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Friday October 6, 2000 / Mehr 15, 1379, No. 1080


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A private matter
"I need you to fix my daughter's problem"

By Siamack Baniameri
October 6, 2000
The Iranian

I arrived at the restaurant on time and looked around. The hostess asked me if I was meeting anyone for lunch. I told her that I was meeting two gentlemen but wasn't sure what they looked like. The hostess was a smart little girl. One look at my features and she knew exactly who I was meeting.

"Right this way sir."

I followed her around to a table occupied by two super deluxe jaahels. They looked like something out of an old Fardin movie; rough-looking guys with big bushy mustaches, curly hair, big beer bellies, and wide shoulders. One was taller, the other was fatter. Sort of characters you ran away from when you were a kid >>> GO TO FEATURE


By Majid Nafisi
October 6, 2000
The Iranian


Three Years House Arrest Must End

BBC Persian Service

Three Years House Arrest Must End: Reformist MP Mostafa Taheri, a member of the Iranian Parliament, has called for the removal of the house arrest of Ayatollah Hussain Ali Montazeri. At the same time a group of the Ayatollah's students has asked him to start his teachings via closed circuit camera. This, however, is rejected by Ayatollah Montazeri. Mohammad Matin reports >>> LISTEN HERE

For $900, surgeons do battle with the great Iranian hooter

By Christopherde Bellaigue in Tehran
The Independent
7 October 2000

In his clinic off Vali Asr, Tehran's Fifth Avenue, Dr Ali Akbar Jalali peels a plaster from Sara's nose. Terrified, the 18-year-old looks in the mirror, and then at her father, who stands proudly by.

Gradually, her face relaxes, and tears fill her eyes. "May your hands do no harm," she murmurs, as satisfied Iranians do to their craftsmen and cooks. "It's beautiful." >>> FULL TEXT

LUANDA, Oct 4 (AFP) - Angola deported five Iranians on Wednesday after they tried to enter the country without visas, the customs office said >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Clinton-Gore's demonization of Iranians

Masoud Neshat writes: I totally disagree with your position of separating the current (Clinton-Gore) administration's demonization and denigration of Iran and its nationals (past or present) from the upcoming election ["Go Gore"]...

Shouldn't this administration answer for these past years and not take for granted the Iranian community's support for reelection? Iranians living in this country should stand up and ask why our relatives, athletes, thinkers, artists, etc., who come to visit are treated like criminals. The fingerprinting of an 80-year-old woman visiting grandchildren, or a director winning international awards for his work, cannot be a positive action to any rational person. This constant humiliation did not happen prior to the Clinton-Gore administration >>> FULL TEXT

* NITV no promoter of culture

Bardia Saeedi writes: I would like to ask National Iranian TV CEO Zia Atabay, what exactly is he talking about when he says he's promoting Iranian culture, with his broadcasting [News].

Showing old films and videos to fill time and generally having a hollow program does not constitute a worthy cause.

I fully agree that his program should not be stopped from airing, but don't buy the claim that there was some social/cultural cause associated with his TV station.

* Falling off my chair

Maryam Moussavi writes: Just wanted to let you know that your articles are great ["dAyi Hamid"]. I don't agree with everything you say, but admire your honesty. Most of your articles are smart and witty, and some are funny. If you were not meaning to be funny, I am sorry to let you know that some made me laugh. Sometimes, I sit at my desk and laugh so hard I fall off my chair.

Film: Festival of films from Iran, Chicago

The Gene Siskel Film Center win Chicago elcomes you to our 11th Festival of Films from Iran, running from October 7 through November 5. The 2000 edition festival will feature a varied line-up of new films from Iran, including Chicago premieres and U.S. premieres, two films of the Iranian diaspora, appearances by prestigious filmmaker guests who will be available for audience discussion, and a free panel discussion supported by the Illinois Humanities Council >>> DETAILS HERE




Java Performance Tuning
By Jack Shirazi


Rafe' tabeez az zanaan
Ending discrimination against women
By Mehrangiz Kar

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    We speak another language, not this tongue.

    There's another home that's not your heaven or hell.

    Free spirits draw their life from another source;

    That pure gem is mined from a different course.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Iran says 150 arrested so far over Khorramabad unrest

TEHRAN, Oct 5 (AFP) - Iranian police have arrested 150 people so far in connection with the deadly unrest that marred a pro-reform student conference in August, police officials were quoted as saying in Thursday's press. Rahim Khorshidvand, head of the police in Lorestan province, said he was still waiting for additional arrest warrants to be issued over the troubles in the provincial capital of Khoramabad, the Jomhuri Eslami reported >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami to visit Japan

TOKYO, Oct 6 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will make a four-day visit to Japan from October 31 to November 3 to hold talks with Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, the foreign ministry said Friday. During the first official visit by the Iranian president to Japan, Mori is expected to give support to the Iranian leader's government reform efforts >>> FULL TEXT

Spanish PM to visit Iran in October

MADRID, Oct 6 (AFP) - Spain's Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar will make a two-day official trip to Vietnam in mid-October before moving on to Iran for the first visit by a Spanish head of state, his spokesman said Thursday. Aznar will be in Hanoi from October 18 to 19 where he will hold talks with among others his Vietnamese counterpart Phan Van Khai and with President Tran Duc Luong, his office said >>> FULL TEXT

US defends record on Russian weapons technology exports to Iran

WASHINGTON, Oct 6 (AFP) - The Clinton administration on Thursday defended its record in trying to prevent Russian weapons technology from reaching Iran. Under questioning from Republican senators, Robert Einhorn, the assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation, said the administration had "faced this issue quite squarely" and "made some progress" in its attempts to stem the flow of arms and materials to Iran from Rusian companies and individuals >>> FULL TEXT

Oil steadies after sliding on release

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil prices recovered some ground on Friday after big losses triggered by progress in the release U.S. emergency supplies aimed at easing winter supply shortages. Benchmark Brent blend crude ended 19 cents higher at $30.08 a barrel, well above an average of $27.06 for the 12 months to date and an average of $28.06 so far this year >>> FULL TEXT

Samira's "Blackboard" unreal, says festival official

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- The director of the Vienna film festival believes some Iranian directors make films that have the best chance of doing well in international film festivals, such as Samira Makhmalbaf's "Blackboard" >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Summer blockbusters

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- A review of the biggest box office draws of the summer. Siroos Alvand's "Dast-haaye aaloodeh" was the biggest hit of the summer with 280 million tomans in ticket sales >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Youth film fest

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The international youth film festival in Tehran (October 26-31) will include 44 foreign films and 10 Iranian films in the competition category >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Mark your calendars: Asian Cup

October 6, 2000 (Iran Sports Press -- Here's the schedule of Asia Cup soccer matches in Lebanon. Call your local sports bar and make sure they will show the games. Go Iran! >>> FULL TEXT

Futzal: Iran defeats Belgium

RIO DE JANEIRO, October 5 (Iran Sports Press) -- The Iranian National Futsal Team defeated Belgium 4-1 on Thursday in a friendly match in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Iran's goals against Belgium were scored by Vahid Shamsaee (two goals), Ahmad Baghbanbashi, and Kazem Mohammadi >>> FULL TEXT

Lebanon defeats Iranian basketball team

BEIRUT, October 5 (Iran Sports Press) -- The Iranian Basketball Team suffered a 87-80 defeat at the hands of Lebanon on Thursday in the West Asian Basketball Qualifiersbeing held in Beirut. Despite Iran maintaining a comfortable 39-33 in first period, Lebanon slowly began to regain its composure >>> FULL TEXT


Foreign forces in the rank of Taleban

A large number of foreign forces have been helping the Taleban in recent fighting in northern Afghanistan according to Anthony Davis of Janes Defence Weekly. Zahir Tanin talks to him >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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