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Holy Haale
Photo essay: Haale concert in Toronto
April 29, 2006

Best of Behrooz
Photo essay: Actor Behrooz Vosooghi honored in Toronto
April 23, 2006

The cool crew
Video blog: Tamashagaran magazine staff reunion
April 5, 2007

Here today, gone tomorrow
Photo essay: Berlin Wall
August 10, 2006

Photo essay: Iranian football players' key stats in World Cup 2006
August 1, 2006

Stop the bombing NOW!
Photo essay: Anti-Israeli demonstration in Toronto
July 23, 2006

Nothing is impossible
Photo essay: Fans at Germany v. Argentina match in World Cup 2006
July 20, 2006

Thank you, Germany
Photo essay: Leipzig hosts Iran-Angola match
June 21, 2006

Fans in Frankfurt
Photo essay: On the day of Iran-Portugal match
June 20, 2006

Fan fever
Photo essay: Iranian fans in Nurenberg
June 20, 2006

Fan fever
Photo essay: Iranian fans in Nurenberg
June 13, 2006

Iranian spring in Canada
Photo essay: Sizdah Bedar in Toronto
April 4, 2006

Living dead
Photo essay: Remembering the dead in the new year
March 24, 2006

Saale no dar Toronto
Photo essay: Norooz in Toronto
March 22, 2006

Six years ago
Photos: Akbar Ganji on the day he was sent to jail
March 19, 2006

Clash of civilizations
Photo essay: Germany's Bayern Munich meets Iran's Persepolis
January 14, 2006

Réal beauty
Photo essay: L'Oréal Fashion Week in Toronto
October 28, 2005

Fun fair
Photo essay: Canadian National Exhibition
October 10, 2005

Occupation is not liberation
Photo essay: Anti-war rally in Toronto
September 29, 2005

No way
Photo essay: Opponents and supporters of sharia Islamic law in Toronto
September 14, 2005

Dark & darker
Photo essay: Election fever 24 hours before final round presidential vote
June 23, 2005

The losers
Photo essay: Final hours of Mostafa Moin's presidential election campaign center
June 20, 2005

Who is Ahmadinejad?
Commentary & photo essay: If you had bothered to go to southern Tehran, you would know Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
June 19, 2005

Goodbye reform?
Commentary & photo essay: Do Mostafa Moin and the reform movement have a chance?
June 16, 2005

Street party
Photo essay: World Cup celebrations in Tehran
June 9, 2005

Omidi hast?
Do reformists have a chance in winning the presidential elections?
June 3, 2005

Whatever you say, Pamela
Photo essay: Save the chickens
May 23, 2005

Free Mary Jane
Photo essay: Toronto Marijuana March
May 9, 2005

Japanese fans in Tehran
Photo essay: Iran-Japan football match
April 3, 2005

Photo essay: Ashoura in Tehran's Javadieh neighborhood
February 27, 2005

Stone faces
Photo essay: Tehran gravestones
November 17, 2004

Photo essay: A play in Tehran
October 27, 2004

Photo essay: Tehran palace
September 28, 2004

Photo essay: Tehran's Jamshidiyeh Park & Tajrish Sq.
September 23, 2004

No title
Photo essay: Tehran
September 17, 2004

Welcome to Draper Street
Photo essay: Toronto
September 17, 2004

Taking the stage
Photo essay: Iranians in Toronto
September 3, 2004

August 28, 2004
Azadi, Darband
Photo essay

August 25, 2004
Faces of the world
Photo essay: People at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

August 16, 2004
Faces of Tehran
Photo essay

August 10, 2004
Palace stroll
Photo essay: Niavaran Palace

August 6, 2004
The things we miss
Photo essay: Iran

August 5, 2004
Ancheh az Pekan baraaye maa meemaanad
Lessons from Peking

July 31, 2004
Beyond books
Photo essay: Farah's library

July 3, 2004
Miraas-e Khayyami
Photo essay: I have a Paykan, therefore I'm Iranian

June 23 2004
Photo essay: Staging the life of a female poet

June 16, 2004
Chand qadam-e boland
dar Lalehzar

Photo essay: Old Tehran

June 11, 2004
Photo essay

June 1, 2004
Faces of Tajrish
Photo essay

April 28, 2004
Here they come
Photo essay: Faces

April 14, 2004
Faces of Moharram
Photo essay

April 12, 2004
The Passion of Hossein
Photo essay: Ashoora in Tehran

April 7, 2004
As shocking as a cabaret in Tehran
Photo essay: Iranian Islamic center in Los Angeles

March 26, 2004
Toronto peace march
Photo essay

March 11, 2004
Faces of Molavi
Photo essay: Tehran's Molavi district

March 10, 2004
At least a plate
Photo essay: Gheymeh Nazri

February 23, 2004
Faces of Lalehzar
Photo essay: People

February 11, 2004
Sand revolution
Photo essay: Performance

February 6, 2004
Photo essay: Fajr Theater Festival

November 25, 2003
Sargozasht-e seh doreh
Research on Iranian theater

November 8, 2003
Photo essay: Beyzaie's play and players

November 4, 2003
Altered state
Photo essay: Iran

May 30, 2003
Iranian photo project
How would you picture Iran's cultural image?

April 18, 2003
Throwing ideas
Photo essay: CIRA

March 7, 2003
Different direction
Photo essay: Young Iranians

February 15, 2003
The long winter
Photo essay: Sadabad Palace

January 25, 2003
Acting out
Photo essay: Backstage in Tehran's theaters

December 17, 2002
Bad dream

November 26, 2002
Booty call
Photo essay: Toronto dance festival

November 14, 2002
Photo essay: Exhibit in Tehran

October 17, 2002
Photo essay: Arabs in Toronto

September 20, 2002
Good times
Photo essay: Iranians in Toronto

September 6, 2002
Photo essay: Caribbean parade

August 25, 2002
Eye on the ball
Photo essay: Tennis

July 22, 2002
In business
Photo essay: Dubai

July 18, 2002
Different agenda
Photo essay: Children of the revolution

July 12, 2002
Photo essay: Food for a blessing

July 8, 2002
Gheysar Bath
Photo essay: southern Tehran

July 4, 2002
French fries
Photo essay: World Cup 1998, France

May 29, 2002
Kick off
Brazil World Cup photo essay II

May 15, 2002
How to live
Brazil World Cup photo essay

May 1, 2002
Gone tomorrow
Old Tehran homes falling one by one

April 5, 2002
Moments away
Tehran just before Norooz 1381

February 8, 2002
Photo essay from Tehran

January 14, 2002
Traditional wrestling in Khorassan

December 28, 2001
Man zendaani meeshavam, pas hastam
Book review: Mojahedin Khalgh

December 28, 2001
Afsaneh and Enayat
Qashqaie wedding

June 14, 2001
Children of heaven
Photo essay

February 16, 2001
New Tehran
Iranians in Westwood, Los Angeles

February 2, 2001
Passing images of Tehran

January 23, 2001
... in Tehran

October 13, 2000
Dust to dust
Zahiroddoleh cemetery

September 11, 2000
Last tear
At Ahmad Shamlou's funeral

August 10, 2000
Fresh air
Darband lets you get away from it all

June 15, 2000
Summer is a week away. But you can imagine...

April 28, 2000
Warm water bath

April 14, 2000
Wail or hail
Noruz celebrations with a tinge of wisdom

December 17, 1999
Beyond ordinary
We're all special

March 29, 1999
In every direction
Images of a society that is far from uniform

June 29, 1998
The Fans
Photos from World Cup 98

April 27, 1998
Faith no more?
Nineteen photos of Iran today

March 29, 1999, 1999
New York
Slices of the Big Apple


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Nader Davoodi took up photography during the Iran-Iraq War. In recent years he has received numerous national and international awards. He also the founder and publisher of Tamashagaran soccer magazine. Top

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