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Friday, December 18, 1998 / Azar 27, 1377, No. 627

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    Looking forward
    "Time to live in the present and for the future"

    "Unfortunately, many of us still live in the past," writes Ali Akbar Mahdi, associate professor of sociology at Ohio Wesleyan University, in his new book. "We still cling to yesterday's politics and believe in ideals that do not conform with contemporary times and place. The time has come for us Iranians to live in the present and for the future."

    Mahdi's Farhang-e Irani, J'ame'eh-ye Madani, va Daghdaghe-ye Demokr'asi ("Iranian Culture, Civil Society, and Concern for Democracy, " Javan Publishing Co., Toronto) is a collection of essays and articles most of which have been published between 1992 and 1998. The following excerpt is from essay written this year (in Persian) ... GO TO PAGE ONE


Freedom not to react
... especially when there is lack of knowledge

By Guive Mirfendereski

In [Where are the strategic thinkers?], a very irate Roshanravan lambasted an unspecified number of Iranian intellectuals, artists, professors, politicians, and journalists for not reacting to the "tragic murder of Dr. Daryoush Foruhar and Mrs. Parvaneh Foruhar," two apparently very famous, popular dissident nationalists. Now exactly why this murder is tragic and others are not is beyond me...

    One of the beauties of being in exile is to have the freedom not to write, not to give an opinion, not to eulogize, especially about matters or persons one does not know. Alas, if the writer had devoted some time writing in the praise of the Foruhars or condemnation of the murder and the murderer(s), then an appreciative readership would have become more informed about an issue mattered to the writer ... GO TO FEATURE


    Red hot favourites Iran go for gold

    Iran-Kuwait game kickoff time:
    Saturday Dec 19th, 5:00 am, U.S. Eastern Standard Time

    By Michael Battye

    BANGKOK, Dec 18 (Reuters) - The last time Iran won the Asian Games soccer gold medal in 1990, they were giant-killing underdogs emerging from a decade of war.

    On Saturday, they will be the red hot favourites as they battle Kuwait under a pall of apprehension after U.S.-led missile and air strikes on Iraq.

    Thai security forces went on full alert on Friday after a second day of strikes against Iraq and ahead of the final, although they said there was no indication of trouble.

    ``The anti-terrorist units have been ordered onto full alert, especially to provide security for Kuwait and Iran,'' said Major General Banchorn Chavalsilp.

    Iran and Kuwait, the newly crowned Persian Gulf champions seeking to go one better than they have ever done before, will also have to deal with Saturday's expected start to the Moslem dawn-to-dusk fasting month of Ramadan as they vie for the Asian Games title ... FULL TEXT

    Forwarded by Payman Arabshahi


    Play it again, Javid Mortouz Oghlou

From Hamshahri newspaper, Dec 15, 1998

More Letters

* Double standard

Sepehr Sohrab writes: Double standard: I wish all the people who make up the minorities in Iran were "writers" and "intellectuals," then what has been happening to them for a long time would get the proper attention ["In the name of the pen"].

* Search for meaning & belonging

Yasaman Mottaghipour writes: Looking at your feature "Where on earth" was quite an emotional experience for me. I browsed through alumni sites and looked at names and places. I was not looking for any particular person, just looking.

The "psychology of marginalization" (that is the psycho social and mental health consequences of experiencing a marginalized status) and the "psychology of migration" are important matters to look at. Perhaps the most fundamental disruption of migration is the uprooting of meaning. What are roots to plants, meaning is to human beings. Through the structure of meaning, each person keeps their relationships to others, to work, and to a soil and a culture that provides familiarity and stability ... FULL TEXT

* Deep crap

Bruce Bahmani writes: Wow just what we needed, more Disco! I'm sorry, "House"! I tried. I really tried. Maybe I'm getting old. But I just can't accept another slick-packed Iranian DJ duo as legitimate music. Sorry, Deep Dish is too predictable, from the name, right down to their black background website! ... FULL TEXT

* Politics: Rallies in San Francisco, Ottawa, Sydny

There are rallies in San Francisco, Ottawa, Sydny in defense of human rights in Iran... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

The Persian Boy

By Mary Renault

I have read many books in my 17 years, but few have captured me as The Persian Boy has. It is the story of a persian boy sold into slavery and eventually becomes slave to King Darius III. As Persia is lost to Alexander's army early in the story, the boy becomes first a servant then a lover to Alexander. Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is that Renault maintains an enormous level of accuracy both about the historical events, and about the relationship between this boy and Alexander, based on records from the time. -- A reader

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More news

Iranian embassy officials injured in Vienna protest

VIENNA, Dec 18 (AFP) - Two Iranian embassy staff were injured in Vienna Friday in an attack by Tehran opposition activists protesting during talks between an Iranian minister and the EU, the Austrian foreign ministry said. The officials sustained injuries during an attack on cars belonging to the delegation of Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi, meeting here with a troika of European Union officials, said a ministry statement ... FULL TEXT

Abadan airport closed due to military raids

TEHRAN, Dec 18 (AFP) - Abadan airport in southwestern Iran near the Iraqi border has been closed because of the US-British military strikes against Iraq, Iranian state television said Friday. Domestic flights to and from Abadan were suspended for at least five days, the television said ... FULL TEXT

Top preacher, Mohammad Taqi Falsafi, dies

Tehran, Dec. 18, IRNA - Senior Iranian cleric Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Taqi Falsafi passed away here friday.

Pro-Khatami cleric arrested for fraud

TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) - A court in Iran has arrested a prominent cleric, who backs moderate President Mohammad Khatami, to serve a jail sentence for fraud, the official news agency IRNA reported on Thursday. "Assadolah Bayat, who had been sentenced to a one-year jail term and 100 million rials ($33,000) on fraud and forgery charges was arrested and sent to prison," the agency quoted a statement by the Special Court of the Clergy as saying. Bayat, a former deputy speaker of parliament, is a senior member of the pro-Khatami League of Militant Clerics ... FULL TEXT

Farm-St. lawmakers pressure Clinton

December 17, 1998, WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton is under pressure from farm-state lawmakers to let Iran buy $500 million worth of American wheat, corn, sugar and other agricultural products. The proposed sale, which would require a waiver of trade sanctions dating from the 1979 hostage crisis, would provide a ``significant economic boost'' for farmers, 32 lawmakers said Wednesday in a letter to Clinton ... FULL TEXT

Fereydoun Moshiri honored

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - A collection of Fereydoun Moshiri's poems, "Jashn Naameh-ye Moshiri," has been completed by Ali Dehbashi and delivered to the printers ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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The "psychology of marginalization" (that is the psycho social and mental health consequences of experiencing a marginalized status) and the "psychology of migration" are important matters to look at. Perhaps the most fundamental disruption of migration is the uprooting of meaning. What are roots to plants, meaning is to human beings.

Yassaman Mottaghipour
Letters to The Iranian
December 16, 1998

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