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Rainbow of dictators
A large collection of garbage
Februart 19, 2007

No friend of the masses
Unless they stay on their side of Mandela river
August 22, 2006

Pakistani priorities
What do the Pakistanis think of their government spending their money on nuclear bombs, instead of on roads, trains, public toilets or sewerage?
August 1, 2006

Long live the king!
You have to be a perfect ignoramus or an astoundingly grand idiot to assert that Maoists in Nepal wish to impose a democratic republic
May 9, 2006

The view from Farang
Iran news has become more amusing - perversely - in recent months
December 20, 2005

Please help me
I may have to flee to Cancun this year to escape my humdrum existence, and they want money?
July 18, 2005

What's the problem?
John Bolton is a problem for tyrants, who prefer the UN system
June 24, 2005

Evil in Jitters
A natural yearning for freedom and justice in the Middle East is (thanks to the United States of America) turning to impatience
February 19, 2005

United Malodorous Nations
What do these human rights people do all day?
January 27, 2005

Spineless EU
They may say that the interests of the European Union demands moderation, dialogue and diplomacy with Iran -- whatever.
January 13, 2005

Now they are proposing to reform the United Nations. How about throwing out most of its members?
December 2, 2004

Civil mess
I don't suppose we shall see Western students, socialist politicians, film makers and stinking installation artists marching against terrorists, murderers and "rebels"
September 13, 2004

Fermez la bouche
What have the French done to spread democracy, anywhere?
June 27, 2004

Equally appalling
Abu Ghraibs in Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Yemen, Cuba, or North Korea, Zimbabwe, China, Russia... you get the picture
May 19, 2004

Liberty fries
Democracies mean business
February 18, 2003

Walking on Arab Street
Highly improbable that an entire race should be deprived of the minimal common sense
December 24, 2003

Dillis and doughnuts
You can't just go to war, say, unless France, Russia and Syria approve
November 11, 2003

Shooting down the Patriot missile
Fascism-tribalism, and women's shoulder pads, are gone for good I hop
October 15, 2003

Just to settle the Mossadegh issue (and the endless whinging)
September 29, 2003

What was the joke?
America is denounced and demonised at every turn, mostly by ungrateful pedants who forget they enjoy the privilege
August 6, 2003

Op-pen dat societeee, bitch
The thinking couch potato's musical
June 20, 2003

Where are you vermin?
Crushing my enemies in my ever-vibrant and busy imagination
May 14, 2003

Ability to face life's hardships with fortitude and a banana split
April 28, 2003

America, the neighbourhood gendarme
Better than Vichy French, Putin's Kreplakistan and communist China
March 12, 2003

Afternoon tea
It's difficult to feel sad in Barcelona
January 27, 2003

Right in Madrid
People have yet to regard communism with the same horror they rightly do Nazism
October 22, 2002

Shopping is easier than jihad
Why I wonder, do so many people hate Americans? Well, they say they do, but they don't really
September 19 2002

A tale of Kobra-Soghra
In they come, shrieking and slapping their heads, threatening to faint
August 2002

Do people play football?
Of course not!
May 2002

Anything but you
United Nations High Commission for Ghorbuneh Cheshaat Beram
May 2002

Plight of fashion
Moustache, pistachio suits, plastic slippers... where will it end?
April 2002

Ugliest city around
Tehran (astaghforellaa)
March 2002

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To Alidad Vassigh

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