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reorient REORIENT

Rumour Has It

LEBANON’S PIONEERING ARTIST DUO ON SPAM, SCAMS, AND STORYTELLING   Known for their films and art projects that investigate the relation between reality, fiction, and the workings of the imagination, Lebanese artists Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige have turned their attention towards what some m ...
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mehr.a مهرانگیز

The Sad Song for These Days

‌By Mehrangeez Paushauie   paolo nutini   We are proud individuals living on the city But the flames couldn’t go much higher. We find God and religions to, To paint us with salvation. But no one, No nobody, Can give you the power,To rise over love, And over hate, Through this iron sky, That’s fast ...
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Lynx Lynx

Russia's Death Wish: Colonizing Iran

Russia has frequently attempted to invade Iran, with much success, over the last two centuries.  Dominating Iran, in one form or another, has been, and still is, the pivotal doctrine of Russia’s geopolitical strategy.  While there have been a few strategic setbacks, Russia continues to regroup and ...
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zzsalar Salar Abdoh

New York City, Attar Boulevard

They’ve closed off East 27th Street. A New Yorker is used to the streets in their neighborhood being blocked off for filming – overpaid union film crews, mostly men, standing around for hours and hours, appearing to do little all day except drink coffee, chat, check their mobile phones and, once in ...
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JahanshahRashidian3 Jahanshah Rashidian

Death of the Phoenix

Phoenix or "Simorgh" nestled on the Alborz Mountains. With fiery colour as a bronze-like statue in our sky Invulnerable and immortal phoenix of our high Alborz Tame giant-bird of our ancestors in poetry and prose.   He was defender of our borders and our rosy gardens, Protector of the iridescent bro ...
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