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Tuesday January 23, 2001 / Bahman 4, 1379, No. 1150


Sehaty Foreign Exchange


By Majid tehranian
January23, 2001
The Iranian


In Tehran

By Nader Davoodi
January 23, 2001
The Iranian

Tehran, last weekend >>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

If I can't prove my allegations, I will voluntarily go to prison >>> GO TO FEATURE


From Jail, Iran Dissident Vows to Continue Fight

By Geneive Abdo
International Herald Tribune
January 23, 2001

TEHRAN The leading defendant in a case that set off an international outcry against Iran over harsh prison terms imposed for dissent said in his first interview from jail that conservatives in the judiciary will pay the price for dictatorship >>> FULL TEXT

Islamic Coalition Association sets election conditions

BBC Persian Service

In a statement issued by the Islamic Coalition Association, one of the main right-wing groups, the coalition says it will take part in the election providing some conditions are met. In an interview with Hamid Reza Taraghi, a member of the central committee of the coalition, Daryoush Homai asks about the reason for such a move >>> LISTEN

Corbis Iranian women in the government-approved chador
Review of the first Tehran fashion show since 1979

TIME magazine
January 22, 2001

"I'd be laughed off the street if I wore half this stuff," said Malih Rashid, a 19-year-old university student, eyeing the clothes on display at a recent fashion show. But it was not risqué Madonna-esque cone bras or bizarre geometric exposures that raised her eyebrows >>> FULL TEXT

    Thanks to Laleh Khalili


Only in mamlekat-e gol o bolbol

TEHRAN, Jan 22 (AFP) - Casco, a grey parrot from Latin America currently living in the central Iranian city of Isfahan not only speaks Persian and Arabic, but also recites verses from the Koran and the names of the imams of the Shiite Muslim religion >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Very rich, elegant

Yasmine Rafii writes: Laleh Mizani's paintings are some of the most interesting art works you have ever featured ["Something missing"]. My eyes just don't want to stop looking. The deeper I look, the further away the bottom seems. Very, very rich and elegant work.

* Weeding out the weak

Reza writes: Babak, brother you are a warrior at heart ["Hell no"]... I understand your objection toward those who do not have the strength to prevent the faltering of their Iranian identity. But that's not such a bad thing you understand, for we need this "weeding out the weak" process in order to ultimately advance and strengthen our nation. We want them to deny their heritage. Because if they don't have the strength to love nor to stay loyal, they are of no value. In fact they may be detrimental to the future of Iran. They belong AWAY from Iran >>> FULL TEXT

* Fashion show for mafia boys?

Hamid Agerolo writes: After seeing a photo of a huge advertising banner of a fashion show on a wall on one of Tehran's streets, and another photo of the entrance to the show's premises with few not-hip-at-all guys selling tickets to the women-only show, and with an attendance of 16,000 women under one roof, I have a hard time believing that this show would have a go without the mafia boys profiting from it. Just like behind Googoosh's scene.

Openness for the sake of the people, or openness for the sake of "nezaam" opportunists?

* Googoosh product of Shah era

Darius Kadivar writes: For me Googoosh is a "product" of the Shah's era (and I don't think I am being unrespectful when I claim this) as many artists of that time she was totally eclipsed for more than 20 years, and I just hope that as much as her undeniable talent has surfaced, after 20 years of exile that the truth will also surface, concerning her life before and after the revolution >>> FULL TEXT

Music: Shahin & Sepehr, Washington

Wednesday, Jan 24 at 12:30PM · Shahin & Sepehr · At Olsson's-Metro Center in Washington DC, 1200 F St., NW, 202-393-1853 >>> DETAILS

Politics: Reza Pahlavi press conference, Washington

EVENT: National Press Club "Newsmaker News Conference"

The son of the late Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, will discuss the current political conditions of his country...

WHEN: Wednesday, Jan. 24, 10 a.m. >>> DETAILS




Lonely Planet Farsi (Persian)
Iran Phrasebook
By Yavar Dehghani



Mirzadeh Eshqi
By Seyed Hadi Haeri

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    She made my night more splendid than the day,

    Made body into spirit melt away.

    My lips sought hers, but found their honey's bliss

    Was far too sweet to make room for my kiss.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Ganji warns of political explosion

TEHRAN, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji, who recently received a 10-year jail sentence for dissent, warned on Monday of a political explosion unless conservatives eased pressure on the reform movement. In his first interview since his conviction with six other activists earlier this month, Ganji said he was honoured to stand up for his ideals in the face of what he called dictatorship and religious intolerance >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian students in hi-tech protest

BBC World Service, 1/22/01 -- Students are demanding the release of political prisoners For the first time in the history of the Iranian student movement, a group of students has set up an interactive web site in support of a protest against the detention of political prisoners >>> FULL TEXT

Judiciary reject appeal in Jews' spy case: lawyer

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - The judiciary has rejected an appeal by 10 Jews convicted last year of spying for Israel to get their sentences overturned, one of their lawyers told AFP on Tuesday. "We have received unconfirmed reports that the prosecutor-general has denied our request," attorney Mostafa Mandegar said from the southern city of Shiraz where the trial was held last year >>> FULL TEXT

Police gatecrash party, arrest 37 drinkers and dancers

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - The anti-corruption police arrested 37 people for drinking and dancing together when they raided a party in the southern town of Shiraz, the Jomhuri-Eslami newspaper said Tuesday. Police arrested 22 men and 15 young women, "most of whom had been drinking and dancing together," the paper said. It described the women as dressed in a "disgusting manner >>> FULL TEXT

Deputy interior minister out on bail, facing vote-rigging charges

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - The embattled deputy interior minister was freed on bail Tuesday after a court hearing on charges of vote-rigging in last year's parliamentary elections, judicial sources said. Mostafa Tajzadeh was allowed to go by the Tehran administrative court after paying some 12,500 dollars in bail at the end of the closed-door hearing, they said >>> FULL TEXT

Syria's President Assad to make first official Iran trip Wednesday

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is due in Tehran on Wednesday for his first official visit to Iran since taking over power in Damascus last July, the Iranian government newspaper said Tueday. Assad, who will be heading a large Syrian delegation, will meet with Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mohammed Khatami, the paper said, without specifying how long the visit would last >>> FULL TEXT

Parliament speaker calls for referendum on Palestine

AMMAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - Parliament Speaker Mehdi Karubi on Tuesday said Jews, Christians and Muslims who lived in Palestine before the creation of Israel in 1948 should take part in a referendum on its future. "We demand a referendum that would involve the three monotheistic religions that lived in Palestine before 1948," Karubi told a news conference in Amman at the end of a three-day visit to Jordan >>> FULL TEXT

Several Mujahedeen killed, arrested in western Iran: TV

TEHRAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - Several members of the armed, Iraqi-based People's Mujahedeen opposition have been killed and others arrested in western Iran near the Iraqi border, television reported Tuesday. "These members of the terrorist group were killed or arrested as they attempted to enter Iran from Iraq to carry out terrorist acts," the report said, adding that further details would be provided later >>> FULL TEXT

Armenia, Iran to discuss boosting economic ties during visit

YEREVAN, Jan 23 (AFP) - A delegation headed by Iran's economy and finance minister Hossein Namazi is due in Yerevan on Tuesday to discuss boosting economic ties and developing joint projects, the Armenian foreign ministry told AFP. The delegation officials and their Armenian counterparts will hold talks on building gas and oil pipelines between the two countries, constructing an oil refinery in Armenia's southern Megri region and a joint power station on the border river of Araks >>> FULL TEXT

First: Iranian women's choir perform abroad

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- For the first time since 1979, an Iranian girls' choir has performed abroad with official approval >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

"Horses" nominated for Inde award

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- Bahman Qobadi's "Time for Drunken Horses" has been nominated for an Independent film award in the U.S. >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Box office hit

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- "Aynak-e doodi" (Sun glasses) has been selling more tickets than any other film during the past week -- 5.5 million tomans a day >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Daei: Berlin blues

Tehran (Tamashagaran) -- Ali Daei still has the support of Berlin fans. But he is having problems with his teammates and coach >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

FIFA: Beh maa marboot neest

Tehran (Tamashagaran) -- FIFA chief says the organization does not get involved in the internal soccer affairs of member countries. So naturally he had no comment when he was asked why women are not allowed in Iranian stadiums >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


History of Iranian performing arts

A seven-part program produced by filmmaker Shahrokh Golestan. Here's PART NINE >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Amir Kabir Student Protest

A Yahoo chatclub created to voice student protests against recent jailings in Iran. News here

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Future events may act as a detonator for an explosion... Slowly and step by step, fascist interpretations of religion will lead to terrorist acts and other crimes which take place for the sole aim of shedding blood and demanding bloodshed in revenge.

-- Akbar Ganji, interview from prison
International Herald Tribune
January 23, 2001

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