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Monday November 13, 2000 / Aban 23, 1379, No. 1105


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Searching for friends and relatives

November 13, 2000
The Iranian

Messages received from readers seeking lost friends and relatives: >>> GO TO FEATURE


Concerns growing over the treatment of political prisoners

BBC Persian Service

Remarks made by Iranian jailed journalist Akbar Ganji at the Revolutionary Court in Tehran on Thursday has increased concerns over the way defendants in the "Berlin Conference" case are treated by Judiciary officials and in prison. Sadeq Saba reports: >>> LISTEN HERE

PEN letter to Khamenei on Berlin trial

As members of the international community of writers, we firmly believe that free expression is a fundamental right. We write to you to as a matter of utmost urgency to respect that right, to drop all the charges against these writers, journalists, translators and intellectuals, and to allow these respected individuals to return to their lives and professions >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian Expatriates Find Their Voice in Radio Broadcasts

Los Angeles Times
November 11, 2000

In a rustic, soundproof room in Santa Monica, Alireza Meybodi fanned the flames of wounded Iranian pride as he recounted the latest assault upon his homeland's 2,500-year-old history.

Five ancient mummies--including one believed to be that of Mandana, mother of the founder of the Persian Empire--have turned up in a merchant's home in Pakistan, the talk show host said during a recent broadcast from KSMI, or National Voice of Iran. At least one of the Persian artifacts had been sawed in half, he added >>> FULL TEXT

Natural and Unnatural

A new book published in Tehran will tell you all about "Natural and unnatural" sexual behavior

Thanks to Sourena Mohammadi

More Letters

* Trivia amid Gangi's desperate shouts

S. S. Javid writes: Who could listen and read about Akbar Ganji and not have the hairs stick-up on their skin. News like this from our beloved motherland makes the squabling and bickering about "Iranian girls" or about pop stars and all the rest that we discuss in this cyber forum seem shamelessly trivial...

The bottom line is this: how can we in all honesty gather in this cyber-forum and go on discussing everything under the sun but our real concern and sympathy toward the struggle for freedom going on in Iran. Here we are endowed with the blessing of the right to free speech and we waste it on trivia >>> FULL TEXT

    * Kind of irrelevant

    Harf Hesab writes: I read Mahdiyeh Javid's story "Hoosh o zekaavat-e irooni," and I think the article, or the story, or whatever you want to call it was kind of irrelevant.

    One might find some sort of truth in the story, but within a certain age group whose behavior is as such universally.

    And why stick to the negatives, when we can emphasize a lot of positives. I know a lot of Iranian youth who bust their backs trying to make something of themselves with an honest day's work ­ figuratively speaking.

    I guess the verbiage reflects the writer's age and general attitude anyway, so it was not surprising.

* Cheating not exclusive

Ali A. Parsa writes: Regarding Mahdieh Javid's article, "Hoosh o zekaavat-e irooni," we should test every idea in the crucible of experience and make sure that we have considered every idea in our search for truth and in our attempt to be fair and square.

I especially liked Mahdiyeh's writing in colloquial Farsi which is now common among the youth of her age as I observed in Iran in my trips. Her style of writing is admirable and the sign of time >>> FULL TEXT

Film: Sciolino's book reading in Washington DC

The Iranian-American Cultural Association of Washington DC takes great pleasure in hosting (November 18) Ms. Elaine Sciolino, senior writer for the Washington bureau of "The New York Times". Ms. Sciolino will discuss and sign her newly acclaimed book "Persian Mirror: The Elusive Face of Iran" >>> DETAILS HERE




Women and the Political Process in Twentieth-Century Iran
By Parvin Paidar



Nazariyeh-haaye dolat dar feqheh shee'eh
By Mohsen Kadivar

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    If you don't heed my call and answer me

    With joy, with the wine of your words, who will?

    Shepherd of the world, refuge of the soul,

    If you don't keep us from the wolf, who will?

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

UN committee calls on Iran to respect due process of law

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 10 (AFP) - Expressing concern about executions and torture, the human rights committee of the UN General Assembly has called on Iran to respect due process of law. The committee Thursday voted by 58 to 53, with 48 abstentions, for a resolution calling on the Islamic government "to ensure that capital punishment will not be imposed for crimes other than the most serious." >>> FULL TEXT

German group calls on Berlin to support Iranian reformers on trial

BERLIN, Nov 10 (AFP) - The German government was urged Friday to consider withholding investments in Iran in response to Tehran's decision to put on trial a group of reformers who attended a conference in Berlin earlier this year >>> FULL TEXT

Prison officials deny Ganji's claims of torture in jail

TEHRAN, Nov 13 (AFP) - Iranian prison officials on Monday denied claims by a prominent pro-reform journalist that he has been tortured by guards in Tehran's Evin prison >>> FULL TEXT

New pro-reform paper hits newsstands

TEHRAN, Nov 13 (AFP) - A new pro-reform daily hit Iran's newsstands on Monday, the fourth press launch in three months after a sweeping crackdown on the nation's newspapers >>> FULL TEXT

Hajjarian back at work after assassination bid

TEHRAN, Nov 13 (AFP) - Pro-reform Iranian politician Said Hajarian, who barely escaped alive from an assassination attempt in March, went back to work Monday, press reports said >>> FULL TEXT

Hijack attempt foiled, three arrested

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Security guards foiled an attempt to hijack an Iranian passenger plane in southern Iran on Monday, arresting the three would-be hijackers, the official news agency IRNA reported >>> FULL TEXT

Islamic summit opens in Qatar

DOHA, Qatar (AP) - Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia opened an Islamic conference Sunday by urging Muslim nations that have ties with Israel to cut them, and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said his people will sacrifice for the ``noble cause'' of rising up against the Jewish state >>> FULL TEXT

Israeli Tells U.S. That Mideast Violence Could Spread

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An Israeli minister warned U.S. policy-makers on Monday that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians could lead to full-scale confrontation in the Middle East, dragging in Iran, Iraq and Syria >>> FULL TEXT

Iran says 360 Afghan drug smugglers killed in six months

TEHRAN, Nov 13 (AFP) - Iranian security forces have killed 360 Afghan drug traffickers and arrested another 4,000 in the last six months, Interior Minister Abdol-Vahed Mussavi-Lari said Monday >>> FULL TEXT

OPEC: No Oil Production Increases

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - OPEC (news - web sites) appointed a hawkish new leader Monday and dug in against further increases in oil production, lessening chances that heating oil and other energy prices will decline in the coming months >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami Denounces Iran Sanctions

DOHA, Qatar (AP) - U.S. sanctions against Iran will be more harmful to America's economy in the long run than Iran's, Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said Monday >>> FULL TEXT

Novels: Hopeful signs

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Iranian literature is witnessing the maturity of novel writing, says Mohammad Ali Haqshenas >>> FULL TEXT

Hamid Mossadegh: Bringing hearts closer to gether

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Special ceremony held at Tehran University to mark the first anniversary of poet Hamid Mossadegh's death >>> FULL TEXT

Aeesh's "Last supper"

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Hamid Aeesh's "Shaam-e aakhar" (Last supper) is currently one of the most popular plays in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT

Iran defeat Thailand in Asian under 19 opener

Tehran - November 12 (Iran Sports Press) -- The Iranian Under 19 National Football Team defeated Thailand 2-1 in Shahid Shiroudi Stadium on Sunday in the opener of the 32nd Asian Under 19 Championships. Infront of 10,000 spectators at Iran's oldest football pitch, the Iranian team managed to start its Asian Championship campaign with a win over Thailand >>> FULL TEXT

Ipswich defeat Bagheri's Charlton

London - November 11: Ipswich continued their impressive start of the season by beating Charlton 2-0 at home. Two late goals insured all the 3 points for a side who has beaten Leeds and drawn with Arsenal and Man United already this season. Bagheri is set to miss games against Sunderland and possibly Liverpool >>> FULL TEXT


Revolutionary Guards blamed for Khorramabad riots

The parliament, now dominated by pro-reform deputies, has produced a report which largely blames the Revolutionary Guards for disturbances in Khorramabad in late August. Maria Sarsalary asks the political commentator, Ahmad Salamatian about what the report says and how it differs from previous reports on the issue >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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At what point will checking news from Iran for us ex-patriates transcend its purely therapeutic value and become a way of involving one in the real life of a country we all hold dear? Surely this is the question that should be raised in any Iranian's mind when listening to Akbar Gangi's desperate shouts, punctuated by the cries of his wife.

-- S.S. Javid
"The fourth generation"
Letter to The Iranian
November 13, 2000

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