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Haalaa aakharesh chand?
Choonehing with a shopkeeper

By Lily Raissi
July 31, 2002
The Iranian

Me - "Agha in chandeh?"

Shop Keeper - "40 hezaar toman."

i was flying! sheesh! life is cheap here... thats what? 35 pounds?!... but no... i had to "chooneh" i wanted to see if the iranian blood was still alive in me.

Me - "haalaa nemishe yekhoordeh be man takhfif bedin?"

he looked at his calculater for a second.

Shop keeper - "chonke shomaa shomaayin khaanoom, 36 hezaar toman!"

nope... not good enough.. i could do better than the khanoom chadori next to me.. i looked at him and copied the chadori chick who knew her way around.

Me - "haalaa aakharesh cheghadr misheh aaghaa?' (khodam azin gedaa baaziyaa khandam
gerefteh bud... but it was worth a try... i wanted to see taa che had mishe too tehran chooneh zad!)

he looked at me again.

Shop keeper - " ay baabaa khanoom... hamin 36 toman e digeh - maa ham zano bache daarim bekhodaa..."

i started looking at the cool earing designs he had on display.

shop keeper - "haalaa agar vaaghan ino baraaye khodetoon mikhaayin baraaye shomaa yek takhfifeh makhsoos daarim, mikonimesh 30 toman!" (dang! az 40 toman raft 30 toman! thats a 10 hezaar toman difference!)

still not good enough. (i was pretty excited... probably proud too. i KNEW how to chooneh!) hehehe.. i think i was getting on his nerves. so while laughing i said,

"haalaa aaghaa aakhareh aakharesh chand dar miyaad?"

Shop keeper - "khaanoom shomaa shookhitoon gerefteh? in 'END' e 'END' eshe!! aslan maaleh khodetoon! baresh daarin berin be salaamat!"

was he 'taarofing' or was he serious? people here are just way too complicated! For example a couple of days ago i asked our maid if she wanted "maast" with her 'loobiyaa polo' and she said dastet dard nakoneh! i looked at her blankly for a second and repeated myself. again she said 'dastet dard nakoneh'.

what did it mean? couldn't she just answer me with a simple 'yes' or a 'no'? in the end i ended up asking my grandmother if 'dastet dard nakoneh" was a yes or a no! for your information it was a yes! : P

any ways as i was saying - the dude said that i can take the necklace for free. how cool was that? how kind are these people.. dang.. i wanna stay.. but i had to taarof.. intori nemishod!

me - "na aaghaa in harfaa chiye.. raast migin shomaa ham zano bache daarin.. cheghadr behetoon bedam khoobeh?"

Shop keeper - "harchi eshghet mikeshe khaanoom!"

(eshgham mikeshe? what the hell?!.. agar eshgham nakeshid chi? mage eshgh aslan keshidaniyeh? lol)

Az shookhi gozashteh i asked,

"aagha 30 toman khoobeh?"

Shop keeper - "khodet behtar midooni khaanoom (he gave me a dissatisfied look)."

i felt sorry for him.. i paid him the 40 hezaar toman and walked out.. but i was proud.. proud that i know how to CHOONEH : P

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By Lily Raissi

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