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Wednesday, January 27, 1999/ Bahman 7, 1377, No. 653

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    Gol Aqa's ideas on the rights of the press

    Last December, Gol Aqa, Iran's most popular satirical magazine, published what it called a proposal to replace current press laws. The piece was published while several moderate newspapers and magazines had been ordered closed by the press court, new prposals were being considered by conservatives in parliament to put further restrictions on the press, and dissident journalists were being "mysteriously" murdered. Meanwhile, Abdulkarim Soroush, a leading critic of the religious establishment, had written an open letter to President Khatami urging him to take firm action to protect the press.

    You can start reading Gol Aqa's proposed press bill by going to the introudction. But I would recommend going straight to the bill itself (in Persian): ... GO TO FEATURE


Satirical magazine takes cautious stab at politics

TEHRAN, Jan 27 (AFP) - Iran's most popular satirical magazine, Golagha, takes a lighthearted look at politicians, but continues to steer safely clear of the all-powerful clergy two decades after the Islamic Revolution.

In a country where humour is both indispensable and a potential cause of trouble, Golagha has been treading a thin line since it appeared eight years ago.

So far, the illustrated weekly has achieved its goal of making the public laugh and ensuring its survival at the same time.

But the magazine has appeared to have tested the limits on a number of occasions ... FULL TEXT


Family meets murky end

TEHRAN, Nov 12 (AFP) - Three members of an Iranian family and a neighbour died after sinking into a sewage pit, newspapers said.

The 50-year-old head of the family died when the sides of a well he was digging in his house in Qazvin, west of Tehran, gave way and covered him in sewage, they said.

His son rushed into the well to rescue him, but was himself suffocated by poisonous gases from the sewage.

The tragedy was repeated when the man's wife entered the well to save the two men and a neighbor who responded to cries for help also met the same fate.

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* Shared oil

G.H. Massiha writes: Mr. Mirfendereski as usual is great in choosing the right topic in the right time ["Pretend we have no oil"]. I agreed with most of his article except for the part when he wrote: "A barrel of oil left in the ground is one saved for future."

I am not sure but many of Iran's oil reseves in south and the Caspian Sea are shared by other countries as well. It is a good possibility we lose all our oil even if we stop production in many locations. I hope I am wrong! Would some petrolium engineer comment in this regard?

Thank you Mr. Mirfendereski for your contribution.

* Key az roo miri?

"Ansaar Hezbollaah" writes to Googoosh: Salaam. Raasti khejaalat nemikeshi? Key az roo miri?

* Sponsorship: Learn Persian in Iran

From: William Hanaway <>

The American Institute of Iranian Studies (AIIrS) hopes to sponsor an eight-week course in the Persian language this summer at the International Center for Persian Studies of the Dehkhoda Institute in Tehran. The course would be open to U.S. citizens who have had at lease one academic year of training in Persian and who are enrolled in a doctoral program where a knowledge of Persian is essential to the student's research. AIIrS hopes to be able to provide travel, tuition and maintenance for each student. The course would begin on about July 1.

Interested students should apply to the below address, describing the general topic of their dissertation research and giving their reasons for wishing to attend such a course. They should also supply names, addresses and email addresses of two referees, one of whom should be the student's academic advisor.

Dr. Brian Spooner
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Philadelphia, PA 19104

Book of the Week

Daneshvar's Playhouse
A Collection of Stories

By Simin Daneshvar

In five intriguing stories, the formal detachment of Daneshvar's prose reinforces her subtle revelation of repressive features in Iranian society. . . . These seemingly simple stories disclose a rich culture in a time of ferment and change, of women in chadors, held in contempt by the men who control their lives. . . . This volume is a valuable addition to our knowledge of Persian culture and the political complexities of modern Iran.
-- Publishers Weekly

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More intelligence agents arrested

TEHRAN, Jan 27 (AFP) - Iran's intelligence ministry said Wednesday it had arrested several of its agents, accusing them of clandestinely distributing political leaflets. "Several agents who were involved in distributing underground letters and counterfeit documents have been arrested and handed over to the judiciary," an unnamed intelligence official said, quoted by the official IRNA news agency ... FULL TEXT

Speaker opposes ``enemy'' U.S. wheat

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's conservative parliament speaker Wednesday opposed any imports of U.S. wheat, saying Tehran should not become dependent on its arch-enemy. But Iran's Foreign Minister referred to the possible imports as a sign that U.S. sanctions against Iran had failed. They were reacting to reports that U.S. officials were considering a sanction waiver allowing $500 million of U.S. farm goods to be exported to Iran ... FULL TEXT

Iran demands U.S. apology over stray missile

TEHRAN, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Iran on Wednesday demanded an apology and compensation from the United States over a missile which hit an Iranian city this week after apparently going astray during a U.S.-led strike on neighbouring Iraq. ``America must apologise to compensate for the violation of the airspace of the Islamic Republic of Iran,'' said Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, quoted by Tehran radio. ``Iranian public opinion...will not allow such violations of Iran's airspace by foreigners, and Iran's armed forces will surely defend the country against any aggression,'' he added ... FULL TEXT

Iran, U.N. sign accord on fighting drugs

TEHRAN, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Iran and the United Nations have signed an accord on fighting drug smuggling, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported on Tuesday. It said that under the accord -- signed between Iran and the U.N. International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) in Tehran -- the United Nations will set up an office in Tehran for the first time for the drug campaign programme ... FULL TEXT

Taleban says ready for talks with Iran

KABUL, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taleban movement said on Wednesday it was prepared to hold talks with neighbouring Iran to try to end disputes between the countries ``The foreign ministry of the Islamic Emirate (of Afghanistan) while welcoming any positive step in improving relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, announces its full readiness for holding talks with Iranian authorities for solving all of the contentious issues,'' a statement from the Taleban's foreign ministry said ... FULL TEXT

Novels by women in high demand

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Books written by Iranian women have become very popular in recent years. Why? Here's one look into the phenomenon ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Architecture bids: Issues

Tehran (Hamshahri) - The public knows little about architectural bids in Iran and its failures. A feature from Hamshahri ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Abedzadeh's troubles not over

Tehran (Iran) - Persepolis coach Ali Parvin has called for help to drop the charges against goalie Ahmad-Reza Abedzadeh. The police in Isfahan are refusing to dismiss charges that he incited the local crowd during a match. ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Gol Aqa's "Press Bill"
The Iranian
January 27, 1999

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