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A people, interrupted
Interview with Hamid Dabashi
March 9, 2007

Attacking Iran?
If I did it, this would be how.
February 19, 2007

Honest conflict resolution
It is time for President Bush to become an involved partner in solving the nuclear standoff with Iran
March 4, 2006

Sacred night
Through the Seven Valleys of the Way with Dariush Dolat-shahi
Ocotber 3, 2005

Portland's hunger strike
... in honor of Akbar Ganji
August 7, 2005

What can Goli Ameri do?
New US human rights rep can raise awareness against IRI's growing pressure on dissidents
March 16, 2005

Shattered bubble
I escaped a theocracy by a few and ended up in a theocracy by majority
November 7, 2004

US elections and us
Questioning our standing in American civic space
May 27, 2004

Finding Kaveh
Too late. He became a victim of a criminal war
April 4, 2003

Cutting knowledge
Dialogue or clash of civilizations?
November 23, 2001

What would Terry say?
Profiling Iranian passengers in the U.S.
April 27, 2001

Goudarz Eghtedari is an engineer, a writer, a radio producer, and a Human Rights and peace activist who lives in Portland, Oregon. Top

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