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Thursday, January 14, 1999/ Dey 24, 1377, No. 644

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    Vahshi Bafqi

    Royal diary

    Qebleye Alam
    From Nasseredin Shah's European travel diary

    Reading the diaries of Nasseredin Shah (1848 - 1896) is pure entertainment. The man, who is very comfortable with his title as Qebleye Alam (divine center of the world, more or less), writes about the most vain and bizarre events that frequently invite chuckles.

    But the following pages (in Persian) reprinted in Par magazine (Dey 1377 / January 1999) also say a lot not just about Nasseredin Shah but our rulers in general. How in the world do they reach the top and stay on top? And what does that say about us in the bottom? ... GO TO FEATURE


"US-Iran Relations: has the time come?"
Speech Delivered by the Honorable Cyrus R. Vance Former US Secretary of State For "Distinguished Speaker Series" of American-Iranian Council, Inc.

The Asia Society, New York City, January 13, 1999 -- Ladies and Gentlemen: I am pleased to join you for Eftar this evening. Thank you Nick [Platt, President of Asia Society] and Hooshang for a gracious introduction and for organizing this event. A group of distinguished colleagues will join me for the panel discussion that follows my comments.

Almost twenty years ago, as US Secretary of State, I participated in the decision to end diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran, a painful and difficult step taken in response to the attack on our embassy in Tehran and the abduction of our diplomats during a period of revolutionary turmoil. Months later, I took a second decision to resign in protest to the failed military action, in order to bring about a change in policy toward the hostage crisis. In the years that followed, I have watched from the sidelines with frustration and sadness as relations between our two countries plunged into increasing hostility, mistrust, name-calling, and mutual recrimination ... FULL TEXT


    Mory [Morteza] Ejabat in $20 billion deal

    By Jessica Hall

    NEW YORK, Jan 13 (Reuters) - Top executives from Lucent Technologies Inc. and Ascend Communications Inc. began talking last year, but the companies only became merger bound after prodding from their customers and they discovered a shared vision of the future.

    Lucent, the world's largest maker of telecommunications equipment, on Wednesday confirmed it would buy data networking company Ascend for about $20 billion in stock.

    While Wall Street and the media speculated for more than a year that the two would merge, Lucent Chairman Rich McGinn said they took their first steps toward a deal in June, when he initially met Ascend Chief Executive Mory [Morteza] Ejabat ... FULL TEXT

    Also see Iranian Businessman of the Year (1997)


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Rastakhiz Party congress

More Letters

* Iraqi pilot showed mercy toward Shirazis

Mehdi Ghajarnia writes: Reading the introduction to the article titled "Kuzestan in San Diego", I was reminded of an Iraqi whom I met in Pittsburgh through a good friend, who also happens to be Iraqi. His name was Adnan and he had sought asylum in the U.S. after being captured by the American forces during the Persian Gulf War. He had escaped from Saddam's army but not before being shot in the back as he fled. Fortunately, due to his great physical stamina he had made it alive to make it to the American (Saudi) border to surrender. However, it was not his ordeal that left an impression on me, but rather his uncle's, about which he told me as soon as I told him that I was originally from Shiraz.

During the Iran-Iraq War, Adnan's uncle had been a pilot for the Iraqi Army. His last mission had been to bomb a bridge in Shiraz, but when his plane had neared the target, he noticed a large number of people on the bridge. So he started firing into the air with the hopes of warning the people and dispersing them from the bridge. However, the people remained in place and after circling for a few minutes, Adnan's uncle decided to return to Iraq without dropping his bombs. Unfortunately, upon landing in Iraq, Saddam had Adnan's uncle executed for disobeying orders and not carrying out his mission.

* Lecture: Tradition vs Modern in recent developments

Lecture: "Tradition vs Modern in recent developments in Iran"
Speaker: Dr. Ahmed Ashraf

Sunday, January 17, 1999
5:30PM to 9:00PM

Mason Governmental Center 6507 Columbia Pike Annandale, Virginia

For Information please call (703)968-4884

Book of the Week

The Arrest of Hoveyda
Stories of the Iranian Revolution

By Saideh Pakravan

"Besides evoking Iran's unique atmosphere [The Arrest of Hoveyda]... proves that history can most tellingly be told when the key syllables of the word are taken as the last two: story... This book is essential for all who want to understand Iran." -- Peter Avery

"... a remarkable fiction. The author comes to political maturity in the midst of the absurd and tragic events leading up to the overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy, the murder of her father, and the consolidation of the power of Ayatollah Khomeini." -- Marvin Zonis

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Iran to jail, flog militants for beating officials

TEHRAN, Jan 14 (Reuters) - An Iranian court has condemned three militants to lashings and jail terms of up to 18 months for assaulting members of moderate President Mohammad Khatami's cabinet, a newspaper reported on Thursday. The daily Iran said the court sentenced Amir Farshad Ebrahimi to an 18-month term and 40 lashes in connection with the attack by a group of hardliners on liberal Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Ataollah Mohajerani and then Vice- President Abdollah Nouri at a public event in September. Kiyanoush Mozaffari and Babak Shahrestani were each given a six-month jail sentence and 20 lashes for the attack in which Mohajerani was reported to have been slightly injured, said the newspaper, which is published by Iran's official news agency IRNA ... FULL TEXT

Jannati strongly denies he tried to undermine khatami

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA - Ayatollah ahmad jannati, secretary of the council of guardians, thursday denied foreign media reports that he had travelled to qom to obtain the consent of senior religious leaders of the holy city, to declare president seyed mohammad khatami incompetent ... FULL TEXT

Russia to triple number of nuke workers in Iran

MOSCOW, Jan 14 (Reuters) - Fresh U.S. accusations that Moscow is helping Tehran build nuclear weapons and missiles have flared at a time when Russia plans to more than triple its staff of nuclear workers in Iran, an official said on Thursday. A spokesman for the Atomic Energy Ministry told Reuters on Thursday Russia will increase its staff at the site of the Bushehr civilian nuclear reactor in Iran over the next few months to 1,000 people from about 300 now ... FULL TEXT

British diplomat in Iran for talks on ties, Iraq

TEHRAN, Jan 14 (Reuters) - A senior British Foreign Office official held talks with Iranian officials on relations between Tehran and London and on the Iraqi crisis, Iran's official news agency IRNA reported on Thursday. Bahram Qassemi, director-general for Western European affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry, told Derek Plumbly: ``Iran is seriously determined to remove obstacles and to boost bilateral relations based on the talks and agreements between the two countries' foreign ministers in New York,'' IRNA said ... FULL TEXT

MAPNA set for fierce Iran energy race

DUBAI, Jan 14 (Reuters) - MAPNA, a little-known Iranian firm specialising in thermal power plants, looks poised to be a tough competitor in the fierce international race for Iran's lucrative oil and gas ventures. MAPNA -- the Iran Power Plant Projects Management Co. -- made its debut in Iranian oil by clinching a $347 million deal to build a Caspian Sea pipeline, beating Italian, British, German, Russian, South Korean and Saudi competitors. Armed with connections in Iran's oil industry and business and government circles, the company set up in 1993 has ambitions to penetrate Iran's energy scene ... FULL TEXT

Iran interested in Berti Vogts as national football coach

Jan 14, 1999, Deutsche Presse-Agentur Teheran (dpa) - Iran is interested in hiring former German helmsman Berti Vogts as national team coach, the Teheran daily Sobh'e Emruz reported Thursday. ``Vogts is the best option for the national team,'' the daily reported in reference to IFF negotiations with several foreign coaches ... FULL TEXT

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In short, the time has come for us as American and Iranian citizens to apply our mutual energy, intellect, and goodwill toward strengthening relations between our two countries, as their destinies are intertwined.

Cyrus Vance
Speech at Asia Society
13 January 1999

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