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Curbing men
Equal sharing of sexual morality

By Fereydoun Hoveyda
October 27, 2000
The Iranian

One day back in 1957, when I was living in Paris, I stumbled on the following dispatch in The International Herald Tribune:


TEHRAN, March 13 (AP) -- Beautiful stenographers have been banned in the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture. The order issued yesterday by the minister, General Hassan Akhavi, ruled that pretty secretaries and typists should not be employed. Under the new rule, a girl who came first out of 110 applicants for a typist job has been turned down because of her beauty >>> GO TO FEATURE


Read or watch?
That is the question in the age of computers

By Fereydoun Hoveyda
October 27, 2000
The Iranian

One Saturday afternoon in 1930, on our way back from watching Beh Hur, my brother who was my elder by five years, explained: "This is exactly the book!". I couldn't believe my ears until, the next day, when he brought back from his class library Lew Wallace's novel.

This incident captured my imagination. Films equated with books! An extraordinary idea dawned in my mind: films could replace books! "What the heck do I care," I thought to myself. "No more tedious classrooms!" >>> GO TO FEATURE


Fereydoun Moshiri burried

BBC Persian Service

Fereydoun Moshiri, the Iranian much loved poet who died on Tuesday was burried today in Behesht Zahra cemetry in Tehran. Hundreds of poets, writers and lovers of his poetry attended the late poet's funeral. Here Simin Behbahani, another much loved poet tells Lara Petrosian what happened at the funeral >>> LISTEN HERE

Filming in Iran's Rugged Corner, Hoping Prayer Works

By Elaine Sciolino
The New York Times
October 27, 2000

When Bahman Ghobadi decided to make his first feature film and set it in his native Kurdistan in the northwest corner of Iran, he turned to his family for help. One brother became the production manager. Another became an assistant director. An older sister found suitable locations and mediated disputes on the set. Most important was Mr. Ghobadi's mother, who cooked hot meals for the cast and crew every day and visited her local mosque in times of crisis >>> FULL TEXT

    Boxing ring

    Kayhan: Palestine will return to the world of Islam, Leader Khamenei says >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

    International Haftegi: Victory for oil exploration workers >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


    Siaasat pedar maadar nadaareh

(BBC World Service) -- Hillary Clinton moved on Wednesday to defuse a row over donations to her campaign for election to the US Senate by promising to return $50,000 to an Arab-American organisation >>> FULL TEXT

More Letters

* We want more!

Hushang Mansurian writes: There was a short note by Esmail Nooriala about a picture of his with Shamlou and Royaei, remembering the events and times around that picture ["Footprint"]. His short explanation ended on a very sad note: "I can write pages about what was going on around the time and content of this picture but I do not think much of it will be of any interest to most of your readers."

Is this the way the readers of Persian poetry are perceived by our poets? ... He just stops exactly where he has to start. I think he owes it to all of us to write about his literary and political experience in those two most important decades of our cultural history...

Nooriala should rest assured that there are many people like me amongst the readers of this site who are enthusiastically looking for his future articles >>> FULL TEXT

* Illusionary images of Iran

Laleh Khalili writes: Mr. Entesari, Thank you for your note ["Stereotyping Iranians"] on the silliness that Sciolino's book is ["The twelve rules"]. For some reason, foreign journalists (often of American descent) feel like if they go to Iran, are entertained by the high and mighty of the Iranian society in Northern Tehran, take a few trips around the country, and manage to get in a couple of keenly observed "life-scenes" they can derive anentire exegesis of "Iranian culture."

It's not limited to Iran either. They claim to know the "soul" of India or China or any country that doesn't operate in the way they *think* America operates through reporting on it and comparing it (I think entirely irrelevantly) to the US. As you so keenly pointed out, the image they have of their homeland is often as mythical and illusionary as the image they have of foreign countries.

* Too much narrow-mindedness

Kambiz Hamadani writes: I wish one day people around the world could realize that it is not our differences that seperate us from each other -- it is our unwillingness to accept each others' views of the world in which we live...

Whatever the situation may be for you at this moment, I beg you all to take a step back and try to feel what life is like for your "enemy". I'm not asking for peace... all I'm asking for is empathy -- empathy for your fellow human beings... have we forgotten what that is? >>> FULL TEXT

Drama: Siaah baazi in Washington

Masood Rahnama, the renowned Iranian play writer and director, on a short leave of absence from his playwriting and teaching job at the University of Vienna, will be bringing Siah Bazee to Washington. Dates: Friday November 10t @ 8:00PM, Sunday November 12th @ 5:30PM. Location: Thomas Jefferson Community theatre 125 south old Glebe road Arlington Va. Call House of Iran at 703-442-8100 . Tickets are available in all Iranian stores in the area.




Smart Finances for Your 20s and 30s: Get a Grip on Your Money
By Kambiz Foroohar


Zendegi-naamehyeh siaasi-ye Mohandes Mehdi Bazargan
By Saeed Barzin

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Listen only to what drunken lovers say,

    And loosen passion's ties to mean and low.

    Each tribe draws you into its own circle;

    The parrot sings of sugar; of ruins, the crow.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Reformists set up political strategy committee ahead of elections

TEHRAN, Oct 27 (AFP) - Iran's embattled reformists have created a political strategy committee to defend their movement after repeated setbacks at the hands of conservative rivals, press reports said Thursday. The 2nd of Khordad reform coalition, named for the date of President Mohammad Khatami's 1997 election, picked top reformists to push for reforms in the run-up to next year's presidential polls, the Kayhan paper said >>> FULL TEXT

USS Cole probe seeks Bin Laden link

WASHINGTON (AP) - Osama bin Laden, the elusive Islamic militant who has publicly pledged to drive the U.S. military out of the Middle East, is a focus of the USS Cole bombing investigation, but investigators have no hard evidence he was behind it, several American officials said Friday >>> FULL TEXT

Republican senators order documents on Gore-Chernomyrdin deal

WASHINGTON, Oct 27 (AFP) - A group of 10 senior US Republican senators ordered the US State Department Thursday to produce all documents related to a secret US-Russian agreement on arms sales to Iran by next Monday or face a formal subpoena >>> FULL TEXT

Tehran city hall burns the midnight oil

TEHRAN, Oct 26 (AFP) - Tehran's district mayors are burning the midnight oil after the municipality ordered city hall to remain open overnight to better serve residents, press reports said Thursday. Following an order from mayor Morteza Alviri, mayors of the capital's 20 districts are taking turns on the overnight shift from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, reported the Hamshahri daily, which is owned by the municipality >>> FULL TEXT

Teachers in Kerman strike over security concerns after kidnaps

TEHRAN, Oct 26 (AFP) - Dozens of Iranian teachers have gone on strike in Kerman province to protest lax security after a string of incidents, including the kidnap of two of their colleagues, newspapers said Thursday. The governmental Iran daily said the teachers are refusing to return to work in the city of Ravar until security officials in the southeastern province guarantee the safety of their lives and property >>> FULL TEXT

Japan lends Iran 69 million dollars for power project

TOKYO, Oct 26 (AFP) - Japan said Thursday it was extending a 69-million-dollar loan to help complete an Iranian power project, ahead of next week's visit to Tokyo by Iranian President Mohammad Khatami. The state-run Japan Bank for International Cooperation said it would lend 7.49 billion yen (69 million dollars) for the Masjid-e Soleiman hydroelectric power project in southwest Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Iran to cut power to Azerbaijan in 24 hours over non-payment: paper

TEHRAN, Oct 27 (AFP) - Iran will cut off electricity to the autonomous Azerbaijani republic of Nakhichevan in the next 24 hours because it still owes Tehran 45 million dollars, press reports said Thursday. The Etelaat paper cited utilities officials as saying that the republic had disregarded a payment schedule set up nearly three years ago and that only one million dollars has been handed over so far >>> FULL TEXT

Taqvaie shooting new film soon

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Nasser Taqvaie, the director of "Daee Jan Napoleon" TV series, is returning to filmmaking. His next film, a comedy called "Roya" will begin shooting in early winter >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

"Drunken horses" No. 1 in Vienna fest

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- "Time for drunken horses" sold the most tickets among 160 films shown at the Vienna Film Festival >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Panahi: Conscienece come first

Tehran (Aftab-e Yazd) -- "The circle" director Jafar Panahi says he did not make a dark film about women in Iran just because it would grab attention at film festivals. "My conscience comes first," he says >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Majidi off to Dubai?

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Esteqlal and national soccer team star forward Farhad Majidi will join Dubai's Al-Wasl >>> FULL TEXT

Talebi: "I hope my resignation will be accepted"

Tehran ­ Oct. 27 (Iran Sports Press) -- In an interview with Iran News Network (IRNN) on Friday, Jalal Talebi said he hopes the Iranian Football Federation accepts his resignation. "I hope they accept my resignation. After something like this happens, which involves the feelings of people, there must be change and I must leave", Talebi said >>> FULL TEXT

China to host 2004 Asian Cup

Beirut­ Oct. 27 (Iran Sports Press) -- China, who have yet to win an Asian Cup title, will depart Lebanon with something to smile about, as they won the bid to host the 2004 Asian Cup finals. Iran, lacking sufficient resources, withdrew its bid in hopes it will be able to put forth a more convincing bid in 2008 >>> FULL TEXT


Situation in Northern Iraq is "calm"

Masoud Barzani, president of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq is in London for talks with British Foreign Office officials. Differences between KDPI and Patriatic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), led by Jalal Talebani soon after the establishment of autonomous government in Kurdish area in Northern Iraq in 1991 led to bloody clashes between the two parties. In an interview with Masoud Barzani, Enayat Fani asks about the current situation in Northern Iraq >>> LISTEN HERE

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