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OmidIrani Omid Irani

Rouhani's Hollow Year

With the approaching conclusion of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s first year in office, the collective appetite of the world, in particular his domestic constituents, still craves for the bold campaign and inauguration promises echoed so loudly last spring and summer. As the calendar days contin ...
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ayatoilet17 ayatoilet1

Israel's New Man in Iran: Suleimani

You can always tell when someone is being pumped up for a future job. There are always clues in the press. A halo gets created arround someone's head, and then the person is turned into a folk hero.    And this past year, I have read article upon article about how Commander Suleimani from the IRGC h ...
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mahmooddelkhasteh mahmood delkhasteh

Banisadr: Israel is a phenomenon which sees its survival and existence through the disintegration of the Middle East

In a recent interview with Radio Asre-Jadid, Abolhassan Banisadr spoke about the crimes which are being committed by the Israeli army in Gaza, the reasons beyond them and the indifferent reaction of some Iranians to the situation. Below are some extracts which I have translated from the interview,  ...
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alimostofi Ali Mostofi

Iran: Fix

One of the many hats I wear, is economic analysis. As usual, it has that Astrological twist to it. I have spent, the better part of my life, correlating the position of the planets and the moon, every day to the mood of the traders of stock markets.   I have also looked, at the Astrology of the geop ...
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