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Sunset of Empire
Introduction to third volume of Shahnameh's translation
July 24, 2004

A huge conservation project
July 24, 2004

Fathers against sons (Introduction)
In the Shahnameh, shahs are almost always in the wrong
September 15, 2000

Fathers against sons
September 15, 2000

The Lion and The Throne
January 26, 1998

Down to earth
Collection of epigrams from more than 60 Persian poets, 10-16th century
December 10, 1997

She wanted to cut it off...
Excerpt from Iraj Pezeshkzad's classic My Uncle Napoleon
December 1996

Dick Davis is Professor and Chair of the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department at Ohio State University. His particular interest is medieval Persian poetry, but he is also concerned with the history and problems of verse translation. His published works include translations of the Manteq Altair of Attar (1984, with Afkham Darbandi); an edition of Fitzgerald's translations of Khayyam (1990), The Legend of Seyavash of Ferdowsi (1992), and Epic and Sedition: A Study of Ferdowsi's 'Shahnameh' (1992);translations of medieval Persian epigams, Borrowed Ware (1996): and a comic novel by Iraj Pezeshkzad entitled My Uncle Napoleon (1996). His most recent publications are "Panthea's Children: Hellenistic Novels and Medieval Persian Romances" (2002), and three volumes of translations from the Shahnameh (1998, 2000, 2003) >>> Homepage >>> Top

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