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AriSiletz Ari Siletz

Debating A Gang Attack In Paris

  I had never heard of Charlie Hebdo magazine before the bloody attack on their office. So I set the Google search date parameters to display Charile Hebdo content before some of its staff became martyrs. This way I would know how I would have felt about the victims if they were still alive and unh ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: On Track

Everyone knows what my recipe for regime change in Iran is, and I am glad to say it is on track.   Just take a look at the chart of the Tehran Stock Exchange for the past year. That is the performance of the main stocks and shares in Iran in 2014.   For a while in the last three months, when we had ...
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EsmailNooriala7 Esmail Nooriala

The bloodshed in Paris oozes out of the body of Freedom-Announcement by The Hub of Iranian Secular Democratic Writers, Poets and Artists

            The impertinent armed attack of a bunch of masked extremists claiming to be Moslem, on the offices of Charlie Hebdo Weekly in Paris and the killing of a few well known French writers and caricaturists, has plunged the soul of believers of unconditional freedom of expression in deep despi ...
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MohammadAraki Mohammad Araki

What Race Are Iranians?

I recently applied to various colleges using the Common Application. It contains an ‘ethnicity’ section, which is technically optional. I hardly consider it optional. I don’t want admissions officers to read my name ‘Mohammad’ and assume I am an Arab. Aside from the standard ‘Are you Hispanic or La ...
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bitamg bitamg

Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

2014 has been a year of tremendous change, challenge and collective progress across many dimensions in my life, and today I am especially full of gratitude for a growing circle of friends and colleagues. As part of my professional journey and choice to re-enter the “corporate” world and as part of m ...
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reorient REORIENT

Room Full of Mirrors

THE DAZZLING LIFE AND LEGACY OF MONIR SHAHROUDY FARMANFARMAIAN   Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian in Tehran in the 70s (courtesy the artist and The Third Line)   The artist who signs her work simply as ‘Monir’ is a prolific and interdisciplinary figure, whose 70-year plus career is currently being cel ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: Itching

The Economist, used to be much better, before the internet came around. You would think, that with all the comments we all put there these days, the most illiterate writer there, would know something by now. Vaghean Ahmagheh. ...
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