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Tuesday, October 13, 1998 / Mehr 21, 1377, No. 582

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    People of extremes
    Iranians are really interesting people. Do be careful though

    By eRoTuS

    TIn essence, yes, Iranians are a people of extremes where one can find the best of people and the worst. In nature, this is truly the case -- The capacity for good equals the capacity for evil. The greater good something can do, it can in turn do the equivalent level of harm.

    Let us now examine your comments as well as that of Mrs. Mohammadi. Mrs. Mohammadi says "Iranian people, in general, are on the surface overly hospital and friendly. However, underneath they are power hungry, money hungry, backstabbing, critical, and extremely superficial." I would say that this is only partially true and it does not apply to all Iranians. Iranians are hospitable and friendly by most standards and exhibit this friendliness genuinely. I do agree, that there is a segment of Iranian society that is definitely not genuine underneath and this segment, not the whole, is what we are discussing... GO TO FEATURE

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    Iran-U.S. relations

    Looking for books on Iran-U.S. relations? We have listed several of them which can be bought directly from If you have any suggestions on recent books on this topic, let us know and we will include them in this section. GO THERE


    Gold Rush

    TEHRAN, Sept 27 (AFP) -Gold rained down on the streets of the capital after an explosion ripped through a jewelry shop in a southern suburb, an Iranian newspaper reported Sunday.

    Passers-by rapidly overcame their shock at the blast and "scrambled to pick up the pieces of gold that had been thrown onto the street," the daily Iran said, citing witnesses.

    The explosion was caused by a gas-cylinder in the basement of the jeweler's shop which was used as a goldsmith's workshop. Two shopkeepers were injured in Saturday's blast.


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Farah and the kids


* In honor of Sharekord

Mehrdad writes: I notice that you put a name of an Iranian city as a part of the WEB address for the Times. Have you ever put "Shahrekord" there?

Shahrekord is the capital of Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari. I am originally a Bakhtiari and might send you some pictures from there soon. Thanks

REPLY: Your wish is my command! This week's Iranian city for the Times URL will be Shahrekord. jj


* Film: Dariush Mehrjui in Columbus, Ohio
* Play: Berkeley play based on Hedayat's story
* Politics Iranian American Republican fundraising, San Diego

* Mehregan: In Washington
* Course: Introduction to Hafez, in Virginia

* Conference: Dialogue of Civilizations ?
* Conference: Challenges for Iranians abroad, Indianapolis

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Death defying

A Persian garden is above all else a story of water passing through the halls of life, defying death.

Gerard Grandval
"The Persian Garden: Echoes of Paradise"

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