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Dec 28-31, 1998 / Dey 7-10, 1377


* Iranian-American: Sincere appreciation
* Food: My wife's a vegetarian


* Revolution: The shah made mistakes. But...
* Abadan:
- What do they mean?

- Khaaterati zendeh kardi
* Yalda:
- Fundamentally different

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December 31, 1998

* Sincere appreciation

[To The Iranian and the White House:]

As an Iranian-American, I sincerely appreciate your [President Clinton's] appointment of Mr. Hassan Nemazee as U.S. ambassador to Argentina.

Bagher R. Harandi

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* My wife's a vegetarian

There are many Iranians who are vegetarins ["dAyi Hamid's 'Eat this'"]. My wife is vegatarian and has been one for the past six years. However, I do not have her will and still eat meat (mostly white meat). She has tried to convert me but I can't give up my bad habits.

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December 30, 1998

* The shah made mistakes. But who doesn't?

This is a response on the letter "Another Shahanshah? No thank you." I was only six-years old when the revolution took place. I left Iran nine years after witnessing a horrifying war and having both my parents jailed and tortured at Evin "university." Both my parents were "purged" and many other members of my family experienced the same ordeal. Let me tell you my mother was a midwife and in my family there were teachers, doctors and engineers. On top of that we were denied to get a passport and leave the country. In those days of war, blood and long lines for basic necessities of life, I was always reminded of the days when Iranian singers and dancers entertained people with our rich culture.

Let me save you from any prejudgment. I am not a monarchist. No member of my family enjoyed favor with the previous regime. We were as apolitical as one could be. We were Iranians who were not SHI'ITE Muslims. Since 1979, that has been a crime in Iran. I am not writing this to defend monarchy or the late Shah. I am here to remind my distinguished countryman that he is wrong to assume that everything was terrible in pre-1979 Iran and that everything was fine between 1979-80 ... FULL TEXT

M. Jalili

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December 29, 1998

* What do they mean?

I noticed that this week The Iranian Times web address is dedicated to "Braim" and that really made me homesick. Then I saw the picture of Alfi's store in Abadan and that filled my eyes.

I am a born-and-raised Abadani and spent my childhood not far from the Alfi Store. However, we used to call the area Beraim, not Braim. Does anyone know what the word stands for? And, for that matter, does anyone know what Bavardeh (as in Bavardeh shomali and Bavardeh jonoobi neighborhoods in Abadan) means?

I have a hunch they both may be souvenirs brought to the oil company community by Indian laborers during the early 1900s.

Mahin Motamedi Witkowski

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* Khaaterati zendeh kardi

Chaakeram, Hamid az España. I was just looking at the Abadan pictures. I din't know many of these people except the ones who moved to Ahvaz, like Matin Karbasiyoon, Marjan & Mahshid Madani Nezhad...

Damet kheyli garm, khaaterati zendeh kardi. Mokhles hamishegi,

Hamid Bahadori

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* If you read carefully

Dear Ataollah,

Thanks for your comments on my paper ["Cyber clash"]. Please be assured that this article was not intended to make any generalizations about Iranian youth. If you read carefully, I have tried to qualify this research, my conclusions and my interviews, and by no means do I present this as scientific "data" on the whole of Iranian young people:... FULL TEXT

Dokhi Fassihian

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December 28, 1998

* Fundamentally different

Dear Mr. Farhang,

Your enthusiasm for the ancient Iran heritage/ traditions and Zoroastianism is commendable ["Inaccurate heresies"]. However, such desire should not stretch concepts beyond the realm of reality. Your statements about Islam, Christianity, and Judaism and the dual concepts of heaven & hell, good & evil; is fundamentally different in the Unitarian beliefs of Moslems, Christians, or Jews than it is in Zoroastianism.

Sheytan in Islam, is created by Allah and DOES NOT have equal might. In Zoroastiaraninism, Ahreman is a separate entity and in competition with Ahoora! The divine religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are monistic in nature and do not believe in the concept of dual nature of the universe. In such beliefs, good and evil are intertwined.

I am a moslem and have tremendous respect for Zoroaster and his concepts as well as our rich Iranian culture, but above all, respect the truth, specially the proven documented ones!

Sadri Khalessi

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December 25, 1998

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