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Tuesday September 5, 2000 / Shahrivar 15, 1379, No. 1057


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Beyond here and now
Images of Iran beyond politics

Photographs by Babak Foroutani
September 5, 2000
The Iranian

Babak Foroutani, 31, got his BA from Tehran Azad University in 1992. Since then he has established himself as a brilliant graphic artist and photographer. The subjects of his photographs are often beyond the here and now, beyond politics. They have a certain timeless quality that is similar to films made by Abbas Kiarostami >>> GO TO FEATURE


In good hands
Yazd has a popular governor

By Amir Salehzadeh
September 5, 2000
The Iranian

I was not sure what I was going to see this time in Yazd. The Yazd of my childhood looked and felt dry as I stepped down the airplane. My cousin Mohammad was there to pick me up. He apologized profusely for how bad his car looked. His car was at least 20 years old and very dilapidated. Mohammad started throwing nasty jokes about the government. I was not paying attention; I was looking at his white hair and the wrinkles on his face >>> GO TO FEATURE


Khatami speech to U.N. meeting

New York, Sept. 5, IRNA -- President Mohammad Khatami here on Tuesday delivered a speech at the UN-sponsored Conference of Dialogue Amongst Civilizations.
>>>Part One
>>>Part Two
>>>Part Three

Khatami does not rule out change of Iranian constitution

September 5, Teheran (dpa) - Iran 's President Mohammad Khatami has said for the first time since he assumed office in 1997 that he does not rule out changes to the constitution, the official news agency IRNA reported Tuesday.

``The constitution is a symbol of national and practical solidarity which distinguishes the government's boundaries and the nation's rights but it could be changed like all other humane laws,'' Khatami told Iranian graduates in New York >>> FULL TEXT

Rare horses find home in L.A.

By Jane Triola
The New Orleans Times-Picayune
September 3, 2000

King Darius the Great, ruler of Persia in 522-486 B.C., thought so much of the athletic ability of the Caspian horses he rode to fight the lions in the coliseum that he placed their image on his royal seal.

After being considered extinct for 1,300 years, Caspians were found in 1965, living in the Alborz mountains of Iran near the Caspian Sea. Louise Firhouz, an American-born scholar who had married an Iranian prince, had them officially declared a national treasure of Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Some mistake

Mistakes happen. News agencies frequently refer to Iran as Iraq. But how on earth could you mistakenly put an executed former prime minister in a car with President Khatami? >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Ashkan

More Letters

* Googoosh, Khomeini & the moon

Guive Mirfendereski writes: In the midst of all the hyper-adoration of the legendary Googoosh ["Baptized in tears"], undoubtedly the most influential and mimicked Iranian cultural icon in the past century, it may be relevant to remember that at the time of the Iranian republican revolution she is said to have seen the likeness of the Ayatollah Khomeini on the face of the moon and eulogized the leader of the revolution, only to be sent packing, shut up and left to sing in private, as she has said, for her husband. On the occasion of her second coming, the irony should not be lost that the future that she promoted robbed her of twenty years of artisitic life, for which we are all the more poor.

* Tears for Googoosh, not just Iran

Fariba Behnegar writes: In addition to the "Malaagheh" letter, I would like to respond to "Baptized in tears" gibberish as well, point by point, and more. I was also at the New York concert. Yes, everyone was crying but every tear shed was out of joy. Rozeh khooni is a melancholic event. The comparison was absolutely irrelevant.

I have never known an artist being able to make 15,000 people cry at the same time. All the tears were shed for Googoosh and not just Iran and nostalgia of good old days. If Iran had never experienced a revolution and was still under Pahlavi monarchy and Googoosh had still decided not to sing for 21 years, the same tears and wave of emotions would have existed in her concert >>> FULL TEXT

* Some have wider view

Zara Houshmand writes: In reply to Mehdi Payravi's letter "Hope God guides you (or destroys you)": You should not assume that you can speak on behalf of all Iranians. Some Iranians have a wider view that doesn't exclude any aspect of human experience from the realm of what art can legitimately address.

Academic: New Middle East position, University of Pennsylvania

The Associate Director for Development (ADD) for the Middle East Center will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Center, a federally funded (Title VI) National Resource Center, which is expanding the contemporary world affairs components of its teaching, research, and outreach efforts. The ADD will lead a new program design and fundraising effort in the successful candidate's specific field of expertise >>> DETAILS HERE




The Stoning of Soraya M.
By Freidoune Sahebjam, Richard Seaver (Translator)


Taarikh-e zabaan-e faarsi
History of the Persian language, by Dr. M Bagheri

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

My eyes? 'I'll make a river flow there.' So she said.

My heart? 'It will bleed till it's full of blood,' she said.

And my body? 'Just wait a few days more-

I'll show the world your shame, and throw it out the door.'
-- Rumi
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More news

Khatami's speech attracts Albright

Sept 5, (BBC) -- nited States Secretary of State Madeline Albright has made a surprise appearance to hear a speech by Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, who is in New York for the United Nations Millennium Summit. Mr Khatami said his speech was part of a campaign to promote "dialogue amongst civilizations" >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami to expatriates: Help Iran

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami on Monday urged hundreds of Iranian expatriates living in the United States to embrace their native land and unite to forge a better future for Iran. With signs of a thaw in U.S.-Iranian relations, Khatami stressed the importance of dialogue and interaction among all Iranians, and asked those inside and outside the country to use their energy to help Iran develop economically >>> FULL TEXT

Iran considers amnesty for exiles

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A bill that would grant amnesty to Iranians who fled the country because of anti-government activities or ties to outlawed political parties is aimed at promoting national reconciliation and attracting badly needed investments, a lawmaker said Monday. The bill would allow such Iranians to return without fear of prosecution or punishment, said Elyas Hazrati, one of 40 lawmakers who signed the bill. Only those who have used violence against the state are excluded from the amnesty deal >>> FULL TEXT

Iran Freedom movement says students' restraint avoided disaster

TEHRAN, Sept 5 (AFP) - Iran's progressive Islamist opposition Iran Freedom Movement (IFM) Monday praised the students caught up in last week's disturbances in the western city of Khorramabad for keeping their cool and "saving the country from a catastrophe." >>> FULL TEXT

Iran delays review of alleged spies

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An Iranian appeals court is delaying for the second time decisions on its review of the jail terms of 10 Jews convicted of spying for Israel, state-run radio reported Sunday night, quoting a senior judiciary official >>> FULL TEXT

Iran daily retracts report parliament speaker to launch new newspaper

TEHRAN, Sept 5 (AFP) - Iran's government-run daily retracted Tuesday a report that parliament speaker Mehdi Karubi plans to launch a new reformist newspaper in the coming days. The paper Iran said someone else was the founder of Aftab-e-Yazd, adding that it would have no political affiliation >>> FULL TEXT

Four Iranians arrested near U.N.

NEW YORK (AP) - Four Iranians were arrested over the weekend for throwing yellow paint in separate incidents near the United Nations, where 150 world leaders are gathering this week for the U.N. Millennium Summit. One incident involved the president of Iran, police said Monday >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. blasts China, others for persecution

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States, invoking U.N. declarations and its own tradition of religious freedom, on Tuesday blasted China, Sudan, Afghanistan and others for persecuting people for their religious faith and practices >>> FULL TEXT

Iran: US attempts to lift sanctions

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's parliament speaker said Sunday that attempts are being made in the United States to lift trade sanctions against Iran, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported after American and Iranian lawmakers met for the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution >>> FULL TEXT

Parliament abolishes duty on non-oil exports

TEHRAN, Sept 4 (AFP) - Iran's reformist-dominated parliament Sunday passed the broad outlines of a law aimed at boosting non-oil exports which have plummeted in the past few years >>> FULL TEXT

Iran issues tenders for new Persian Gulf gas blocks

TEHRAN, Sept 3 (AFP) - Iran has called for tenders to develop the latest phases of the giant South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, press reports said Sunday, quoting the National Iranian Oil Company >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian filmns win awards in Montreal

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Films by Bahman Farmanara and Maryam Shahriyar win awards at Montreal film festival >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Concert scarpped after thugs intervene

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Radical thugs prevent concert in Sari, even though the event had an official approval form the Guidance Ministry >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Excavations at pre-Persepolis site

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Excavations begin at the 2700-year-old Ziwiyeh ruins at the 45 kms southeast of Saqez >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Talebi: "No changes"

TEHRAN, September 3 (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: In a telephone interview with IRIB from China, Jalal Talebi, the head coach of the Iranian National Team, said Iran's thrashing on Friday night at the hands of Austria was due to the "large gap between European and Asian football." >>> FULL TEXT

Iran U-17 defeat Oman

VIETNAM, September 4 (Iran Sports Press) -- The Iranian National Under 17 Football Team defeated Oman 2-1 in their first match of the Asian Youth Football Championships being held in Vietnam >>> FULL TEXT

Esteghlal nearly defeated by Saipa

TEHRAN, September 5 (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Esteghlal Tehran came back from a two goal deficit at half time to hold Saipa to a 2-2 draw on Tuesday in Azadi Stadium. Esteghlal missed two key players, Farzad Majidi and Mehdi Hasheminasab >>> FULL TEXT


Number of Prisoners Increases

Deputy for Organisation of State Prisons of Iran, Morteza Alvandi, says prisons are now taking in an average of one prisoner every 59 seconds, which represents an alarming increase >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Let us hope

Let us hope that enmity and oppression should end, and that the clamor of love for truth, justice and human dignity should prevail. Let us hope that all human beings should sing along with Hafez of Shiraz, this divinely inspired spirit, that: ``No ineffable clamor reverberates in the grand heavenly dome more sweetly than the sound of love."

-- President Khatami's speech at the UN-sponsored Conference of Dialogue Amongst Civilizations
September 5, 2000

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