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Today Is The 34th Year Anniversary of the Passing of A Great Iranian King, on The 27th July 1980

His Majesty, The late Shah of Iran Passed away 34 years ago today.  A leader who help take Iranians from a being a pre-industrialized country into becoming an Industrialized Power, with the largest growth in Middle Class of any country in the world.  As a mark of respect and remembrance, in the home ...
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Banisadr: Israel is a phenomenon which sees its survival and existence through the disintegration of the Middle East

In a recent interview with Radio Asre-Jadid, Abolhassan Banisadr spoke about the crimes which are being committed by the Israeli army in Gaza, the reasons beyond them and the indifferent reaction of some Iranians to the situation. Below are some extracts which I have translated from the interview,  ...
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