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Lebanese-French Trumpeter Reimagines ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as a Hip-Hop Opera (full concert)

Ibrahim Maalouf says he always loved the story of “Alice in Wonderland” because it's all about the freedom to imagine.   “Alice in Wonderland is like a hymn to creativity,” he says. “There's nothing that is less logical than the story of “Alice in Wonderland.” Lewis Carroll wrote something completel ...
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هوشمند عقیلی، 4 آهنگ و 77 سال صدا ! در اجرای زنده بی بی سی فارسی ( بلوربنفش)

هوشمند عقیلی از نامهای بزرگ موسیقی بزمی، اصیل و روز ایران است. خواننده ای است که از رادیو تلویزیون ملی ایران شروع کرد و در این اجرای زنده در بی بی سی دستچینی از 136 ترانه خود را با گروه سازهای زهی و اکوستیک اجرا میکند( دریا ، فردا تو می آیی، بردی از یادم و خالق عالم). در این برنامه با شخصیت شاد و غی ...
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Iran: Cummerbund

"Hello mate""Yes, how are you?" I replied in the pub."You look as if you come from that area of the world. So what's going on with this IS bullshit?" "Yes it is confusing. And no one seems to know who the bad guys really were, before becoming "IS"."   This is the sort of interaction you typically ge ...
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Chomsky's Hypocrisies

"Your Shah is buying arms and kills his own people", was the sort of comment we students abroad, had to hear in the 70's.   On Sundays, we all used to go to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, and see guys from "Confederation" blast the Shah.   None of us, really cared about what the radical or Communist ...
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