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Thursday, February 4, 1999/ Bahman 15, 1377, No. 659

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Traffic immitating life
Mercy is not in your vocabulary, not even on the road

    By Shahin Shahin

    I went to Tehran last month. It was my second visit this past two years, and the second in twenty one years. I have traveled to many countries in the world, and have driven in quite a few of them, but nothing can prepare you for the gladiatorial struggles of men and machine that occur on the streets of Tehran. It is without the doubt, the craziest thing I have seen in my life. The second craziest thing I have ever seen was bull fighting, but even that had its rules, which everyone observed.

    The Tehran streets' version of bull fighting spectacle has few Tehrani flavors, but the main theme is basically the same. You will get into your car, and instantly become a vicious conqueror (a bloodthirsty matador), out to grab as much glory and trophy as you can on your way ... GO TO FEATURE


    Unprecedented carnival adds spice to Iran's revolution festivities

    TEHRAN, Feb 4 (AFP) - Thousands of Iranians took to the streets of their capital Thursday for a "caravan of joy" as the Islamic regime jazzed up celebrations for its 20th anniversary with an unprecedented street festival.

    The convoy of amateur actors, dancers and musicians drew Iranians of all ages as it wound its way along Revolution Street, one of the capital's main thoroughfares.

    Youngsters on rollerskates donned cartoon character masks as folk musicians from across the country and dancers in traditional costume gave the festivities a carnival atmosphere ... FULL TEXT


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* I also serve soup to the poor

Angylina writes: First off, you have no right to call me bimbo. You don't know me, what kind of education I have, or why I do what I do. I don't think you have authorization to use that picture either! It states on my page that those pictures are copywrited. I suggest you take it and the story off your site now before you are sued by myself and the photographer.

I work hard to achieve the goals I have. All my life I have been harrassed by men like you who have sat on your throne and throw stones at people all while your living in a glass home. You're the same "men" who cheat on your wives, make as much money as you can to drive "Mercedes Benz" while people are starving. At least I take the time and lend my time to homeless shelters on the soupline and money to animal adoption services. I live a modest life. I drive no fancy car. I live in a 900-sq foot rental home and am greatful for the life I am blessed.

Just because someone looks good and takes care of their body and isn't afraid to show it off doesn't mean that they did anything to get it. I have NOT compromised myself to get where I am at. I've done this all on my own, without relying on anyone for help. I'm not afraid to show off my body and model.

Now, I am warning you to retract that article and remove the picture or my attourney will contact you within 24 hrs. And you cannot print, show, or put this letter on your page either.

* Art: Art on display in northern California

Gallery Ovissi in Emeryville, California, is proud to feature the works of contemporary artists, Saghar Barzmehri (manipulated photography), Maryam Javaheri (works on paper) and Bay Area artists Taraneh Hemami (works on paper) and Hadi Tabatabai (carvings on paper, wood and slate). A unique collection of contemporary works of art that speak to the aesthetic eye as well as the culturally aware mind. These artists share one common thread, their Iranian heritage, but each collection of works speaks a different story. Opening date is Saturday, February 20, 1999... MORE DTAILS

* Art: Yari Ostovany in DC

Yari Ostovany in the Fourth Annual All Media Juried Show at eklektikos Gallery . February 19, 1999 - March 17, 1999

Artists Reception: Friday, February 19th from 6-8 pm
Address: 1053 31st Street NW Georgetown/Washington, D.C. 20007

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The Priest and the King
An Eyewitness Account of the Iranian Revolution

By Desmond Harney

An extraordinary and riveting diary of the events that led to the Shah's overthrow... Harney conveys superbly the ups and downs, the rumors and speculations, the paranoia, ... as the old order was undermind. You can hear the helicopters whirring frightening the impotent. -- The Sunday Times

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Rial recovers, but economic worries remain

TEHRAN, Feb 4 (Reuters) - The Iranian rial has recovered somewhat after recent plunges against hard currencies, but traders and economists remain concerned about the economic impact of the currency's fall. On Tehran's illegal but active black market, dealers on Thursday were trading the rial at 8,100 to the dollar compared to about 8,700 rials per dollar three days ago. Traders said the rial improved after police rounded up dozens of street dealers since Tuesday. The currency is still 11 percent lower against the dollar compared to two weeks ago ... FULL TEXT

Chirac: Paris looking forward to Khatami's visit

Paris, Feb. 4, IRNA - french president jacques chirac said here wednesday evening that paris is impatiently looking forward to the upcoming visit to france of president mohammad khatami. he made the remark in a meeting with iranian foreign minister kamal kharrazi who wound up his official visit to france wednesday night ... FULL TEXT

Iran, Afghan Taleban hold first high-level talks

TEHRAN, Feb 3 (Reuters) - A top official of the Afghan Taleban government has met Iranian officials in the first high-level talks between the two neighbours which have had tense relations, newspapers reported on Wednesday. They quoted Iran's Foreign Ministry as saying Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil, a top spokesman of the Afghan Taleban, held talks in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with Iranian officials on Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Iran rejects Palestinian accusations of bombing campaign "plot"

TEHRAN, Feb 4 (AFP) - Iran strongly denied Thursday Palestinian Authority accusations that it is organising a wave of suicide bombings against Israeli targets to favour the re-election of hardline Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Iranian foreign ministry "strongly rejected" claims made by the Palestinian police that Iranians were planning a wave of suicide bombings in cooperation with the Palestinian militant group Hamas ... FULL TEXT

Iran says Germany should do more to improve ties

TEHRAN, Feb 4 (Reuters) - A senior Iranian official said in remarks published on Thursday that Germany should do more to improve bilateral ties damaged by political rows. ``Our response to Germany will depend on their behaviour. The policies of the previous government in Bonn led to Germany's exclusion from Iran's economic, trade and cultural sectors,'' Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmoud Vaezi told the daily Iran News ... FULL TEXT

Iranian player may face tough sanctions

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Ali Karimi, a member of Iran's under-21 "Omid" soccer team, is expected to face tough sanctrions from Asian soccer authorities for pulling off the referee's shirt and kicking him during an international match ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN


Iranians in 2,000 U.S. census

The US Census 2000 is approaching very rapidly. Every Iranian American related group, association, and organization must immediately articulate a strategy including education, and full participation by all in the Iranian American community to respond to the Census, while citing their original cultural heritage ... FULL TEXT

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No mercy (even in traffic)

Mercy is not in your vocabulary. You will not take the opponents alive. Once you have slain the beasts, you will proudly cut its ear off and throw it in triumph at the feet of the hapless traffic police, whom are made to stand all day and be a witness to the carnage as a punishment for some unknown sin they may have committed in this life, or the one past.

Shahin Shahin
"Traffic immitating life"
The Iranian
February 4, 1999

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