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Monday February 5, 2001 / Bahman 17, 1379, No. 1159


Sehaty Foreign Exchange

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Theater of deception
Confessions of an Iranian spy novelist

By Salar Abdoh
February 5, 2001
The Iranian

I was hated not because my skin was particularly any darker than the British boys I went to boarding school with. If anything, in the years since, I've come to think maybe they hated me for the opposite reason, for the jarring proximity of my color to their own pale skins. There was an element of the subversion of the natural order of things in my not being anything other than white.

We were Wogs, after all. Golliwogs, Woggies, Paks, Pakis; you name the name and we had it. One name that has stuck in memory was this: Excuse for a Camel's Ass >>> GO TO FEATURE


Brits & Britain
Letter to a friend

By Reza Sami Gorgan Roodi
February 5, 2001
The Iranian

Dear Buddy,

I hope you are all in good health and that life is treating you well. In your letter you say that you have decided to come to England to continue your education and asked me about life in this country. If you are curious to know what we are doing here, let me quench your thirst and tell you, from my point of view, about how life is in this part of the British Isles >>> GO TO FEATURE


Hide & seek
My first day at a British university

By Reza Sami Gorgan Roodi
February 5, 2001
The Iranian

The sun plays hide and seek
the trees bloom behind the buildings
the birds patrol the sky
a wasp makes love to a flower
an aeroplane cuts the blue >>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

Niazi and the issue of Ahmad Khomeini's death >>> GO TO FEATURE


Women activists on Evin experience

* Prison's Revelations
By Mehrangiz Kar
* Evin is not that bad

By Shirin Ebadi
* Evin Hotel is further down the road

By Shahla Lahiji

"We told you - no more scoops"

Geneive Abdo, the Guardian's correspondent in Iran, was forced to leave at the weekend under threat of prosecution. She explains the country's problem with freedom of expression, and recounts her own experience >>> FULL TEXT

Reuters withdraws Tehran bureau chief

BBC Persian Service

The bureau chief of the Reuters news agency in Iran and his wife, also a journalist, have left the country and the Iranian authorities say neither will be allowed to return >>> LISTEN


Yaa Emaam Zamaan!

Do you know why people poured into the streets and toppled the Pahlavi regime? Because Imam Zaman said so. But of course!!! >>> HERE

Thanks to P.

More Letters

* Anti-discrimination news

PWC Public Relations writes: As a response to Mr. Guive Mirfendereski's two recent articles ["Power of one","Face in the mirror"] and his many letters against Persian Watch Cat (PWC) during the past several weeks and his defending Senator Dianne Feinstein in his letters and articles, a historical piece of news by Associated Press is presented for publication >>> FULL TEXT

* Scared of a referendum?

Mandana Ghajar writes: I found your article "Citizen Pahlavi" rather hypocritical and contradictory. Surely a referendum should allow Iranians to have a full choice of options for the future of Iran. This is the least Iranians deserve after the years of hardship that they have had to endure >>> FULL TEXT

* You know what people want?

Kerman01 writes: I am not arguing the merits of constitutional monarchy versus a republic, Islamic, democratic or otherwise ["Citizen Pahlavi"]... You think you know what the people of Iran want before you ask them? How is your logic and argument different from the mollas? >>> FULL TEXT

* Very true

Faramarz Kaviani writes: Thank you for an honest and unbiased editorial ["Citizen Pahlavi"]. This article is very true and comprehansive. My regards to people who think and write this way.

* Expected better judgment

Masood M. writes: Thank you for your coverage of Marziyeh in this week's music section. It certainly brought back lots of memories listening to her glorious voice. However, I was saddened and sorry to learn that she has been singing for the Mojahedin Khalq >>> FULL TEXT

Legal: International courts & the Mideast

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    The simpler our hands and hearts, the more free

    Of the world around, the happier we'll be.

    Penniless pleasure, gone in a blink,

    Is better than the pomp of a thousand kings.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

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Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Officials deny jailed reformist journalist on hunger strike

TEHRAN, Feb 5 (AFP) - Officials have denied reports that jailed reformist journalist Ahmad Zeid-Abadi has gone on a hunger strike to protest prison conditions, a newspaper reported Monday. The conservative Kayhan afternoon paper, citing prison officials, said a medical team had performed tests Sunday which reveal that Zeid-Abadi is in a satisfactory physical condition, and that inmates had also witnessed the journalist eat >>> FULL TEXT

Iran denies Reuters bureau chief expelled

TEHRAN, Feb 4 (AFP) - Iranian officials on Sunday denied they had ordered the expulsion of the bureau chief of the Reuters news agency and said Jonathan Lyons left because he was facing possible legal action >>> FULL TEXT

Official targeted by conservatives goes back on trial

TEHRAN, Feb 4 (AFP) - Iran's embattled Deputy Interior Minister Mostafa Tajzadeh, a close reformist ally of President Mohammad Khatami, returned to court Sunday in his trial for electoral fraud. Court officials only permitted a small group of Iranian journalists to cover the session >>> FULL TEXT

Political row over Iran budget to be referred to oversight council

TEHRAN, Feb 4 (AFP) - A conservative-led Iranian oversight council has rejected next year's budget despite its approval by the reform-majority parliament, legislative sources said Sunday. The rejection means the political row over the budget for the Iranian year beginning in March will be adjudicated by the powerful Expediency Council for the first time since Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution >>> FULL TEXT

US flags up, then down, at Tehran film festival: paper

TEHRAN, Feb 3 (AFP) - US flags put up for an international film festival in Tehran have been taken down by order of the culture ministry, the Kayhan newspaper said Saturday. The paper did not give any further details about why the flags at various cinemas had been taken down for the annual Fajr festival marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution >>> FULL TEXT

Government should face human rights tribunal: MKO

LONDON, Feb 3 (AFP) - Leading figures in the government should be brought before an international tribunal for "crimes against humanity," the self-acclaimed "shadow foreign minister" of Iran's controversial Iraqi based exiled opposition said on Saturday >>> FULL TEXT

Nearly one tonne of heroin seized in Tehran in 10 months

TEHRAN, Feb 5 (AFP) - Nearly one tonne of heroin was seized in Tehran over the past 10 months, the Iranian capital's police chief, Mohsen Ansari, said Sunday. "Over the past 10 months, 838 kilograms of heroin were seized in Tehran", Ansari was quoted as saying by the Iranian daily Kayhan >>> FULL TEXT

Ukrainian PM to discuss oil, planes, pipelines in Iran

KIEV, Feb 5 (AFP) - Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yushenko will pay a two-day visit to Iran beginning Tuesday to discuss purchases of Iranian oil, a new gas pipeline project and cooperation in aviation. Yushenko may have an opportunity to meet with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami during his stay, according to Ukrainian media >>> FULL TEXT

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