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Monday, October 26, 1998 / Aban 4, 1377, No. 591

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    Baba Taher

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    Laid back
    She was a woman. And life was good

    What makes these photos special is not that they were taken at a time when women did not have to wear the hijab in public. The social and political messages here are secondary. What makes them so amazing is the woman herself -- the individual in each photo speaking to the viewer. More than a time or a certain kind of woman, she represents herself.

    All these photos, except for one, were taken in Iran in the 1950s, 60s and early 70s. Click on the links below to see them:... GO TO FEATURE


* Baha'is

Washington Post editorial, Sunday, October 25, 1998 - SINCE THE election of President Khatami more than a year ago, Iran watchers have been hoping for signs of new tolerance in that nation's policies. But if treatment of the most vulnerable minority is any indication, there is little reason to cheer Iran's recent record. Members of the Baha'i faith, a religion that claims about 6 million adherents worldwide and 300,000 in Iran, have been facing increasingly vicious persecution... FULL TEXT


    Bearded boxers banned

    KABUL, Oct 26 (Reuters) - A senior sports official in Afghanistan's Taleban regime asked for an explanation on Monday for the banning of three Taleban boxers from a Pakistani tournament because of their beards.

    ``We would like them (tournament organisers) to explain to us why our boxers were not allowed in the match,'' Abdul Shokour Mutmaen, head of the Olympic committee of the purist Islamic Taleban, told a news conference.

    The trio was banned from an international tournament last week when organisers ruled that their beards were potentially dangerous and against the rules... FULL TEXT


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Armed man on day of the revolution

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* What do I do? I'm Italian.

Hamid writes: I can't stop laughing about this Tony name. Is that because many Iranains think that we look alot like Italians? I have never met an Italian guy who calls himself Jamshid. I understand that Iranians are very good at adapting themselves to other cultures, but why change your name?

I happen to have an Arabic name just like many other Iranians, but I don't find it necessary to change my name to a Persian name or to a Western name for that matter. Shouldn't we just respect our parents for having named us or we should all go around calling ourselves Tony?... FULL TEXT

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The Spiritual Wisdom of Hafez : Teachings of the Philosopher of Love

Translated by Haleh Pourafzal, Roger Montgomery

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Local council elections in February

TEHRAN, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Iran will in February hold its first municipal elections since the 1979 Islamic revolution, setting the stage for the next face-off between conservatives and backers of reformist President Mohammad Khatami. Pro-Khatami Islamic leftists, who control the Interior Ministry, have been strong advocates of the councils which they see as a manifestation of Islamic democracy... FULL TEXT

Clerics ride political machine to victory

TEHRAN, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Iran's conservative clerics swept to an election victory worthy of any big-city political machine, but such organisational muscle may prove of little value in the battle with reformist President Mohammad Khatami. Say analysts, the results will provide little real comfort to the establishment, which had hoped to dent the ``people power'' movement that saw the moderate Khatami elected in a suprise landslide on May 23, 1997.... FULL TEXT

Conservatives 49, Moderates/independents 37

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - Break down of which factions won seats in Friday's elections... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran calls U.S.-funded Farsi radio ``interference''

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Iran has branded U.S.-funded Farsi-language broadcasts being beamed into the country as ``interference'' and warned the Czech Republic about hosting the new station, the official news agency IRNA said on Sunday. ``This radio has been set up in the framework of America's $20 million fund against Iran,'' it quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Mahmoud Mohammadi as saying. ``This is considered interference in the Islamic Republic of Iran's internal affairs and is contrary to international rules.''... FULL TEXT

Women's soccer in "test stage"

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - Activities and shortcomings of the first six months of women's soccer since 1979... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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The Pahlavi Era

"Farah Pahlavi, Empress of Iran"

If you're curious about Iran during the Pahlavis, you will find a lot of information (and mega bytes of rare photos) in these two sites, both created by Farhad Sepahbody.

More web sites... & the Web site of the day - beyond Iran

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If you want to be a successful businessman you don't have to change your name. Instead be honest with people. Sell good used cars; don't clip the miles. Keep your promises so you don't have to call yourself Tony.

"What do I do? I'm Italian"
Letter to The Iranian
October 26 1998

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