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Monday, January 18, 1999/ Dey 28, 1377, No. 646

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Two-colored lollipop
Reflections on life in Iran and the U.S.

By Tara Bahrampour

"Are you Japanese?"

I laugh, and the [Iranian] shopkeeper realizes he is wrong. My wavy brown hair, light skin, and slightly flat-lidded eyes are a mix of a lot of things, but I'm not Japanese. On my mother's side I am English, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, and German. My father's side is harder. Agha Jan's family is said to have come from the Qashqais, a nomadic tribe that moves between the mountains and the plains of the southern province of Fars. Baba says that is why even the old ladies in our family go out every evening for a brisk stride around the block, with the blood of the nomads pumping through their legs...

"I'm half Iranian and half American," I answer in Farsi.

"Ah, do-rageh," he says, nodding. Do-rageh means two-veined, or two kinds of blood in one vein, and whenever people say it I think of my two bloods swirling together like a two-colored lollipop ... GO TO FEATURE


Missing: Pirouz Davani

A special web page has been created for Pirouz Davani, a political activist who left his home in Tehran on the 25th of August 1998 and has not been heard from since. On the 27th of August foreign radio stations quoted reports that he had been arrested.

Davani, born in 1961, is the party secretary and speaker of the Union for Democracy in Iran, and an advocate of democracy and human rights. He had been arrested twice before for his non-violent opposition to repression in Iran... GO TO WEB SITE


    Lovers stole jewelry to pay for wedding

    TEHRAN, Jan 12 (AFP) - An Iranian accounting student and his fiancee stole from jewelry stores to get the money to pay for their wedding but ended up in jail, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

    Abdolreza, 24, and his 19-year-old fiancee, Monireh, were caught stealing gold necklaces and chains, sometimes replacing them with fakes, in eight different jewelry shops around Tehran, the daily Iran said.

    The couple confessed, but insisted they stole from the shops to pay for their wedding.

    "We're guilty of the charges, but we made a mistake," Abdolreza, an accounting student, told a court here.

    "We thought we could get married with the money and have an easy life. We're not thieves, we ended up in this mess by mistake," said Monireh.

    Forwarded by Laleh Khalili


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Carrying wounded demonstrator

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Shirindokht Radi writes: I am glad that you realized that I tried to show the "domal"s of our culture without hiding behind symbols ["In the Ring"]. You are absolutely right; almost in all situations concerning Iranian women, defeat is certain. But, the enlightenment of even one mind is a victory: that is my victory.

* Forum: U.S.-Iran Business Council Forum

The Iranian Trade Association, along with our host, the Washington International Trade Association will present the First Quarterly U.S.-Iran Business Council Forum: " The Process of Engagement" on Wednesday, February 3 in Washington, DC ... MORE DETAILS

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The Arrest of Hoveyda
Stories of the Iranian Revolution

By Saideh Pakravan

"Besides evoking Iran's unique atmosphere [The Arrest of Hoveyda]... proves that history can most tellingly be told when the key syllables of the word are taken as the last two: story... This book is essential for all who want to understand Iran." -- Peter Avery

"... a remarkable fiction. The author comes to political maturity in the midst of the absurd and tragic events leading up to the overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy, the murder of her father, and the consolidation of the power of Ayatollah Khomeini." -- Marvin Zonis

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Khamenei urges factions to end dispute over killings

TEHRAN, Iran, Jan. 18 (Reuters) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Monday called on conservatives and moderates to end a bitter dispute over the killings of dissidents. Khamenei's call for calm came amid public concern over a new wave of killings in Tehran which did not appear to be political in nature. There was wide concern among residents of the capital after more gruesome murders in which a prominent elderly engineer and his wife, and the wife of a prize-winning translator were killed at their homes by unknown intruders last week ... FULL TEXT

New murders shake Iran

TEHRAN, Jan 17 (AFP) - Political killings and kidnappings, death threats against intellectuals and dissidents, and violent killings of citizens on an almost daily basis, have deepened a sense of insecurity in Iran ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. Iran has been gripped by a vicious cycle of death threats and murders against dissidents and writers as well as professionals, as rival political factions are locked in a power struggle ahead of the anniversary on February 11 ... FULL TEXT

Russian ex-KGB blames West for Iran technology

MOSCOW, Jan 18 (Reuters) - Russia's FSB national security service said in a newspaper interview published on Monday that Iran possessed Western equipment which could be used to build missiles. The United States placed sanctions on three Russian scientific institutes last week and threatened further action, accusing Russia of providing aid to Iran's missile and nuclear weapons programmes. But FSB spokesman Alexander Zdanovich told the Sevodnya daily newspaper that Washington had provided no evidence to back up its accusations ... FULL TEXT

MPs reject bill to liberalise car imports

TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) - Iran's parliament Sunday defeated a bill that would have removed a virtual ban on car imports into the country. In a session broadcast on Tehran radio, deputies voted against a budget item that would have allowed car imports subject to heavy customs duties. Under Iran's protective laws, car imports are allowed only in few cases, including when the payment for the vehicles is made in hard currency obtained from exports ... FULL TEXT

Tehran film fest details

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Details of the Tehran international film festivcal next month, including the names of the films and their directors ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Mayeli-Kohan: Think long term

Tehran (Iran) - Employing a foreign coach for the Iranian national team will do no good if we only think in the short-term, said former head coachMayeli-Kohan in an interview with Iran newspaper ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Abroad, our lives had been unlike anyone else's. We had not fit into any mold; compared to Iranian kids in Iran or American kids in America, we had had a sense of being untethered in the world. We had traveled all our lives; we were seasoned experts on jet lag...

Tara Bahrampour
"Two-colored lollipop"
The Iranian
January 18, 1999

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