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Long live the king!
You have to be a perfect ignoramus or an astoundingly grand idiot to assert that Maoists in Nepal wish to impose a democratic republic


May 9, 2006

I do believe the media manipulate people, though probably there is no grand plot. Like consummate liars, they believe what they state. The "truth" it seems according to most media is that the world is better off if everyone were secular, left-of-centre, Clinton-sympathizing, spineless, witless hypocrites, but preferably unconsciously so, as thought may prompt irksome changes of opinion (you might for example conclude you dislike the abusive, self-righteous, rake-in-the-money polemicist and vulgar pamphleteer Michael Moore, and go vote for Bush again).

The media and "informed" opinion fan and fuel the left-of-centre consensus (though the wasteful, consumerist, automatic lives most people lead belie their lofty opinions). Still, the task is easy, since they are preaching to an amenable congregation, the converted. I recently thought something like all this (aside "What the F**ng Sh*te is that?) as I watched the news on demonstrations in Nepal. The general gist of the reporting is: democracy supporters have forced the despotic monarch King Gyanendra to hand power back to the people.

Check the images, and you will see the usual riff-raff in the street, and doubtless members of the middle class (in scenes reminiscent of events almost 30 years ago in an ill-fated country not a million miles from Nepal), shouting and waving red flags with the hammer-and-sickle. These are the democracy protesters, and no news agency or website mentions any communist agitators and sympathizers among them. An AP or Reuters report explained recently in the background verbiage that concludes every report that Nepal's government has for years been fighting against Maoist rebels who want to replace the monarchy with a "democratic republic."

You have to be a perfect ignoramus or an astoundingly grand idiot to assert that Maoists in Nepal wish to impose a democratic republic. No communist anywhere has ever wanted a democratic republic: they have all sought to impose the worst type of dictatorship that would invade every facet of your life. Communists generally divide into a minority of dogged idiots and a majority of the mischievous or plainly evil: enemies of civilization.

Read "The Devils" by Dostoevsky, for an eloquent description of the mind of revolutionaries. The villains in that novel are "nihilists:" radicals of the 1870s and 1880s in imperial Russia, insignificant in the harm they inflicted compared to the heinous offal later known as Bolsheviks, but with a similar bad attitude.

The Bolcheviks - those who followed Lenin and were later emulated by communist scum like themselves in China and elsewhere - were so vile they eventually provoked horror and execration among other leftists and erstwhile allies like the Mensheviks (actually the "majority" most of the time in the Social-Democratic Party of Russia, the mother party of the two groups) or Socialist Revolutionaries. The Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviks ended up fighting the Reds in Russia's civil war of 1918-20, alongside the White Generals.

The King of Nepal thankfully has not yet left the country: he has not packed his bags and run away, like some irresponsible monarch. And the Maoists (who AP's idiotic correspondent says are fighting for a democratic republic) have already denounced the civilian government formed by opposition forces (the liberals and leftists, if you will). Clearly, iron-fisted, murderous, totalitarian rule is the only goal of these atheist Bin-Ladens. Why not just call them terrorists?

My friends of course know I do secretly sympathize with the people. I skipped my daily Starbucks in Mexico City on May Day - when Mexicans were boycotting American goods - and not just because a protesting crowd outside the American embassy was obstructing entry into Starbucks next door.

Actually, I was sympathizing with the millions from Cancun, and there is no Starbucks in Cancun, a horrible place. If you were to let the "people" form their ideal living space - building their style of shops, selling junk they cherish, with blaring loudspeakers at shop entrances to attract mindless shoppers and horrible discos called Coco Bongo - you would get Cancun, a cement-covered "white-trash" dump. How to ruin a beautiful spot.. Now I understand what the Comtesse du Barry dreaded when she said to her friend Louis XV: "After us, the deluge will come.." (the sovereign people later guillotined her). 

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