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Yashar, My Hero

  By Joobin Bekhrad    In memory of Yashar Kemal (October 6, 1923 – February 28, 2015)   … Beyond this smooth plowed land the scrub of the Chukurova begins. Thickly covered with a tangle of brushwood, reeds, blackberry brambles, wild vines, and rushes, its deep green expanse seems boundless, wilder ...
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FarahAfshari Farah Afshari


be patient
 when love leaves you unexpectedly without a word of reason… I have learnt that man is not a talker of own heart to begin with and love is not to last beyond the moments that we hold in desperation to live… ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: Irony

It is seriously ironical, that the Shi'ite regime, finally gives credit to Iranians.   Ever since, the first day the Ayatollahs captured, and mesmerised the Iranian nation, with their morality, they never referred to pre-Islamic Good Deeds of Iranians.   The fact that the Shi'ite regime, has to refe ...
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PageMagen Page magen

The Sheik

Hossein Khosrow Vaziri is arguably the most famous Iranian entertainer of all time. For those who dont know that name maybe The Iron Sheik may ring a bell. From being Gholamreza Takhti's fighting partner, to the Shah of Iran's bodyguard, to becoming America's most hated television character, The She ...
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