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Wednesday, January 20, 1999/ Dey 30, 1377, No. 648

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All Roads Merged
Follow the stream, Arash thought

By Babak Morvarid

The bakery had three workers, all three looking very much alike. They had white aprons on with a white cloth over their heads so as to keep the hair from the dough. It didn't matter if it did, but they wore them anyway. To the back was the oven, made of brick and its fire visible through the hole where the dough entered and bread came out. Two of the men made the bread. One would pound and spread the dough and the other would slap it onto the pebbly stone walls of the oven. The shape of the dough before entering the oven was pointed at the top and inwardly curved at the bottom, extended along its length as a hyperbolic curve.

The third baker was the one who greeted the customers with a toothy smile, over a thick mustache. They all had mustaches, whitened by flour. "Salaam-aleikom," he said to Arash. "Salaam," said Arash. "I want two, please." "Chashm, aziz," said the baker, "Yes, of course." ... GO TO FEATURE


Tintin's 70 years of adventure

(BBC) - He may well look like a young boy, but the intrepid cartoon reporter Tintin is 70 on Sunday.

He and his dog Snowy made their first appearance on 10 January 1929 in the Belgian newspaper Le Petit Vingtieme in the first episode of a comic strip "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets".

The character's creator was Georges Remi, better known as Herge, and he launched Tintin into scores of adventures over the next 20 years.

More than 3m books of Tintin's escapades are sold each year, in 58 languages. There have also been films, TV series, videos and toys ... FULL TEXT

Thanks to Behyar Bakhshandeh

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* One thumb up

Mohsen Pourett writes: Really funny! ["National crisis"] Enjoyed it . I would have said "two thumbs up" (well maybe one, gholov cheraa?) but I was afraid it might be interpreted as a Persian thumbs up! Keep up the good work.

* Lengesh kon

Ajayebi writes: [Regarding "Just pretend we have no oil"], it's easy to sit outside and say "lengesh kon." does this self-professing economist have a plan that would work to get the country out of its dependency on oil and into an industrial track?

Agar mardeh, why doesn't he outline a plan to achieve this jump within the confines of the current social, economic atmosphere?

* Lecture: Murderers of dissidents on trial, Berkeley

The Ad hoc Committee for Defense of Freedom and Democracy in Iran in protest to the killings of dissidents in Iran will hold a public trial for those responsible for the killings.

Speakers (in Persian):

* Dr. Bagher Parham
Topic: Association of Iranian Writers and Its Role in the Transformations in Contemporary Iran

* Dr. Abbas Milani
Topic: Civil Society and Political Crisis in Iran

With the video of a memorial service for Parvaneh & Dariush Forouhar, Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammad Pouyandeh in Iran.

Time: Saturday January 23, at 7:30
Place: First Congregational Church, 2345 Channing Way at Dana, Berkeley

Book of the Week

The Tragedy of Sohrab and Rostam
From the Persian National Epic, the Shahname of Ferdowsi

By Jerome W. Clinton (Translator)

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Mohammad Mokhtari

Murderers of dissidents to face public trial

TEHRAN, Jan 20 (AFP) - The alleged murderers of Iranian intellectuals and dissidents will be put on public trial shortly, a military official announced Wednesday. "They will be tried in public and can have a defense lawyer," a prosecutor of the Tehran military tribunal Mohammad Niazi said in an interview broadcast on state television ... FULL TEXT

Intelliegence minister may be replaced: paper

Tehran, Jan. 20, IRNA - information minister qorbanali dorri-najafabadi will stay in his post until the end of the current iranian year ending march 21, and "most probably he will be replaced by ali yunesi," an informed source told the daily 'tehran times'. yunesi is one of the three members who on behalf of president mohammad khatami successfully conducted an inquiry into the recent murders of dissident politicians and writers, added the article in the paper, published wednesday.

TV chief regrets airing anti-Khatami program

Tehran, Jan. 20, IRNA - The president of the islamic republic of iran broadcasting (irib), ali larijani, in a statement issued here on wednesday stated that part of the tv program 'cheragh' had violated the irib policy of preventing the politicization of the case of recent serial murders ... FULL TEXT

Iran sets petroleum exports at $12.1 bln in 1999/2000

TEHRAN, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Iran is planning to earn $12.1 billion from its petroleum exports in the next Iranian year under a budget measure approved on Wednesday. In a session broadcast on Tehran radio, parliament deputies passed the measure forecasting $10.6 billion in crude exports and $1.5 billion in exports of petroleum products and liquefied natural gas in the year starting on March 21 ... FULL TEXT

Russia defends nuclear fuel sale

MOSCOW (AP) -- The nuclear fuel Russia plans to supply to Iran for a power plant cannot be used to build nuclear weapons, a top Russian official said Wednesday. Russia signed an $800 million deal with Iran in 1995 to help build a 1,000-megawatt light-water nuclear reactor in Bushehr. The United States and Israel have strongly criticized the project, saying it might help Iran obtain technology needed to develop nuclear weapons ... FULL TEXT

Iran's "Green Film Festival"

Tehran, Department of the Environment press release: The first international film festival focused on the living environment will be held in Iran in February 1999. Dr. Yousef Hojjat, deputy-managing director for training and planning at the Department of the Environment has announced the dates of February 28th to March 5th 1999 for the first international film festival to be organized around environmental issues ... FULL TEXT

Persepolis on top

Tehran (Iran) - Half way through the Azadegan League season, Persepolis has taken first place with 28 points. Saipa is second ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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The dollar now offered at up to 720-722 tomans

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Climbing the road against the flow of the stream, Arash felt the comfort of being alone without being lonely. It had all melted in his soul, the walls and the doorways, the bread and the stream and the call from down the road. He was home and he would know it years later when he wasn't.

Babak Morvarid
"All Roads Merged"
The Iranian
January 20, 1999

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