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Short story
April 17, 2002

Ice cream
Short story
April 17, 2002

Rahaavarde Noroozi
Short story
March 20, 2002

Going west
MOO... MOO... MOO...
June 27, 2000

Go Big Red!
"Ayatollah, why don't you go back where you belong?"
November 12, 1999

The truth sets your free
It did. Even during the hostage crisis
November 3, 1999

Last contact
Short story
April 6, 1999

Persian on the Inca Trail
From Persepolis to Machu Picchu
By Ali Hosseini

Khuzestan in San Diego
Meeting a former "enemy" thousands of miles away from home
January 6, 1999



ALI HOSSEINI is an Iranian-American who came to the US in the mid-70s as a student. His short stories have appeared in American Letters & CommentaryPuerto del Sol, Ararat, Hawaii Review, Persian Book Review, Par Monthly,, in the US, in in France and in Aser-e Panjshanbe in Iran.

His first novel, Sangriz (Avalanche), was published in Iran in 1997 and his first collection of short stories, Ja be Ja (displaced), dealing with the immigrant experience, was published in 1998 in the US. The same collection was published in Iran under Sand and Shade, in 2003. His latest collection, Sweet Maryam, has been accepted for publication by Qoqnoos (Phoenix) Publications in Tehran. His second novel, Naranjestan (The Lemon Grove), is in English, and he is searching for a publisher.

In 1994 and 1996 he was awarded prizes by Women’s Pen Review of Honolulu for short stories.

He lives and works in the Boston area. Top

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