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NiloufarParsi Niloufar Parsi

Squirming Israel

Israel is obviously in deep trouble:     It's a borderless, illegitimate colony based on ethnic cleansing and land theft, yet its leaders claim they are committed to fighting fascism.   It does not know whether it is a 'Jewish' or a ‘secular’ state, but it does know that its Jewish population today ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: Otanes

I just came across this article about the King of Iran.   "Shah’s son seeks support for people’s revolution against Iran"    The first thought that comes to my mind, after reading the title, is that the King has money. Lots of it.   The second thought that comes to mind, after reading the article, i ...
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reorient REORIENT

Rebel Yell

PRESERVING KURDISH CULTURE AND IDENTITY THROUGH SONG IN ANATOLIA     A performance at the Dengbêj Evi in Diyarbakır (courtesy Alexander Christie-Miller) An old fellow wearing a button-down shirt leans forward in his chair and launches into song. His voice, a baritone with a raggedy edge, pushes an a ...
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EsfandAashena Esfand Aashena

What is your password?

A couple of years ago people were carrying suitcases of money to pay for goods and services.  Suitcases because “pockets” could no longer keep up with the skyrocketing inflation!  Man-purses can still carry you through part of the day but if you need to buy electronic equipment like a TV or somethi ...
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RaminTaklooBighash Ramin Takloo-Bighash

The Incident

I had forgotten this incident for many years, but one day I remembered what had happened riding the elevator in a tall building. The free fall feel of the downward elevator ride created a familiar sensation in my gut, and I had had to think a while about the last time I had felt like that. I remembe ...
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