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November 20-24, 2000 / Aban 30-Azar 4, 1379


* Relationship:
- Grow up, for God's sake

- That time of the month?
* Identity:
- Be a proud Persian


* heroes:
- We love heroes, but...
- Mouthpiece for half-baked intellectuals
- Pontificating
- Positive toward gay rights
Sadaf Kiani:
- Daagh-e del

- Sadness, realness
- Salieri reading Mozart
* U.S. elections:
- One man one vote

* Relationship:
- Making the point for Ms. Pirazseh

- Live and let live
- Let's fix our problems

- Nothing more than cows

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November 22, 2000

* Grow up, for God's sake

If you think there is a single "untouched piece of cake" in Iran, you are a very dumb man ["Real Iranian girls?"]. Generation X women in Iran are probably the most "touched" on this earth. You will have better luck in New York's Central Park.

You know, only dumb fucking men like you buy into that crap. Wake up dumb Iranian men!! How long will Iranian women be able to fool you? It's all a lie. Grow up, for God's sake, you are an embarassment to our nation and culture!!! >>> FULL TEXT

Mojdeh Mohseni

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* That time of the month?

As an Iranian man I resent your article ["Happy without you"]. You were either very mad at the time you wrote this article and/or you were on your monthly period.

I have read and listened to many such arguments and most of them were from women who were deprived of fatherly love. Most of you suffer depression for being overweight, ugly or suffer from lack of attention from Iranian men who may find you less desirable >>> FULL TEXT

Farzad Farahani

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* Be a proud Persian

I would just like to point out how proud I feel to be Iranian. I am half british, half Persian.

There are a lot of Iranians I know who just seem to have given up on their country, or are ashamed to say that they are Persian. They are just sell-outs, especiallly Iranian guys.

I`m not saying that they should walk around carrying the Iran flag, but they should remember who and what they are, and be proud of their roots.

You should adapt to your surroundings and be broadminded and not think backwards but, when asked where you are from, you should be proud to say that you're Persian!!?!

Tannaz Hussaini

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November 21, 2000

* We love heroes, but...

I read with much interest, both intellectually and emotionally, the article by Mr. Baniasadi ["Dictators create heroes"]... A simple question that I have is what happens to us regular people when heroes come to our lives? What happens to us when someone comes along and tries to carry much of the burden that we were supposed to carry? The burden could be, and most of the time is, emotional, intellectual and involves some action. Instead of being active participants in the process, we become hopeful and dependent on that one hero >>> FULL TEXT

Bardia Saeedi

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* Mouthpiece for half-baked intellectuals

Why does The Iranian not report the speeches and sayings of the leader of the Iranian nation (Ayatollah Khamenei)? True or empty as his rhetoric may be (depending on your view of the current regime), it should be publicised. shouldn't serve as the mouthpiece for out of touch, half-baked intellectuals and sub-intellectual pop culture kiddies. Please do not publish this.


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* Pontificating

Mr. Jahanbagloo: Who are these "young intellectuals" you seem to like so much? ["The fourth generation"] Where are there books? Do they publish out of L.A. or Tehran?

Your kind is a sad example of a kind of pseudo-intellectual tumor that has been growing from the womb of Iran Khanum for a hundred years now. The typical claim to fame: a mediocre Western education and a birthright to bash your ancestral countrymen.

By the way where does this "monistic attitude" from Heidegger and Marx come from? Why don't you discuss what these thinkers mean instead of pontificating from your lofty ivory tower? But that would be too hard on your readers.


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November 20, 2000

* Positive toward gay rights

It is wonderful to see that Iranians are taking a more and more positive position toward gay rights ["Iranian opposition groups back gay rights"]. It means that Iranians are taking some steps toward modernism and domocray. I believe in a better future for all Iranians.

Nasim B.

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    * Making the point for Ms. Pirazseh

    Ms Pirasteh wrote a heartfelt piece about her issues with Iranian men and their suitability as a husband for her ["Happy without you"]. At no time did she claim to speak for all Iranian women, nor did she disclaim the lesson in the saying that every goat has its own grass.

    Mr. Tabib's criticism of Ms. Pirasyeh's piece and her opinion on the subject ["Trivial squabbling"] made Ms. Pirasteh's point for her. So he proclaims that if mad eking, he would send up the river people who use pronouns and the language in a certain way.

    Lovely! Baa andaki kherad daanaa saazi ze naadaan, leek bekharvaar ham nashavad nafahmee aanchenaan.

    Guive Mirfendreski

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* Daagh-e del

This one ["Khaaneh"] really "daagh-e delam ra taazeh kard". I really miss the crisp cool Tehran winters. Not to mention how much I miss having a day to just stay in and do a bit of soul-searching. A real rare luxury here in Boston.

To top it off "delam aab oftaad" from your elaborate description of the ambrosia you were cooking!

It's time I visited the Iranian restaurant soon.Thanks a million for keeping me connected with the essence of being a true Shemirani. I relive it thru your incredible writing!


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November 17, 2000

* Live and let live

Is it my imagination or is there a major dance of anger going on between men and women ["Happy withoiut you", "Nothing more than cows"]? Assuming it's not my imagination, is this anger restricted to Iranians and Iranians living in the U.S.?

Actually, let's step back, if you will. Why are you angry? If some of our Iranian brothers choose to marry our Iranian sisters in Iran, then shouldn't we wish them well? If some of our Iranian sisters want to continue focussing on their careers or enjoy certain liberties, then shouldn't we say live and let live?

Am I missing something? Is this a zero sum game?

Shirley Mirzayoff

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* Let's fix our problems

In reply to both Ms. Banafshe Piraste ["Happy withoiut you"] and Mr. Cyrus Raafat ["Nothing more than cows"] who have directied thier utmost anger towards each other, I belive it is no good for either Iranian men or women to try and ruin each other.

The fact is that if there are wrong elements in a culture (which to some extent exist in any culture including ours), they are going to affect men and women equally ... We should take advantage of this free society to try fix them >>> FULL TEXT


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* Sadness, realness

Your writings [Sadaf Kiani Abbassian] have a sadness or realness about them. They remind me of Tehran, Fall of 1999. I was there to bury my mom. It was so sad. She also loved Hafez. From her house balcony, you can see the mountains.

When I was there 1 1/2 years ago, I made her lots of pots (with flowers of course). She loved them. Every morning, she would drink her tea on the balcony next to the flowers and tell me how much she enjoyed her flowers.

I also like your art-work ["Solitude"]. The lady with "blue" necklace. There is a story behind that one too.


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November 16, 2000

* One man one vote

Guive Mirfendereski's article ["Keep it the way it is"] is very similar to the reasoning I hear these days by Republicans against the popular vote. Like them, your scare tactic against the popular vote is targeted towards Democrats...

The simplest reason that the popular vote is the fairest way is that it would be inclusive of all the voters in an election. The most progressive countries in the world have adopted this system. I do not have a certain political leaning towards Republicans or Democrats, but I strongly believe in one man one vote >>> FULL TEXT

Masoud Fazeli

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* Salieri reading Mozart

I think you owe it to the world to get Sadaf Kiani Abbassian to commit to writing full-time. Everyone is almost s*&# comapred to her. Every time I read her articles I feel like I am Salieri reading Mozart's work!


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* Nothing more than cows

Just look into the eyes of one of these Iranian-American girls and you will see a socio-pathic, ruthless, cold-blooded self-centered attitude fully developed in this materialistic and hedonistic society. They are so self-assured they are almost masculine and as "torshideh" as they may become, they are still nothing more than cows in my opinion. Just looking at their eyes you will see a Western woman. There is no gracefulness or propriety, just nothing to be coveted >>> FULL TEXT

Cyrus Raafat

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