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ImanSadri Iman Sadri

Prime Time Persian : Maz Jobrani

        You may find yourself browsing cable film channels and if you are fortuitous the movie playing will be The Interpreter, starring Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman. In several poignant moments of the film Maz Jobrani, the 42 year old Iranian-American comedian, appears and delivers several dramatic ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: 12

As you all know, I tend to find a topic, where Astrology and current affairs meld. I tend to do it for Iran, as most Jewish, Christian and Moslem narratives, have no clue of the real Zoroastrian Astrological history or background, to what they are writing about.   I am an impulsive person, being bor ...
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Ashianeh Ashianeh

The Godfather… the Legacy

With another anniversary of the darkest day in Iranian history, the first question that comes to mind is the legacy of Khomeini; a legacy that the generations to come will remember.  A review of the early years of the Islamic regime, and the pattern that has followed since then, leaves no doubt tha ...
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reorient REORIENT

Then and Now

ISLAMIC ART NOW AT THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Hassan Hajjaj – Gang of Kesh, Part 2 (detail; courtesy the artist and 2014 Museum Associates/LACMA)   Currently on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is Islamic Art Now, the first major exhibition showcasing the museum’ ...
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FaridParsa Farid Parsa

Star Chief

  When we arrived in Hamadan Essy was already waiting for us with his mate, Bastan at the bus terminal. They were standing by a big, foreign car. We waved at them as the driver was mustering up all his driving skills to park in a tight spot.  They both were wearing their military uniforms. Bastan l ...
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AnonymousObserver Anonymous Observer

Islamic State 2050

  Raqqa, Syria- March 1, 2050—In an unprecedented move, the government of the Islamic State announced that it was prepared to allow Western governments to open embassies in its capital, Raqqa.  The news was met which much excitement among the Islamic State West residing expatriates, as well as oil ...
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ZulqarnainSewag Zulqarnain Sewag

Resurging Russia

Russia is well harnessing the international diversity. The charismatic and shrewd leadership of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has subdued Obama in the Middle East crisis. It is very true that in spite of hard struggles by the EU and USA, both could not let down the Basher ul Assad led gover ...
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