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Wednesday, December 2, 1998 / Azar 11, 1377, No. 617

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Tonboon-e faati
With so few rights, Iranian brides-to-be are extra cautious

By Nasim Bagheri

Mr. Soroosh:

I read your article "Marrying an Iranian woman" with interest. There are two faces to a coin, the Persian saying goes. Although you are very much attached to your heritage, I am surprised at your naivete when approaching such a delicate subject as marriage with an Iranian woman. Perhaps it is the idealism and the romantic in you that beckoned your loved one to let go of all the traditions and the "strings" that hold her to her roots, and to join you in the land of the free. Things are not that easy in the real world and especially in today's Iran. In the words of Hafez:

... Eshgh aassaan nemood avval, vali oftaad moshkel-haa!

Under Iranian law (which incidentally predates the current regime) a woman has limited rights to her husband's assets either during her marriage to him or in the event of divorce or death. In case of his death a woman will inherit one eighth of her husband's cash assets (excluding land, building or stocks). After the belongings are all divvied up among the man's offsprings, siblings and parents, the wife's share comes LAST. A woman's only "security" in case her husband decides to divorce her or dies is her mahriyeh (dowry)... GO TO FEATURE


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If you missed it yesterday, you've go to check out this cartoon. It's an all-time classic.

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Just in case

The mahriyeh (dowry), will not make a good person out of an ill-intentioned individual but perhaps may be viewed as a token of good will. If the laws in this country were similar to those in Iran, I dare say, you would witness very few women rushing to the altar without a pre-nuptial agreement.

Nasim Bagheri
"Tonboon-e faati"
The Iranian
December 2, 1998

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