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Tuesday November 21, 2000 / Azar 1, 1379, No. 1111


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Free expression

By Saeed Tavakkol
November 21, 2000
The Iranian


Please come back
If I understood where she started, maybe things could change

By Kendal Sheets
November 21, 2000
The Iranian

From the pointing, I knew we were in luck. Everyone back then knew that house. I was looking for the most famous family in Ahvaz. But that was the old Iran. After fleeing the Iraqi bombs, the family never went back, and sometime between then and now sold the house and that was that.

This particular doctor who built the house was loved and adored by his patients, his students at the medical school, and his family. His greatest accomplishment, though, was his youngest daughter >>> GO TO FEATURE


Serial killings' anniversary

BBC Persian Service

Two years after serial political killings, head of Judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi, says the killing dossier in now completed and ready to be sent to the court. Is it really completed? A question Mehdi Sharif puts to the victims' lawyer, Nasser Zarafshan >>> LISTEN HERE

Iranian student faction plans civil disobedience

By Geneive Abdo in Tehran
The Guardian
November 21, 2000

Leaders of sections of the Iranian national student movement, which was largely responsible for Mohammad Khatami's rise to power, have declared his presidency a failure and are vowing to take radical action to bring about change >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Laleh Khalili

How Samira made the "Blackboard"

By David Straton
November 20-26, 2000

This last-minute addition to the Venice film fest is an admiring portrait of youthful director Samira Makhmalbaf, made by her younger brother, Maysam, and mostly filmed during the shooting of her second feature whose English title in Cannes this year was "Blackboards," but here is consistently referred to as "The Blackboard." >>> FULL TEXT

God is bald and...

... zips around in a flying saucer >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Pedram Missaghi

More Letters

* We love heroes, but...

Bardia Saeedi writes: I read with much interest, both intellectually and emotionally, the article by Mr. Baniasadi ["Dictators create heroes"]... A simple question that I have is what happens to us regular people when heroes come to our lives? What happens to us when someone comes along and tries to carry much of the burden that we were supposed to carry? The burden could be, and most of the time is, emotional, intellectual and involves some action. Instead of being active participants in the process, we become hopeful and dependent on that one hero >>> FULL TEXT

* Mouthpiece for half-baked intellectuals

Anonymous writes: Why does The Iranian not report the speeches and sayings of the leader of the Iranian nation (Ayatollah Khamenei)? True or empty as his rhetoric may be (depending on your view of the current regime), it should be publicised. shouldn't serve as the mouthpiece for out of touch, half-baked intellectuals and sub-intellectual pop culture kiddies. Please do not publish this.

* Pontificating

Iranyar writes: Mr. Jahanbagloo: Who are these "young intellectuals" you seem to like so much? ["The fourth generation"] Where are there books? Do they publish out of L.A. or Tehran?

Your kind is a sad example of a kind of pseudo-intellectual tumor that has been growing from the womb of Iran Khanum for a hundred years now. The typical claim to fame: a mediocre Western education and a birthright to bash your ancestral countrymen.

By the way where does this "monistic attitude" from Heidegger and Marx come from? Why don't you discuss what these thinkers mean instead of pontificating from your lofty ivory tower? But that would be too hard on your readers.

Community: Iranian mother daughter/son meet, Chicago



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1001 Persian-English Proverbs
By Simin Habibian



Baar-e digar shahri keh doost daashtam
Story of Mansour Hallaj by Nader Ebrahimi

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I asked, 'Where is your home, beautiful moon?'

    She said, 'In the wreck of your drunken heart.

    I am the sun shining into your ruin.

    Long may you call this wild wasteland your home.'

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Police clash with youth after memorial service

TEHRAN, Nov 21 (AFP) - Police clashed with young people exiting a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday marking the second anniversary of the assassination of a nationalist political leader and his wife, an AFP reporter said >>> FULL TEXT

Akbar Ganji calls off hunger strike: IRNA

TEHRAN, Nov 21 (AFP) - An outspoken pro-reform Iranian journalist who said he has been tortured in prison called off his hunger strike Tuesday, the official IRNA news agency said. It said Akbar Ganji, jailed over articles linking former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani to the 1998 murders of several dissidents, had agreed to end the strike but was still demanding his rights as a prisoner >>> FULL TEXT

Judiciary drops charges against deputy minister over August riots

Deputy Interior Minister Mostafa Tajzadeh had been due in court Tuesday morning to face questioning over the unrest which marred a pro-reform student conference, leaving one person dead and dozens wounded. But the hearing was called off and the sources told AFP that the charges against the reformist Tajzadeh, a regular target of conservative attacks, had been dropped >>> FULL TEXT

Iran arrests Belgian national on spy charges

TEHRAN, Nov 21 (AFP) - Iran has arrested an unnamed Belgian national on charges of spying and gathering classified information, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

China escapes U.S. arms sanctions, Iran, Pakistan hit

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Tuesday it was waiving sanctions against China for past missile technology transfers to Iran and Pakistan but imposing them on these two states for receiving the equipment. ``The U.S. side has decided to waive sanctions under U.S. law for past Chinese assistance to missile programs in Pakistan and Iran, and to resume certain commercial space interactions with China,'' State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said >>> FULL TEXT

China promises not to sell missiles

BEIJING (AP) - China promised Tuesday not to sell missiles or components to countries developing nuclear weapons, easing tensions with Washington over long-suspected Chinese assistance to Pakistan, Iran and North Korea. A statement, released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry (news - web sites), was China's most explicit pledge to date on refraining from spreading missile technology. It covered not only whole missile systems, which Beijing agreed not to transfer two years ago, but also dual-use components that could be used in other technologies >>> FULL TEXT

Iran giving monthly aid to 2,400 Palestinian families

TEHRAN, Nov 21 (AFP) - Iran is giving monthly financial aid to 2,400 Palestinian families, including those of 200 people killed in the recent violence with Israel, an official said Tuesday. Ali Qanbari, director of international affairs for the Martyr's Foundation, said the families were getting money each month but did not specify the amount, the state IRNA news agency reported >>> FULL TEXT

Iran delegation off for Saudi to work on security pact

TEHRAN, Nov 21 (AFP) - An Iranian delegation left for Saudi Arabia on Tuesday for initial work on a planned security cooperation agreement between the two countries, the official IRNA news agency reported. The interior ministry team is to prepare the way for the signing of the deal during a future visit to Tehran by Saudi Interior Minister Nayaf bin Abdel Aziz, IRNA said without specifying the date >>> FULL TEXT

Statoil signs co-operation agreement with Iranian Oil Company: report

OSLO, Nov 21 (AFP) - The Norwegian state-owned oil company Statoil has signed a co-operation agreement with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the electronic edition of the Norwegian newspaper Stavanger Aftenbladet reported on Tuesday. The co-operation agreement concerns four projects: exploration in the Gulf of Oman near the Straight of Hormuz, technology related to the liquefaction of gas, optimal use of productive capacity, and possible participation by Statoil in exploration of the Salman oil field >>> FULL TEXT

Pitz wins Manheim jury prize

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Rafi Pitz has won the special jury prize for his latest film "Sanam" at the Manheim film festival >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Pop singer silenced by extremists, fights back

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Hossein Zaman, a pop singer, writes about how religious extremists forced the cancellation of his concert in Sari and asks others to break their silence towards such incidents >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Shajarian in Paris

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Mohammad Reza Shajaria, Hossein Alizadeh and other musicians will perform in the Paris Fall Cultural festival >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Final players for World Cup qualifiers

Tehran - November 21 (Iran Sports Press): The Iranian Football Federation announced on Tuesday the names of 20 players that will represent Iran at the upcoming World Cup 2002 qualifiers to be held in Tehran from November 24-28 >>> FULL TEXT

Iran's hopes dented by Argentina

Guatemala City - November 21 (Iran Sports Press): The Iranian National Futsal Team was defeated by Argentina 2-1 on Monday at the World Futsal Championships. Two goals within a span of one minute in the second half was enough to dent Iran's chances of advancing from its group >>> FULL TEXT


Khatami and the students

President Khatami and the students The Guardian has reported today that reformist students in Iran have changed their mind about supporting President Khatami in the upcoming elections. Mehdi Sharif talks to Ali Afshari, one of the leaders of Daftar Tahkim Vahdad, the largest student organisation in Iran >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Now we think that anyone who [subscribes] to passivity is helping the conservatives. The government should have helped political parties develop and social organisations grow ... Instead, the reform movement became too passive and moved backward.

-- A student leader in Iran
The Guardian
November 21, 2000

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