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Thursday October 12, 2000 / Mehr 21, 1379, No. 1084

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Water for love

Poems by Roya Hakkakian
October 12, 2000
The Iranian

Roya Hakkakian is the author of "Beh khaater-e aab" ("For the Sake of Water"), a widely-acclaimed book of poetry first published in 1993 (Tasveer Publishers; second edition 1998 Par Books, Virginia, tel: 703-533-1727). She has completed a new collection of poetry called "The Second Book.": >>> GO TO FEATURE


Poem by Morteza Mirbaghian
October 12, 2000
The Iranian


Khatami's concern over Eshkevari's fate

BBC Persian Service

President Khatami has criticised the indictment of Hassan Yusefi-Eshkevari, a pro-reform cleric who has been tried behind closed doors by the Special Court for Clergy. He may face a severe sentence on an array of charges including acting against national security and waging war against God. Rosita Atai talks to Ghasem Shole-Sa'di, former MP >>> LISTEN HERE

Senate votes to let victims of foreign terrorism collect damages

New York Times
October 12, 2000

WASHINGTON - The Senate enacted legislation Wednesday that would allow victims of terrorism to collect court-awarded damages from countries that sponsor terrorist activity. The bill, passed overwhelmingly by the House last week, now goes to the president, who is expected to sign it into law. In a bipartisan effort, the Senate passed the measure 95-0 >>> FULL TEXT

Tehran: How Buicks drive the revolutionary message in Iran

By Christopher de Bellaigue
The Independent
October 12, 2000

AT A BUSY intersection a rust-encrusted Oldsmobile draws to a lurching halt. The driver is a middle-aged woman in a chador. From this pearl of 1970s American auto engineering comes the sound of a sermon on the radio. The speaker's voice is high-pitched and piercing. "Death to America!" he cries.

Buicks, Chevies, Cadillacs - the Islamic Republic of Iran has the lot and they are ailing witnesses to a quarter of a century of Iranian history. It is two decades since Iran's revolution, when the seizure of the American embassy severed ties with the US. Tehran's rush-hour dinosaurs are reminders of better days. >>> FULL TEXT

Former ambassador deemed not good enough for Canada
But Federal Court overrules visa officer

By Paul Waldie
National Post (Canada)
October 11, 2000

The Federal Court has chastised a visa officer who rejected the immigration application of an Iranian who is a qualified engineer, director of a major construction business and his country's former ambassador to the Netherlands >>> FULL TEXT

When things go wrong in the Middle East, the number of non-Iranian visitors to increases. And some of these people are dying to tell us how much they hate eye-rainians. Here's a guy who registered in today:

Name: kill the ragheads
From: i'll kill you all @ AMERICA4EVER

More Letters

* Near boiling point

Kambiz Ameli writes: Thank you for your article ["Meeting Faezeh"]... This year clearly marks Mr. Rafsanjani's last golden opportunity to allow democracy to fully bloom by convincing the ruling clergy to unconditionally release the country to the democraticly-elected president and parliment in harmony with a neutral and just judiciary branch...

If, however, he makes the same tragic error in judgement as the late Shah made by insisting on an absolute rule, he will be remembered by history as the true leader of the hijackers of the revolution and the true enemy of progress in Iran. Indeed the water is near boiling point >>> FULL TEXT

* Reminder of forgotten things

Sima writes: I read your last article ["Khalvat-e paaeezi"]. It made me cry. It reminded me of things that I have forgotten, but their effect will always be with me.

Back in Iran I always hated taking taxies, but lately I couldn't remember why, I just knew that I hate it. Now I remember. And that afternoon walk in autumn, I love it.

I loved the sentence where you said for you to feel good the blue sky and wind and... are enough. I wish I was there; we could go together, pretend to be young school girls and laugh at everything, including guys! This is what me and my sister do sometimes when I am there.

I wait impatiently to see more and more of Tehran through your sensitive eyes.

* REALLY suck!

TTA writes: Your cartoons and cartoonists REALLY suck!

Soccer: Watch Asian Cup matches in DC

The Iranian-American Cultural Association and the Rock Sports Bar invite you to watch Iran's team in the first round of the Asian Cup. WHERE: The Rock Sports Bar, 717 Sixth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. >>> DETAILS HERE




Strategic Management for the Xxist Century
By Mohammad Reza Vaghefi, Reza M. Vaghefi, Alan B. Huellmantel


Daastaan-e kootah-e iraani
23 short stories combiled by Mohammad Baharlou

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    When I hear you sing, I become a joyful song,

    Boundless, without limits, like the kindness of God.

    You've bought me a hundred times over, I'm yours.

    Bring me back to life again: buy me, please, once more.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

Copyright © Abadan Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. May not be duplicated or distributed in any form

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More news

Khatami deplores dissident cleric's indictment

TEHRAN, Oct 12 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has sharply criticised the indictment of a pro-reform cleric, who could now be facing the death penalty for waging war against God, newspapers said Thursday. The Tehran Times said the president "voiced his abhorrence" over the reported indictment of Hassan Yussefi-Eshkevari, who was tried behind closed doors by the conservative Special Court for Clergy (SCC) >>> FULL TEXT

Iran considers urgent meeting of Islamic conference

BEIRUT, Oct 12 (AFP) - Iran is considering calling a ministerial meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to back the Palestinians in their confrontation with Israel, Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi said Thursday. Iran's President Mohammad Khatami, current head of the 56-member OIC, is considering a foreign ministers' meeting to support the two-week-old Palestinian intifada, Kharazi told reporters after talks with Lebanese President Emile Lahoud >>> FULL TEXT

Annan, Kharrazi to meet in Beirut

BEIRUT, Oct 12 (AFP) - United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan is to meet Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi, a fierce opponent of the Middle East peace process, in Beirut Thursday, UN spokesman Negib Friji told AFP. "The secretary general, following his talks with (Lebanese) President Emile Lahoud, will meet Mr Kharazi this afternoon at a time to be decided," Friji said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran press condemns Paris "attack" on state airline

TEHRAN, Oct 12 (AFP) - Iranian newspapers on Thursday denounced the "attack" on the Paris office of state carrier Iran Air during a pro-Israeli demonstration. The Tehran Times said windows were broken and other damage inflicted on the office during a rally Tuesday night near the Israeli embassy in the French capital, not far from the airline's office >>> FULL TEXT

Woman who threw egg at Khatami is a terrorist: Iran embassy

CARACAS, Oct 12 (AFP) - The Iranian embassy in Caracas said Wednesday that the woman arrested last month for trying to throw an egg at Iran's President Mohammad Khatami during the OPEC summit was a member of an Iraqi terrorist group. "According to the information we have about Laila Jazayeri, she is a member of the terrorist group the People's Mujahadeen (MKO)," the statement from the embassy said >>> FULL TEXT

Oil surges on Mideast violence

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. oil prices hurtled higher on Thursday as fears grew that rising violence in the Middle East could hit the region's oil output at a time when U.S. energy supplies are running perilously low. November crude on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed up $2.81 at $36.06 a barrel after Israeli forces attacked Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's West Bank headquarters and an explosion holed a U.S. Navy destroyer in Yemen >>> FULL TEXT

German tyre maker Continental teams up with KTRC in Iran

HANOVER, Germany, Oct 12 (AFP) - Continental, the German maker of tyres and auto parts, said on Thursday that it was teaming up with the leader in the Iranian tyre market, Kerman Tire and Rubber Company (KTRC), to boost its presence in the region. The two partners signed an agreement at the beginning of October, whereby KTRC would manufacture tyres in Iran under licence for Continental >>> FULL TEXT

Best comedy

Tehran (Aftab-e yazd) -- "Moomiya-ee 3" (The Mummy, III) has won the Best Film award at the Shahr-e Kord comedy film festival. Here are the other winners >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Shabestari's critique of official views on Islam

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Mohammad Mojtahed Shabestari is one of Iran's leading Islamic thinkers. He has a new book "Naqdi bar qaraa'at-e rasmi az din" (A critique of the official interpretations of religion). Satirist Ebrahim Nabavi, who is currently in prison, also has a new book about Obeyd Zakani >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

New poetry

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Two new poetry collections by contemporaries Seyed Ali Miryazel and Karim Rajabzadeh >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iran thrash Lebanon in Asian Cup opener

Beirut ­ Oct. 12 (Iran Sports Press) -- Iran staged a remarkable debut in their run-up to claim the Asian Cup for a record fourth time in their history, before inflicting hosts Lebanon a humiliating 4-0 defeat in front of nearly 55.000 home fans crammed at Beirut's Sports City Stadium tonight >>> FULL TEXT

Iran favorites to win Asian Cup 2000

(Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Iran last won the Asian Cup, Asia's most prestigious title, twenty four years ago. For Iranians memories from that game have never gone away. Kuwait's goal keeper, Ahmad Tarabulsi, handled the ball outside his penalty box in minute 73. A free kick was awarded to Iran, from which Ali Parvin scored Iran's winning goal. A spectacular shot which left Tarabulsi hopelessly wondering what had happened >>> FULL TEXT

Persepolis facing financial crisis

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- There are growing signs that Persepolis is facing serious financial difficulties. Some players are complaining that their salaries have not been paid >>> FULL TEXT


Zeidabadi transferred to Quarantine Wing of Evin

Mahdieh Mohammadi, wife of imprisoned journalist, Ahmad Zeydabadi says after several calls to the Judiciary, her husband has now been transferred from solitary to the quarantine wing in Evin prison. Daryoush Homai talks to her >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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The star of "Daee Jan Napolen" and Googoosh's co-star in "Dar Emtedaad-e Shab." Nice site. But I the links don't seem to work. You might have better luck.

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Vintage Calculators

This immensely entertaining catalog of "old-school" calculators includes such standout hits as the 25-pound Comptometer, the provocatively titled Addiator, and a beautiful pinwheel contraption dubbed the Muldivo.

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-- Roya Hakkakian
"Water for love"
The Iranian
October 12, 2000

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