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Wrong guy, wrong place
Photo essay: Egypt

Dario Margeli
May 26, 2006

I'm a bit traumatized, between the vicious tour sales person at the airport, who got me to spend way more than I had planned, and the people and drivers asking for tips. The hotel person was awful, he couldn't find his own hotel on the map!!! It is obviously the Third World and the streets are very dirty. There's the occasional woman not covered, but almost all are covered upto the eyebrow! Surprising lack of tourists! I feel like I'm the only one from the outside world. The historic, nice buildings are burried between ugly unpersonal new high rises. The weather is great. People don't speak English at all! Lots of poverty and lots of police! At least they have a metro with 3 lines. Egypt is not as tourist ready as it should be, since the economy is supposed to be centered around tourism.

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Dario Margeli


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