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Friday September 8, 2000 / Shahrivar 18, 1379, No. 1060


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Requiem in Cairo
Marking the 20th anniversary of the Shah's death

Written by Cyrus Kadivar
Photographs by Claude Stemmelin
September 8, 2000
The Iranian

It was a very, very hot day in Cairo. Leaving my hotel room at the El-Gezira Sheraton my mood was sombre. Getting into the taxi with two middle-aged Iranian sisters from London we sped across the long bridge glancing occasionally at the towering buildings that rose along the timeless river. Turning right we passed a giant stone lion and descended on the Nile Corniche almost colliding with a horse-carriage full of tourists. We came to an abrupt halt in front of the four-star Semiramis.

Walking through the air-conditioned lobby we made our way through a revolving door. Outside, a security man led us politely to a large bus parked beneath a palm tree. Ten minutes later we were on our way to Nasr City, on the outskirts of Cairo. Standing in the aisle, I wiped the sweat off my face. Many of the fifty or more seated passengers were in a state of considerable irritation. Everyone was complaining of the heat >>> GO TO FEATURE


Empathy & compassion
"Believing in dialogue paves the way for hope"

September 8, 2000
The Iranian

President Mohammad Khatami's speech at the U.N.-sponsored Conference of Dialogue Among Civilizations in New York on 5 September

In order to call governments and peoples of the world to follow the new paradigm of dialogue among cultures and civilizations, we ought to learn from the world's past experience, especially from the tremendous human catastrophes that took place in the 20th century. We ought to critically examine the prevalent, and the glorification of might. From an ethical perspective, the paradigm of dialogue among civilizations requires that we abandon the will-to-power and instead pursue compassion, understanding, and love. The ultimate goal of dialogue among civilizations is not dialogue in and of itself, but attaining empathy and compassion >>> GO TO FEATURE


Iran's 'Circle' Critics' Choice As Venice Fest Ends

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) - Hollywood film stars provided the glitter, but a dark Iranian movie about the oppression of women proved the critics' favorite on the last day of competition at the Venice Film Festival on Friday.

``The Circle'' by prize-winning Iranian director Jafar Panahi tells the story of eight women living in Iran, where they are not allowed to smoke in public, stay in a hotel on their own, or ride in a car driven by a man who is not a relative >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian president offers critical words on democratic reformers and the US

By Elaine Sciolino
The New York Times
August 27, 2000

President Mohammad Khatami of Iran criticized his country's democratic reformers on Thursday for their unrealistic expectations and urged his people to avoid extremes in the name of promoting either security or freedom.

At a news conference in a meeting room of the U.N. Plaza Hotel, Khatami also criticized the international outrage over his country's prosecution and conviction of a group of Jews as spies and ruled out an official dialogue with the United States until Washington changed its ways >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami Fears Tug of War Will Open Iran to Extremists

Los Angeles Times
September 9, 2000

UNITED NATIONS -- President Mohammad Khatami warned Thursday that growing polarization over the direction of Iran's post-revolutionary society may trigger new confrontations and violence and has already forced his government to slow the pace of change.

In a sobering assessment of Iran's internal strife, Khatami pledged that he still stands for sweeping reforms in the Islamic theocracy. But he warned that public demands for change "should not rise beyond what is possible." >>> FULL TEXT

Islam's bully-boys

The Economist
September 09, 2000

Tehran: IT WAS was the kind of incident many Iranians like to believe belongs to the past. When two respected intellectuals, Abdolkarim Soroush and Mohsen Kadivar, arrived in Khorramabad, a remote western town, at the end of August to speak to a student convention, they were blocked from leaving the airport by a gang of Islamic vigilantes. The gang, armed with knives and clubs, then broke up the convention, a gathering of the country's biggest pro-democracy group. This led to nearly a week of street clashes between the vigilantes and students, with townspeople joining in. A policeman died and 35 people were taken to hospita >>> FULL TEXT

    Boxing ring

    Kayhan: Deviant critics want to tarnish the reputation of the ulema >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

    Sosiaalist-haaye enqelaabi-ye iraan: Khatami's words at the U.N. should not be taken seriously >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT



Isn't this the coolest logo you've ever seen? It's from an Internet service provider in Iran >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Why are we so rude?

Sara S. writes: Regarding the article "Qaziyeh-ye nejad" by Mohandes: I have so many questions but I can't come up with any answers! I just want to know why we think that we are the best, and nobody is like us? Why are we proud of what happened 3,000 years ago, while we have nothing now?! I mean just look at us now! What happened to that huge empire? And what are we now?! If we are the best, and the rest of the world is nothing, how come we are all refugees in America, Europe...? Has anyone ever thought of this? The pride we have for 3,000 year old things has made us so blind that we can't see our present situation or think about our future FULL TEXT

* Persians & Aryans & ...

Nick writes: Regarding the article "Qaziyeh-ye nejad" by Mohande: intoor ke az maghaaleye shomaa daryaaftam, shomaa bishtar dar in soe`tafaahom gharaar daaarid taa digaraan. nemedunam ke cheraa in maghaale raa IRANIAN ejzaseye chaap daade az anjaa ke in eshtebaahe shomaa, meetune baraaye deegaran ham olgoo baashe!

inkeh mardoome aam dar in baareh che megooyand hamisheh baa hagheeghat hamsaaz nist. zamaani bood ke mardoom, khomeiny raa dar maah didand va hamaknoon ham in eshtebaahaat meetune rookh bede FULL TEXT

* Knowledge & wealth

Ahmad Poudratchi writes: Thank you for dAyi Hamid's article "Elm behtar ast yaa servat?". It brought back a lot of memories from many many years ago, when I was in 4th or 5th grade in the Jahanbani elementary school in Tehran.

In those days life was very simple and specially people were more simple and innocent. What a shame that those days have long gone and will never will be repeated.

Just like you, I obviously chose knowledge over wealth in my essay. I agree with you that in this capitalist society we need money to have a comfortable life. The bottom line is that we need both knowledge and wealth together.

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The Pragmatic Entente
By Sohrab Sobhani


Haalaa hekaayat-e maast
By Omran Salahi

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

My hard friend, you ask me for my heart and my gold.

The truth is, I have neither one to give.

Gold? What gold does a poor man have?

Since when does a lover have a heart left to give?
-- Rumi
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More news

Kadivar tells crowd Islam does not restrict freedom

TEHRAN, Sept 7 (AFP) - A cleric who spent 18 months in prison for challenging religious domination of Iranian politics told a crowd of 5,000 Thursday that Islam does not restrict freedom. "Freedom is God's greatest gift," Mohsen Kadivar said at a ceremony marking the 21st anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Mahmud Taleqani, an architect of Iran 's 1979 Islamic revolution >>> FULL TEXT

White House unfazed by Khatami's demands

NEW YORK, Sept 7 (AFP) - The White House on Thursday appeared unfazed by demands from Iranian President Mohammad Khatami for more US steps before Tehran could consider a resumption in official ties between the two countries. A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, brushed off Khatami's demand for "practical measures" for a restoration of relations, severed in 1980 after the Iranian revolution and the hostage-taking at the US embassy there >>> FULL TEXT

Iran vows to develop missiles to counter ``threats''

TEHRAN, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Iran said on Thursday it would continue to develop its controversial missile capability to face what it sees as ``widespread'' regional and international threats, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported. ``Iran develops its space and missile capacity based on a focused policy of deterrence considering the military situation in the region and threats from beyond the region,'' IRNA quoted Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani as saying >>> FULL TEXT

Iran hopes its new moderate image will help tourism

Tehran (Reuters) - Iran hopes its improving image abroad will help lift its depressed tourism industry, but many fear Islamic social restrictions could keep foreigners away. "The bitter truth is that our negative image, created by negative propaganda, has been a fatal poison for our tourism industry since the revolution," says Iran's chief tourism official Mohammad Moezzeddin. "We want to improve this image and President (Mohammad) Khatami's open-door and detente policy is the main key to this goal," he told journalists this week. Iran's once-vibrant tourism industry all but died after the 1979 revolution as the ruling Shi'ite Moslem clergy tried to construct a pure Islamic state >>> FULL TEXT

OPEC Raises Hopes for Cheaper Oil

VIENNA (Reuters) - OPEC Friday gave grounds for optimism that the oil cartel will mount its third supply increase in a year to soothe an international outcry over high energy costs. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, under fire to ease fuel bills and temper inflationary pressures, is thought likely to lift output by about 700,000 barrels daily, just under 3 percent, when it meets Sunday >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Cinema: Most dynamic

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- One hundred films will be shown at the youth film festival to mark 100 years of Iranian cinema >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

100 films

Tehran, (Iran daily) -- If Iranian films win awards at the Venice film festival following their success at Cannes, 2000 may turn out be the most successful year for Iranian cinema >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- A UFO will land in tonight's episode of "Tabagheh vasat" >>> FULL TPERSIAN EXT

No-javanan rock in Vietnam

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Iran's U-17 soccer team has won its third match in a row in the Asian championships in Vietnam, defeating Kuwait 3-0 >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Talebi's final list in a month

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Jalal Talebi will announce the final list national team players in a about a month. He also hopes to have Esteqlali players on the national team, despite Esteqlal's busy schedule in Asian club championships >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Esteqlal: Top goal scorers

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Esteqlal has the first and second leading goal scorers in the Azadegan league. Esteqlal is on top of the Azadegan League table, but Persepolis has played fewer matches >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Khatami winds up UN visit

President Khatami had a very busy six day visit to New York. He delivered a number of speeches and met leaders of many countries. He will be leaving New York in a few hours. Amin Zargham who followed President Khatami in the last six days sums up his trip >>> LISTEN HERE

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