, if a man has pre-marital sex and frequent at that or with frequent partners, he is admired for his sexual prowess. Yet, in Iran, if a woman were to do so, she would be condemned, abandoned and denied by her own family and often even murdered. We regularly heard of such news in the ancien regime as well as during the rule of the current one >>> FULL TEXT

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* Persian impressionism

These works ["Real people"] remind me of Mansour Atashzad's works, however some of them are terrific. Ahmad Vakili has an original style anyway. Nice Persian impressionism!

Faramarz Kaviani

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November 3, 2000

* Nader helping Bush

I appreciated Babak Yektafar's piece, "The other guy". And Ralph Nader - a long-time crusader for consumers' rights and a clean environment - risks becoming just that: the other guy.

Babak's questions about Nader's motives are right on target. To my Iranian-American left and liberal friends, I ask you to consider the impact of voting for a candidate whose 4-5% will supposedly open up the American political process in a tight presidential race.

Although Nader may lift the Green Party out of relative and undeserved obscurity, he seems oblivious to the concerns of those who might be among his natural constituents - the working poor whose social safety net Bush will shred, and women whose right to privacy Bush appointees to the Supreme Court would likely overturn.

The choices in this contest a very real, as will be the consequences.

Haleh Vaziri

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* Voters wanted

I am a filthy rich businessman. A well-dressed womanizer who loves to give exciting meaningless speeches and understands the value of fine wine and hand-wrapped Cuban cigars. Due to my exhaustion from the enjoyment of an extravagant life and by recommendation of my psychotherapist, recently I have developed an interest in politics and am planning to run for office.

Just a few days ago, I have been informed by my political advisors that my wealth and family connections are necessary but not enough to achieve my goals. Therefore to properly feed my huge ego and fulfill my twisted needs, I am currently looking for millions of qualified voters to help me in the upcoming elections.

If you are physically capable of waving the flag and cheering every few minutes during speechs, specially when you don't understand what the heck I am talking about, you are qualified. Thinking is not necessary but qualified candidates must be naive and gullible voters who love to be taken advantage of and willing to actively participate in our democratic election process.

Saeed Tavakkol

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* Manzoor?

After reading "Positive attitude" in the Anyway section, the first thing that popped in my mind was "manzoor?"

If the piece is a statement about one's constitution, then we are getting into the nature/nurture debate. I've spent the last two weeks serving as a juror in a murder case. I've had the opportunity, or shall I say misfortune, of delving into the psyches of angry young people who seem to have never had a break.

Having a positive attitude is fine and dandy, so long as one doesn't belong to an underprivileged, disenfranchised class. Don't you think?


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* Quite didactic

Well put ["Curbing men"]. Remnants of ancient, phallic nomadic mentality within our culture need to be annihilated. However short, your essay was quite didactic.

Your suggestion for sexual equality as a means of repenting for past acrimonious outlook upon women's rights in Persian culture is reverenced. Thank you for the erudition.


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